Hi. I'm Wolfbln. I'm a frequent traveller and data user. That's how I got interested in that WIKI. Last year, I started to re-edit most of the countries which I have travelled.

The title page was not appealing, many regional chapters were in a mess. I edited about 80% so far and threw out old or irrelevant information. I added new info and try to update at least my favourite countries regularily.

We have come pretty far with this WIKI in the last year. CzechInn from the WIKIA team changed the layout a bit (thankfully not completely as he had anticipated - see my TalkPage) and the title page is much more accessible now, even if there is a dispute how to order the countries list.

I personally started the EU section with 4 SIM cards for EU roaming paying credit to the very special situation in Europe. My biggest fights are always to remove spam and to convince the editors who are attached to a product not to use ad talk but to give the facts.

I think we should go on like this: To remove spam, manipulation and advertisment and reduce the offer to the plain product: the facts about price, volume, rules and validity - the pros and cons about every product.

That's why I'm try to establish some guidelines in the next couple of weeks. Some are self-evident like only GSM-providers, others may need to be explained like no online-only operators or no contracts and why we make exceptions in some countries or why we concentrate so much on data.

This is why I'd like to adopt this WIKI as an administrator. The old admin and founder of this WIKI "Joskarsson" is not contributing anymore since 2012. And as this site gets more and more popular, there must be someone to safeguard it. To keep away the spam and to include the user comments into the articles if they are relevant. That's why I try to be online at least any other day to check the edits and make new updates.

I generally think that this WIKI should be as open as it can be, because we need the edits and other feedback of the users worldwide. So every page should be editable for everyone. Only if there is severe vandalism, an admin should interfere.

You can check my records. I have more than 2,700 edits within the last year and it's very likely, that your country has been revised by me as well. So please let me know, if you have any questions about my "adoption" of this WIKI or anything to say about it.


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