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    June 9, 2015 by Wolfbln

    Hi. I'm Wolfbln. I'm a frequent traveller and data user. That's how I got interested in that WIKI. Last year, I started to re-edit most of the countries which I have travelled.

    The title page was not appealing, many regional chapters were in a mess. I edited about 80% so far and threw out old or irrelevant information. I added new info and try to update at least my favourite countries regularily.

    We have come pretty far with this WIKI in the last year. CzechInn from the WIKIA team changed the layout a bit (thankfully not completely as he had anticipated - see my TalkPage) and the title page is much more accessible now, even if there is a dispute how to order the countries list.

    I personally started the EU section with 4 SIM cards for EU roamiā€¦

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