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The UK currently has 4 network operators:

  • EE (for Everything Everywhere, by British Telecom)
  • Vodafone
  • O2 (by Telefónica)
  • 3 (= Three by Hutchison)

3 and O2 agreed on a merger in 2014 and Hutchison wanted to buy O2 from Telefónica, but this was blocked in 2016 by EU competition regulators. About 50 MVNOs operate on EE, Vodafone and O2. 2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz (except Three which has only 3G and 4G), 3G/UMTS is on 900 and 2100 MHz.

4G/LTE has been started in 2013 on all networks. Frequencies on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz bands were granted. 4G is offered by all networks on prepaid now, but only on some MVNOs. In 2015 EE has the best 4G/LTE coverage at about 80% of population, while Vodafone, O2 and 3 have all around 60% coverage.

In the Eurotunnel between France and the UK Orange France is the only provider with 4G/LTE services available 100 metres below sea level when travelling from France to the UK. Coverage in the opposite direction is available from different UK operators.

Prepaid is often called "pay as you go (PAYG)" in the UK. The list starts with the network providers according to size followed by the most significant MVNOs on the market.


Nearly all networks have an expiry policy of six months since the last balance increase or decrease. Although this is official policy, it is usually sufficient to receive a call every six months because this generates revenue, albeit small, for the network. The most notable exception is Lycamobile which operates a 90-day expiry policy since the last balance increase or decrease in all of the markets in which it operates. For visitors, the easiest way to maintain validity while outside the UK, in order to keep both credit and the mobile number for future visits to the UK, is to send a roaming SMS every 6 months.

"Content Lock"Edit

Prepaid SIM cards in the UK are delivered with a so called "Content Lock" in place. This is to protect children from accessing adult content. The problem is that a whitelisting approach is used for this, meaning that everything that has not been actively approved as non-adult will be treated as "adult".

This can seriously interfere with your internet accessibility, e.g. some users could not use their instant messaging services. Even emails and all "unguided" forums like Facebook or Twitter can be affected. However this can be bypassed using a VPN or proxy app/software to conceal your identity

The usual way to disable the content lock is to enter credit card data to prove your age; but this only works with UK-issued credit cards, and as a tourist you probably won't have one of those.Therefore when you buy a new SIM card in store insist that the lock will be removed right away (takes 1 minute). For this you may need to provide some form of ID to prove your age, if you look young.


Topping up your SIM online in many cases requires a UK-issued credit or debit card, but this is variable, even from one card to another with the same network. There are some private service providers on the net like or Top Up UK who accept international cards and do it for a surcharge. Mobiletopup charges a flat per-order surcharge, no matter how many vouchers you buy. If you don't have a UK credit or debit card, you need to buy top-up vouchers which are widely available in shops throughout the UK, but refills from abroad not having one of these is tricky. Topping up via cash machines (ATMs) is also widely accepted but again you may only do this if you have a UK-based credit or debit card.

If you don't mind to buy one debit card to top-up another, you can order Revolut - MasterCard worldwide and use it to recharge UK SIM cards. This card is confirmed to work as UK-issued. Also you can try to buy UK prepaid gift cards and use them for recharging.

EE (formerly Orange and T-Mobile)Edit

EE Logo

EE (originally called Everything Everywhere) was created in 2010 after the merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK to become the largest operator in the UK under the joint ownership of Orange (formerly France Télécom) and Deutsche Telekom. British Telecom (BT) acquired EE in 2015/6. Some old devices show their network still as T-Mobile.

EE's 2G is on 1800 MHz, 3G/UMTS on 2100 MHz with the best coverage in the UK at 98%. They were the first to start 4G/LTE in 2013 on 1800 Mhz and later on 800 and 2600 MHz too: EE coverage map. They have the best 4G coverage reaching 95% of population in 2016. 4G+ or double speed LTE is available in about 20 major cities so far. In benchmark tests EE is frequently the top scorer in the UK.

Availability Edit

EE now only sells triple-size SIM cards with 4G/LTE included. They call them pack and they are sold for free offline in EE stores: (Store locator) or online to be sent to an UK postal address for free too. They don't have credit, but you can get starters with a first pack included to for the price of the pack.

For topping up online you need an UK-issued credit card. So buy top-up vouchers available all over ther country. If you don’t call, text or top-up every 180 days, you will be disconnected and you’ll lose any credit on your account.

Data feature packsEdit

Their new packs all come with data, domestic voice and dom text included all valid for 30 days:

Package Data Voice Text Price
£10 Everything Pack 500 MB 150 mins unlimited £10
£10 Data Pack 1 GB 100 mins 1000 SMS £10
£15 Everything Pack 2 GB 500 mins unlimited £15
£15 Data Pack 4 GB 250 mins unlimited £15
£20 Everything Pack 3 GB 750 mins unlimited £20
£25 Everything Pack 4 GB 1000 mins unlimited £25

To activate, to stop or change packs, go online on your EE account. All packs auto-renew after 30 days.

If you use up any of your allowances, you can start a new pack early. Check you have enough credit and then text 'NOW' to 150. They'll remove your current pack and replace it with a new one.

It might be a better idea to add extra data online as an add-on:

  • 100 MB for 7 days: £1
  • 500 MB for 7 days: £3
  • 500 MB for 30 days: £5
  • 1 GB for 30 days: £7.50
  • 3 GB for 30 days: £15

More info Edit

  • Tethering and VoIP are allowed, peer-to-peer not
  • APN: everywhere
  • T&Cs and further rates: EE


Vodafone in the UK has a good coverage on 2G (900 and 1800 MHz) and 3G (900 and 2100 MHz) nationwide, and are rolling out 4G/LTE on 800 and 2600 MHz now: Vodafone coverage map. They cover about 70% of population by LTE in 2015 making it the 2nd best LTE network.

Their 4G/LTE network is now accessible for prepaid customers on all plans.


You can purchase a SIM card online or from any Vodafone store for free. You can recharge it at their stores or many other kiosks or convenience stores throughout the country. This SIM needs to be activated by going online or calling 4354. Then you have to choose one of their Big Value Bundle schemes all valid for 30 days, which can be added by Data Freebees for more data

Big Value BundlesEdit

These combo plans are offered for 30 days on 4G/LTE too:

Price Calls Texts Data
£10 150 mins unltd. 500 MB
£15 250 mins unltd. 1 GB
£20 500 mins unltd. 4GB
£30 unltd unltd. 12GB
  • The £30 bundle includes 100 mins, 100 txts and 500 MB roaming data for one month in the EU.
  • Internet overuse is charged with £1 per day for 25 MB, up to a maximum of 125 MB per day, then charged at 4p per MB thereafter.

Freebee DataEdit

  • a £10 top up gives you 500 MB data "reward", meaning as data bonus
  • a £20 top up gives you 1 GB data reward
  • overuse is charged like on Big Bundle (see above)

Data-only SIM cardEdit

You can convert your SIM to a data card too. Thus no calls or texts are possible anymore. These packs are sold and are all on 4G/LTE too:

  • £10 data pack for 1 GB in 30 days
  • £15 data pack for 3 GB in 30 days
  • £20 data pack for 10 GB in 30 days

When used up, you can buy a new pack ahead of time

SIM sizesEdit

Standard SIMs are freely available and can easily be trimmed down with scissors to fit the iPhone.

Technical infoEdit


O2 logo

O2 UK has good coverage nationwide using 2G GSM on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G UMTS on 900 and 2100 MHz and has started LTE on 800 MHz only. O2 coverage map.. It has opened some of its prepaid products to 4G/LTE with a surcharge. It covers about 87% of the population with 4G/LTE in 800 towns in 2016, but has an obligation to reach 97% by 2017. As it only uses 800 MHz it concentrates more on wide coverage than on high speeds.


The SIM cards are for free ordered online or bought at their stores. Cashcards for top-ups can be found all over the country.

Big Bundles Edit

These combo plans are offered for 30 days:

Price Calls Texts Data
£10 250 mins 1000 SMS 500 MB
£10 100 mins 100 SMS 1 GB
£15 750 mins 2000 SMS 2 GB
£20 1500 mins 4000 SMS 3 GB
£25 3000 mins 4000 SMS 5 GB
£30 3000 mins 4000 SMS 6 GB

Activation is online on your account or by calling 2202. Take care that you surf outside of these bundles at an excessive default rate of £3 per MB.

Simply Pay as you go Edit

These plans need to be topped up by min. £10 or £15 per month and receive these allowances as a bonus:

  • when you top up for £10 or more per month: 50 MB data, 3000 O2 texts
  • when you top up for £15 or more per month: 100 MB data, 3000 O2 texts, 3000 O2 mins

To select or change plans go online or call 2202. For more data see bolt-ons. Take care that you surf outside of these bundles at an excessive default rate of £3 per MB.

Bolt-ons Edit

These data add-ons for extra data can be added to Big Bundles or Simply pay as you go and are valid for one month:

  • 100 MB: £3
  • 500 MB: £6
  • 1 GB: £10
  • 2 GB: £13

Bolt-ons don't auto-renew. Activation is online on your account or by calling 2202.

SIM sizesEdit

Standard, Micro SIMs and Nano SIMs are all available online via O2 website. However, if a nano SIM is needed then you can use online live-chat function to specify the required SIM type to the agent.


Possible on Android phones, but no official profile available for the iPhone.


  • APN :
  • User Name: payandgo
  • Password : password

3 (= Three) UKEdit


3 (Three) has the smallest network of all operators in the UK but the most agressive pricing. Three is a 3G and 4G network only with only a voice/text fallback to EE 2G (at former Orange sites) in some low coverage areas. The text and call coverage can be much worse in the countryside compared to the three big ones. 3 coverage map You need to have a 3G UMTS phone on 2100 MHz and for 4G a device which can transmit on 800 and 1800 MHz. 2G-only phones don't work on Three.

Three has launched 4G services in late 2013 without surcharges. It covers about 53% of population with 4G in 2015 giving Three the lowest coverage in the UK, but growing fast.

The SIM card is given out for free. They have different products for phones and computers.

Pay as you go on ThreeEdit

This product is for smartphones only and doesn't include tethering. It will be blocked if detected. For tablets and modems see the Mobile Broadband offer.

Default rateEdit

Very low 1p per MB (that's £10 per GB)

Data feature packsEdit

These daily or monthly add-ons are offered to the Smartphone PAYG plans:

  • internet daily pass: 120 MB for 24 hours: £0.50
  • mobile internet pass: 500 MB for 30 days: £5
  • all-in-one-10: 1 GB for 30 days at £10 (with 100 domestic mins and 3000 dom. texts)
  • all-in-one-20: 12 GB for 30 days at £20 (with 300 domestic mins and 3000 dom. texts)
  • all-in-one-25: all-you-can-eat data (1 TB fair use applies in the UK) for 30 days at £25 (with 500 domestic mins and 3000 dom. texts)

When data is used up you are free to buy another pack without waiting until the end of the previously bought add on pack. After data add-on is used up charges revert to the £0.01 per MB default rate, if another add on is not bought.


Purchase from a Three store for £10 which includes £10 credit, also available online. Extra credit can be bought from anywhere displaying the green 'top up' logo. Vouchers are available for £10, £15, £20, £25, £30 and £50 and must be activated within 90 days of purchase online or by calling 444. Credit doesn't expire on Three SIMs.

Mobile BroadbandEdit

Their Mobile Broadband pay-as-you-go SIM is a data-only SIM with text but no voice calls for tablets, modems or routers. You can use it in smartphones too, to circumvent their tethering restrictions. They are often sold as ready-to-go kits with data volume preloaded:

  • SIM card with 3 GB data valid for 3 months: £16
  • SIM card with 12 GB data valid for 12 months: £30

You can top up online on your My3account with these data packages:

  • pay-per-day: 500 MB for 48 hours: £2.99
  • 1 GB in a month: £10
  • 3 GB in a month: £15
  • 7 GB in a month: £25

Data Reward SIM Edit

In 2016 Three introduced their new "Data Reward SIM" to match the offer of FreedomPop (see below). It's aimed at tablet and modems, but contains voice and texts too. So there seem to be no restrictions where to use it whatsoever.

  • SIM card with 1 GB valid for 30 days: £10

When registered, the "Data Reward SIM" gives 200 MB high-speed data every month for free. This volume doesn't roll over, but can be used on their "Feel at Home" option too. The cycle depends on the day of activation. The "Data Reward SIM" can be added with these monthly bundles booked through your account:

  • 2 GB: £15
  • 5 GB: £20
  • 10 GB: £25

All usage outside of these packages is at very low 1p per MB in the UK and 3.6-4.3p per MB in 'Feel like home countries'. You can register a maximum of 5 Data Reward SIM cards on your name.

"Feel At Home" Option Edit

This roaming option is available to all Pay-as-you-go and Mobile Broadband SIMs of Three UK and is valid in Austria, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Macau, New Zealand, Norway. Ireland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland and in the US (on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks!!). Effective September 8th, 2016, they'll be adding 24 new destinations: Belgium, Bulgaria, Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey), Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia.

It's enabled automatically when entering one of these countries above with a Three UK SIM on roaming and means that data is charged exactly the same like domestic data in the UK without roaming surcharges. More info in the European Union section of this WIKI at Euro3.

International Roaming Time Limits Edit

As of July, 2016, 3 began permanently deactivating international roaming on PAYG SIMs that have been roaming for more than two months. These SIMs will still work in the UK, but for the occasional visitor, it likely would not be possible to keep the SIM active by sending a roaming SMS every six months, since roaming would be deactivated. This is presumably to prevent individuals living in the EU, or in "Feel At Home" countries from permanently roaming at low rates.


Tethering is officially not allowed on any prepaid SIM card of Three. On their "Pay as you go" product, Three verifies if you use it on a smartphone by TTL detection; tablet and modem use is banned, as well as tethering to it. On their "Mobile Broadband" product, tethering is only officially banned, but not blocked. This means that you will not receive a profile to use it for tethering on an iPhone. Tethering from Android devices still works, on roaming too, verified 26/4/15, no matter what Three sales reps. are telling you.

As Three sells a combination of a Huawei E5330 Mobile WiFi (MiFI) with a preloaded 3GB/3 months SIM ( use in a MiFi seems to be permitted.

Further infoEdit

  • SIM sizes; mini SIMs as standard. micro and nano SIMs may be available on request
  • APN:
  • Three price list: 3



Giffgaff is a wholly owned subsidiary of O2 UK, and operates as MVNO on O2 UK (for technical info see O2). Since 2nd September 2015, giffgaff has provided 4G/LTE at no additional cost.


GiffGaff SIMs can be ordered online to a UK address for free with delivery by 1st Class post usually within 2 to 3 days. Or you can be introduced by any member of giffgaff and get £5 free credit on activation. Until 30th May 2016, the member him/herself also receives 500 points worth £5 of balance on activation of the new SIM. From 1st June 2016, the member will receive 500 points only for the first 15 referrals in a lifetime. The SIM is despatched by giffgaff in the same way, not by the member, but giffgaff remembers that you were introduced by another member when you activate the SIM. If you would like to be introduced by an existing member with UK delivery, here are some member links to choose from:

There are also a couple of members who can send a free SIM card (with the above £5 free credit deal) to an address outside the UK so that you already have your SIM before you travel. In this case, the SIM is not despatched by giffgaff but by the member. The member uses some of the £5 free credit (until 30th May 2016) to fund the international postage, and therefore makes a loss if you do not subsequently activate the SIM (or do so from 1st June 2016 onwards). Here are the links for the order pages:


To activate your SIM on their website, you ideally need a UK-issued credit or debit card, otherwise you can credit your account with a top-up voucher. Some people have successfully used non-UK credit and debit cards by incorrectly entering a UK billing address. You can buy credit from many UK convenience stores and almost all supermarkets and petrol stations (ask for giffgaff or O2 cards) and can also buy top up vouchers online at private facilitators like or Top Up UK for a surcharge. Mobiletopup charges a flat per-order surcharge, no matter how many vouchers you buy.

Default rateEdit

  • Each day, 20p/MB for the first 1MB, then the subsequent 19MB are free, then 20p/MB for further usage that day.

Data feature packsEdit

  • £5 for 500 MB per month
  • £7.50 for 1 GB per month

Over-use is charged at 2p per MB.

Combined bundles ("goodybags")Edit

All these bundles come with included UK calls, texts and a combined 2G/3G/4G data volume:

Price UK calls* UK texts Data
£5 100 min 300 100 MB
£7.50 250 min unlimited 500 MB
£10 500 min unlimited 1 GB
£12 500 min unlimited 2 GB
£15 1000 min unlimited 4 GB
£18 2000 min unlimited 6 GB
£20 unlimited unlimited unlimited ^
  • All bundles are valid for one month.
  • (*) = Calls amongst giffgaff numbers are free.
  • (^) = First 6GB each month at 4G speeds, then throttled at 256kbps from 8am to midnight.
  • No "fair use policy" applies meaning unlimited data are really unlimited.

SIM sizesEdit

Giffgaff now issues trio-SIMs, i.e. a mini-SIM, micro-SIM and nano-SIM all in one. 


Tethering is allowed on the bundle that has unlimited data included but is limited to 6gb.

Tethering is allowed on the other bundles, and limited to the data plan of each particular bundle.

Technical infoEdit

  • APN: 
  • Username: giffgaff
  • Password: [blank]

Email for enquiries and further information (this is an e-mail address of a third party referrer, not for giffgaff).

Virgin MobileEdit


Virgin Mobile is a MVNO that operates on the EE network on 2G and 3G only (see above)


Virgin mobile SIMs can be ordered online for free or in shops e.g. the Virgin megastores store locator. SIMs are also sent to hotel adresses.

Default data rateEdit

The "starter tariff" has a data rate of £1 per 100 MB

Data feature packsEdit

"Big data and texts" rewards (meaning doesn't debit) you with:

  • for a top up of £10 with 3000 texts and 1 GB of data
  • for a top up of £15 with 3000 texts and 3 GB of data
  • Note: Reward texts and data are applied from the 1st of the calendar month following your top up and last all month. So you can use it only in the following month of your top-up..
  • overuse rate is the default data rate (see above)
  • to activate call 789 and press 3

SIM sizesEdit

Stock standard SIMs & Micro SIM


Tethering (at least on Android phones) and VoIP possible

Further infoEdit

If you want to use the Virgin Mobile SIM in a 3G Wifi Router, be aware you'll need to call the company through the SIM you're about to use for data (to activate the Big Data Pack). This may cause problems since routers are not made to call someone (duh!) Furthermore, if your 3G Router needs another SIM format than your phone, you might also encounter problems to activate the tariff.

There is no other way to activate the option than calling Virgin through the SIM. You cannot activate it via their website or SMS. In this case make sure you have an old phone available to activate the desired option.

  • APN:

Tesco MobileEdit

Tesco Mobile is the MVNO of Britains leading retailer chain operating on the O2 network. From 2014 Tesco Mobile has allowed all customers on the O2 4G/LTE network without surcharges. From July 2016 they offer two different plans: Triple Credit and the new Rocket Packs. Both tariff lines can't be mixed, but switched online or by calling customer support at 282. You will loose all credited allowances when changing.

Availability Edit

Their SIMs can be ordered online or can be bought at Tesco megastores: Tesco store locator for free. You can top-up with e top-up cards or by voucher from any Tesco store available from £10 to £50.

Triple CreditEdit

On the Triple Credit tariff you get free credit when you top-up which can be used on domestic consumption only. For a £10 top-up you get £30 credit, for £15 £45 and for £20 £60 worth of credit, only for the 1st top-up within a month. Furthermore, you can book data-only packages and unlike Rocket Packs combo package.

Default rate is £ 0.10 per MB. They offer these monthly packs for Triple Credit valid for 30 days:

Data Volume Price Activation Code
500 MB £5 500MB
1 GB £7.50 1GB
2 GB £10 2GB
3 GB £12.50 3GB
4 GB £15 4GB
6 GB £17.50 6GB
8 GB £20 8GB

For activation, text code to 28948. Overuse is charged at the default rate (see above), all packages auto-renew after 30 days, to stop them from doing so, text STOPDATA to 28948.

Rocket Packs Edit

Their new combo package plan has been introduced in July 2016. This is a seperate plan or tariff line that can't be mixed with Triple Credit. You can only book these combo packages for 30 days:

Price Calls Texts Data Activation
£5 100 mins 100 SMS 100 MB ROCKET5
£7.50 250 mins 500 SMS 250 MB ROCKET750
£10 500 mins 5000 SMS 500 MB ROCKET10
£12.50 500 mins 5000 SMS 1 GB ROCKET1250
£15 1000 mins 5000 SMS 2 GB ROCKET15
£20 2000 mins 5000 SMS 4 GB ROCKET20

All call and text allowances are domestic except for the EU roaming promotion (see below). For activation go online or text code to 28948. All packs can be renewed ahead of time. Overuse fee is £0.10 per MB, but no data-only pack can be added.

Further infoEdit

  • T&C don't allow P2P, VoIP, continous streaming and tethering
  • APN:  
  • Username: tescowap  
  • Password: password

ASDA Mobile Edit

ASDA mobile

ASDA Mobile is the MVNO of Tesco's biggest rival as retailer called ASDA. It used to operate on the Vodafone network. In 2014 they have migrated to the EE network (see EE above, but no 4G/LTE on ASDA mobile), which led to many complaints. Compared to Tesco, it has the better coverage on 3G, but lacks 4G speeds in the cities.

Availability Edit

ASDA Mobile SIM cards can be bought online on their website or in many ASDA supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the UK: store locator for 50p. You can top up at any ASDA store or anywhere you see their logo buying a top-up voucher.


Price UK calls UK texts UK data activation SMS
£5 100 mins 2000 SMS 100 MB 5 to 2732
£7.5 300 mins Unlimited 500 MB 7 to 2732
£10 600 mins Unlimited 1.5 GB 10 to 2732
£15 1000 mins Unlimited 3 GB 15 to 2732
£20 Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB 20 to 2732
£5 ----------- -------------- 500 MB Data 5 to 2732
£7.5 ----------- ----------- 1 GB Data 7.50 to 2732
£12.5 ----------- ----------- 2 GB Data 12.50 to 2732
£15 ----------- ----------- 4 GB Data 15 to 2732
£5 200 mins 2000 SMS ----------- Talk 5 to 2732

All packages are valid for one month. Overuse and out of bundle fee is the default rate of 5p per MB for data.

SIM sizesEdit

Stock hybrid mini/micro and nano sizes


  • APN: everywhere

Mobile by Sainsbury's Edit

Sainsbury's has suspended the Mobile by Sainsbury's service in January 2016.

Lebara mobileEdit


Lebara mobile is UK's leading ethno market provider operating on the Vodafone network (see above) on 2G and 3G only.

The SIM card can be bought online to be send to an UK postal address (or from eBay or other suppliers delivered worldwide) or offline in the UK at stores for free.

Default Data RateEdit

15p per MB charged, if no data bundle is booked or all data are used up.

Data feature packsEdit

Their data packages are valid for 30 days. For activation text code to 38885

  • 500 MB: £5, activation: 'WEB500'
  • 1 GB: £7.50, activation: 'WEB1GB'
  • 2 GB: £10, activation: 'WEB2GB'
  • 3 GB: £12.50, activation: 'WEB3GB'

You may only have one data pass active at any time. If you consume all of your data allowance, you will be charged the default rate or can buy an add-on. Data passes auto-renew on expiry. If you don’t have sufficient credit, Lebara will try to auto-renew for seven days or until you cancel auto-renewal. To cancel auto renew text WEB<size>*STOP to 38885 or opt out via your MyLebara account.

Lebara offers so-called "bolt ons" for extra data when the original package is used up:

  • 200 MB: £3, activation: 'B200'
  • 500 MB: £5, activation: 'B500'
  • 1 GB: £7.50, activation: '1GB'

For activation text code to 38885. Be aware, that the bolt-ons are only valid for the rest of running time of the original package.

Further info Edit

  • APN:    Username: wap    Password: wap
  • Lebara mobile UK SIMs are distributed abroad by Travelers Mobile for a surcharge


Lycamobile is the main competitor of Lebara on the ethno market. It is a MVNO on the O2 UK network in 2G and 3G. The SIM is sold online or offline at stores for free.

Default Data RateEdit

9p per MB charged if no data bundle is booked or used up

Data feature packs Edit

These packages are all valid for 30 days:

  • 500 MB: £5, activation:*139*5001#
  • 1 GB: £7.50, activation: *139*7001#
  • 2 GB: £10, activation:  *139*1001#
  • 3 GB: £12.50, activation: *139*1201#
  • 6 GB: £25, activation: *139*2501#

Lycamobile will automatically renew your bundle once it expires. Charge for the bundle will be deducted from your main balance at the time of auto renewal of the bundle. To cancel the auto renewal dial *190# before the expiry date and follow the instructions or call customer service for free on 353 before the expiry date. For more data, these bolt-ons are offered, valid for the running time of the base package:

  • 200 MB: £3, activation: *139*601#
  • 500 MB: £5, activation: *139*602#
  • 1 GB: £7.50, activation: *139*603#
  • 3 GB: £12, activation: *139*604#
  • 5 GB: £20, activation: *139*605#

Lycamobile offers cheap roaming bundles to be used in certain countries. For more info see Euro5.

  • APN:
  • Username: lmuk (that's lowcase L, not capital I)
  • Password: plus

Post Office Mobile Edit

Post office mobile

The UK Post Office is set to close down a shortlived attempt to build a UK mobile phone network service as its offering was unable to compete in the crowded British mobile telecoms market.

The MVNO service run by the UK’s Post Office is to be shut down on August 08th, 2016 after an unsuccessful trial period. The service launched in June 2015 ran on EE’s network and was seen as a play to compete with UK retail giants like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, which have similar offerings.

In a statement, the group announced it will stop selling to new mobile customers with immediate effect, while existing customers have three months to find a new provider before the service is withdrawn.

  • APN: everywhere

Vectone MobileEdit


Vectone Mobile is a MVNO using the EE network on 2G and 3G only (see above).

Their SIM can be purchased online or in many supermarkets, petrol stations and kiosks throughout the UK. Mini and micro SIMs are free, but nano SIMs need to be ordered online for £1.

Default rateEdit

  • 9p per MB. A minimum balance of 50p is required to use data.

Data feature packsEdit

Price Volume Validity Activation
£1 125 MB 24 hours *125#
£3 250 MB 7 days *250#
£5 500 MB 30 days *500#
£7.50 1 GB *750#
£12 3 GB *8812#
£20 10 GB *1045#

Data pack will be auto-renewed once the validity expires. To opt out, call customer service at 322 or 020 7179 0134. Overuse is charged by the default rate.

Technical infoEdit

  • APN:
  • Internet cannot be used with Blackberry phones
  • There are lot of complaints on the internet about Vectone's poor customer service

Delight Mobile Edit

Delight mobile

Another very similiar MVNO from the same group is Delight Mobile operating on EE's good network in 2G and 3G only.

Availability Edit

You can get a Delight Mobile SIM card by ordering a starter pack online or from the many shops showing the Delight Mobile sign. The starter pack is free, but you will need to top-up to start making calls.

Top-ups vouchers can be bought at Esso or Total petrol stations, Sainsbury's and Spar, supermarkets, Costcutter, WHSmith, PCWorld, Dixons, Wilkinson. For every top-up, you get data bonus:

  • for £5 top-up, 10 MB per day for 7 days
  • for £10 top-up, 10 MB per day for 15 days
  • for £20 top-up, 10 MB per day for 30 days

Data feature packs Edit

Standard rate outside of packs is a very low 1p per MB. These monthly packs are available:

Data Volume Price Activation
500 MB £3 *1106#
1 GB £5 *1107#
2 GB £10 *1108#
3 GB £12 *1109#

To check the remaining bundle units in your internet bundle, dial *1102#. All packages auto-renew, to unsubscribe dial *1103#. If you exceed your units limit. you pay standard prepaid rates. You can renew your bundle only after the end of your bundle validity period.

Technical details Edit

  • APN:

FreedomPop Edit


FreedomPop is a new US-based MVNO which started in September 2015 on the Three network in 3G only (for coverage see Three). The UK is their first commercial launch outside of the US with their new business model. They give out a small amount of data, calls and texts for free in hope that you buy more allowances later. FreedomPop plans to bring its service to seven other countries within the next year, and to over 20 markets by the year 2017.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card can only be ordered online to be delivered to an UK postal address only. There are plans to sell it in stores, but they have not turned up yet. This makes it inconvenient for travellers, but as an exception we list online-only operators when they give out data for free. The SIM card however is sold for a price: £6.99 for start-up and UK delivery.

They started commercial operations in the UK in September 2015 and need to work on their 250,000 customers on the waiting list. So you can also expect some waiting time.

Every SIM card is linked to a credit or debit card for payment and top-ups. Non-UK issued cards are accepted.

Free allowances Edit

In every month 200 MB data, 200 domestic SMS and 200 domestic minutes are given out for free. Data overuse is charged at 1.5p per MB on the free plan. You can also earn more free data by taking part in third-party offers like filling in a survey or downloading a coupon.

Combo packages for pay Edit

These additional monthly bundles can be added:

  • £8.99: 1 GB data, 1000 domestic texts, 1000 domestic minutes
  • £11.99: 2 GB data, unlimited domestic texts and minutes

Extra data as overuse for pay plans is 1p per MB, instead of the 1.5p/MB on the free plan.

You can roll over unused data to the next month for £1.49 per month. A maximum of 500 MB can be rolled over and a maximum of 20 GB can be stored.

Restrictions Edit

Beware of a few catches. You should immediately turn off "auto top-up" on your online account, which is turned on by default. Here is why:

  • They will automatically top up your account by £10 of credit when you’re within 100 MB of your download allowance. This means you’re only able to use 100 MB without paying anything extra using auto top-up.
  • As payment details are held on record and used automatically for when you incur additional charges, it’s very easy to accidentally run up a bill by surprise. If you’d like to receive a notification when your allowances have been used up, they charge an extra 99p per month for this service.

All calls are routed via VoIP. This means that you need to have a stable and pretty fast data connection to make calls. This is a service, that Three is not always renowned of and beta testers have been critical of the sound quality. For classical voice telephony you'll pay another £1.49 per month for their "premium voice add-on".

More info Edit

  • APN:

CTExcel Edit


CTExcel is the brand name used by China Telecom for its MVNOs operating outside greater China. Note that unlike SIMs sold on networks they operate themselves, there is no censorship on this SIM. While they target Chinese in particular, anyone can sign up for a CTExcel SIM. In the UK, they use the EE network. As a rarity among EE MVNOs, they allow to use the LTE network too. However, CTExcel is unique among UK carriers in charging a one-time surcharge of £2 to use LTE, payable upon purchase of the SIM.

Availability Edit

Their primary way of distributing SIMs is by mail; they can be ordered online to be sent to any UK postal address with an initial top-up required. If you choose to purchase a SIM in this manner, you will receive an e-mailed activation code that you must type into the CTExcel website to activate the SIM once it is received.

They also have a network of partners that sell their SIMs (list of outlets). Note that some partners also carry their "Europe SIM", which is their product intended for EU roamers; prices are not particularly good for that product so it will not be mentioned further. They are primarily Chinese supermarkets and travel agencies, with the exception of SIMLocal at Heathrow Terminal 3 Arrivals. This also means that if you are heading to a rural area, it is best advised to order by mail or buy one in a larger city first.

Top-ups can be done at any PayPoint or Payzone-supporting merchant while in the UK, as well as online with any international (not only UK-issued) Visa/MasterCard or PayPal from inside or outside the UK.

Pricing Edit

CTExcel will charge a one-time £2 fee for an LTE-capable SIM, or to upgrade a previous 3G SIM to an LTE SIM. All bundles ordered on that SIM will have LTE as long as the SIM remains valid. The free SIM option does not include LTE.

They have three types of bundles, depending on what you need. All stand-alone bundles are valid for 30 days, while add-ons are valid until the end of the existing bundle.

Super Value (combo) Edit

  • £7.50: 300 UK minutes, unlimited UK text, 400 MB UK data, text UN75 to 888 to activate
  • £11.90: 500 UK minutes, unlimited UK text, 2 GB UK data, text UN119 to 888 to activate
  • £20: unlimited UK talk/text and 3 GB UK data, text UN20 to 888 to activate

Call-Home (combo) Edit

  • £16.90: 1200 Greater China minutes, 1000 UK minutes, unlimited UK text, 3 GB data, text UN169 to 888 to activate. Greater China is defined as mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Data only Edit

  • £5: 600 MB UK data, text DA5 to 888 to activate
  • £10: 3 GB UK data, text DA10 to 888 to activate

These add-ons must be applied to an existing bundle for extra data; they can't be purchased on their own:

  • £5: 600 MB UK data, text AO5 to 888 to activate (only letter O)
  • £8: 1024 MB UK data text AO10 to 888 to activate (first letter O, then number 0)

Restrictions Edit

Like Lycamobile, CTExcel practices a 90-day expiry policy. If you do not use your SIM (topping up the SIM doesn't count) for 90 days, it will expire. As it roams in most countries, a roaming SMS at least every 90 days is recommended to keep it active. Alernatively, they offer a keep alive service at £1 per month.

More info Edit

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