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Network technology and coverage Edit

Spain has 4 network operators

  • Movistar (owned by Telefónica)
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Yoigo (with roaming on Movistar)

All others are resellers or MVNOs reselling the operators, except Yoigo. They are very strong in Spain on the prepaid market caring for 17% of all customers.

The country is all covered by 2G and mostly by 3G up to HSPA+ and DC-HSPA. Nationwide Movistar has the best coverage, followed by Vodafone and Orange, which is still very reasonable. 2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz. Yoigo is a 3G/4G-only network with limited own resources, but free roaming on Movistar elsewhere (from 2017 on Orange instead), thus giving it a good coverage.

4G/LTE was launched on all operators in 2013 by using 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz frequencies. For prepaid customers LTE is only available on most plans of Vodafone, Yoigo and Orange (eff. Oct 2015) and some MVNOs. In 2016 Vodafone has the best 4G/LTE coverage at 95% followed by Orange with 89%, Movistar and Yoigo at 86% of the population.


All SIM cards have to be registered by law. Usually you do this in the shops of purchase showing your photo ID (passport or national ID card). As a tourist without a postal address in Spain you have basically this choice:

  • to go to a shop of one of the four network operators (movistar, Vodafone, orange or yoigo). Their stores can be found in every inner city or shopping mall. Their support may be better and reloads can be made almost everywhere. But this comes with extra price.
  • to go to an agency of the smaller resellers / MVNOs operating on the same networks. They may have less support, only a few shops which have to be searched for and not so many places to top up, no LTE yet, but are generally cheaper.
    • on Movistar network: Tuenti, DIGI mobil, Lycamobile
    • on Vodafone network: hits mobile, Lebara móvil
    • on Orange network: Carrefour Móvil, MASmóvil, happymóvil, Jazztel, Simyo, República Móvil
  • There are a few SIM card stands in major airports like MAD or BCN, but they are very overpriced. It's advised to go to a branded shop in downtown or in shopping malls instead.

When you use MVNOs, be sure to switch on data roaming and check the appropriate APN.

This survey only shows the most important offers, for more details in English refer to this WIKI which has more or less accurate information.

Different taxes in the Canary Islands, Melilla and CeutaEdit

In 2014 Spanish operators switched to prices with taxes included (= IVA incluido). The prices given here are for the mainland and the Balearic Islands and include 21% sales tax (IVA). However, on the Canary Islands the applicable tax (IGIC) is only 7%. So prices on the Canaries are to be lowered by 14%. On top-ups made there, you normally get a 14% bonus to adjust the tax difference. In the African enclaves of Melilla the tax is 4%, in Ceuta 10% (IPSI). So tax rates have to be adjusted there too.

Vodafone Edit


Network: 2G up to EDGE, 3G up to HSPA+, 4G/LTE up to 150 Mbps

Vodafone was the first network which opened 4G to prepaid customers in 2014 and migrates slowly all its plans there. Meanwhile, it has expanded its LTE coverage to all major towns in the country that can be checked here: Vodafone 4G coverage map. All of their prepaid data products are on 4G/LTE where available.

Voice & Data SIM Edit

Vodafone yu Edit

Unlike other operators Vodafone hasn't outsourced their "youth line" but sells it cheaply in their stores under the name Vodafone yu. The SIM is sometimes free in promotions but can be up to 12 € (+ 5 € for a nano SIM) with no credit. It's a combined tariff with data, domestic calls and texts which has been opened for 4G/LTE. It is sold in 3 packages:

  • Yuser: 1 GB (until 31/8/16 2 GB) data, 20 domestic minutes, 20 domestic SMS per month for 10 €.
  • Superyuser: 1.5 GB (until 31/8/16 3 GB) data, 50 domestic minutes, 60 domestic SMS per month for 15 €.
  • Megayuser: 2 GB (until 31/8/16 4 GB) data, 100 domestic minutes, unlimited domestic SMS per month for 20 €.

All packages include free calls and texts amongst Vodafone yu numbers too. You can subscribe or change the package by typing *525*51# for Yuser, *525*52# for Superyuser or *525*53# for Megayuser. All packages last for 30 days but can be renewed anytime sooner by typing *525*6#. Otherwise the packages will renew automatically after 30 days if there is credit and unused data or minutes will roll over. After the data volume is used, bandwide is reduced to 32 kbps as long the package is valid or 2 €/day for 200 MB beyond.

You can renew the plan after you use up the data allowance by typing *525# and then selecting to renew the same plan on the menu. You can do that as often as you like as long as you have credit.

Vodafone fácil Edit

They sell this prepaid standard SIM card in their stores for 5 € with 5 € credit. Vodafone fácil has all domestic calls at 6 Cent per minute and 18 Cent per call. All tariffs can be changed to this by typing *626#.

You can book a 300 MB data package for 5 € on 4G/LTE valid for 30 days by typing *313*22# <call>. This is a very easy way to get a small data amount from a lot of shops. That's the only package for this card, but it can be renewed anytime. Default rate outside of package is 2 € per day for 200 MB.

Tourist SIM: International Smartphone Edit

Their new voice and data SIM card is called International Smartphone and sold for 15 € containing 1.5 GB (until 31/8/16 3 GB) data up to 4G/LTE and 60 minutes domestic and international calls to 35 countries valid for a month. This pack is valid for 30 days. It renews automatically, if you have enough credit. In this case unused voice or data will roll over. When used beyond the limit, speed is throttled to 32 kbps, data use outside of package charged with a daily fee of 2 € for 200 MB. You can change to this plan by typing *565#

Data-only SIMEdit

Their data-only tariff called Internet Móvil Prepago has been totally renewed at the end of 2014. Finally, it is now on 4G/LTE in up to 150 Mbit/s. Starter pack is sold in Vodafone's stores for 15 € with 1.5 GB preloaded valid for 3 months. Having used up the pack, you will be on the daily tariff of 200 MB for 2 EUR or can choose one of these two monthly add-ons for 4G data:

  • 750 MB: 10 EUR
  • 1.5 GB: 15 EUR

The data-only SIM card can be managed online and on data-only plans VoIP is open. It can not be topped up by vouchers like on voice SIMs. And online and ATM top-ups are only allowed, if you have a Spanish debit or credit card. So the only way to top up, is to return a Vodafone store each time for reloading. 

Technical informationEdit

  • APN for smartphones:
  • APN for modems or routers;
  • Username and password: vodafone
  • Since 2015 VoIP and tethering is allowed on all prepaid plans
  • Use *138# to find out the number for your SIM (it's not always written down on the SIM)



Network: 3G: up to HSPA+, 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz. For 2G/3G it roams in the network of Movistar for free, giving it a good coverage. Since 2014 Yoigo's 4G/LTE has been opened for prepaid users. In 2017 it will switch from Movistar to Orange for roaming.

Startup costsEdit

SIM card with new number is sold for 20 € including 20 € credit in Yoigo stores (store locator) in all three SIM sizes. If you bring a number from another provider, you will need to pay only 15 €, but still receive 20 € credit. Some shops try to sell SIM card with a surcharge, try to get the official price or go to a different store like the Phone House that also resells Yoigo (stores).

Data feature packEdit

  • La del Uno 650MB: 650 MB high speed volume in 4G/LTE up to 75 Mbps per month for 8 €.
  • La del Uno 1GB: 1 GB high speed volume in 4G/LTE plus 20 domestic minutes per month for 10 €. On this tariff only, VoIP is unblocked.

After having used the included data, speed is reduced to 128 Kbps and an add on is offered: 200 MB extra for 2 €. The package will renew automatically every 30 days if there is credit. Data rates outside package: 1.45 €/day.

Technical InformationEdit

  • APN: internet
  • Yoigo actively blocks VoIP on its plans (except of the La del Uno 1GB)

Orange Edit

Orange logo

Network: 2G up to EDGE, 3G up to HSUPA. 4G/LTE up to 150 Mbit/s with a coverage of 80% of the population. UPDATE: Effective 18/Oct/2015 Orange opens 4G/LTE to its (own) prepaid customers, not MVNOs. For 4G you need to have a 4G-enabled Orange SIM card.


SIM card can be obtained for free, but a minimal top up of 10-15 € has to be made at purchase. They are sold in every Orange store in Spain (store locator) in all three sizes. With the purchase they will give you another 5 € promocional credit. This extra credit is marked "saldo promocional" and can be used only for domestic calls, texts and data within 30 days, while regular balance stays valid for 365 days at least. Top-ups can be made almost everywhere in the country. Again, you will be awarded extra "saldo promocional" for every recharge.

Mundo SIMEdit

The Mundo SIM has 3 data packages to choose from. It can be set at purchase, online or by app in the client's area. The are valid for 30 days and renew automatically if credit is available. Overuse or out of bundle use is charged by 0.363 € per 10 MB.

  • 500 MB (promotion: 1 GB until 1/SEP/16): 6 €
  • 1 GB (promotion: 2 GB until 1/SEP/16): 9 €
  • 2 GB (promotion: 4 GB until 1/SEP/16): 15 €

Activation at purchase, online in the client's area, by app or by texting "ALTA MUNDO <pack size>" to 1470. If having used up all data, you can renew the packs ahead of time by sending a free SMS to 1470 with the following text: "RENOVACION MUNDO <pack size>",  For pack size fill in '500MB', '1GB' or '2GB' and be sure to have enough credit. Deactivation by changing to Mundo SIM without data pack by app or in the client's area.

Other prepaid tariffsEdit

Online in the client's area "mi Orange" or by calling customer service, all prepaid tariffs of Orange are interchangeable. A Mundo SIM can be changed to or from:

  • Tarifa Ardilla (= squirrel): no monthly base rate, data by add-on of 300 MB at 4 € per month
  • Tarifa Ballena (= whale): 8.95 € per month including 1 GB of data and free domestic calls with a flagfee of 0.18 € per call. Ballena can be used in laptops, tablets and dongles in addition to smartphones, and tethering is allowed. If you have used up your 1 GB data allowance for the month, you can buy another 1 GB for another 8.95 €.
  • Tarifa Ballena 14: 14.95 € per month, inlcuding 2 GB of data and 30 domestis mins included. Rest like Ballena above.

Tourist SIM Edit

Like Vodafone, Orange has started to offer a Tourist SIM that is aimed at visitors and can't be changed in tariff. Their SIM called "Holidays" offers 1.5 GB and 60 minutes voice to Spain and 40 other countries (list) within 15 days for 15 EUR. If you exceed your quota, speed will be throttled to 10 kbps.

You can only upsize this package by booking the complete package again ahead of time. For this, you need to add credit and text 'BONO HOLIDAYS' to 1470. Otherwise this SIM will auto-renew after 15 days, if you have loaded enough credit before. You can also change any other prepaid SIM to this in your client's area.

EU roaming optionEdit

The EU roaming option called "Go Europe" can be booked on their SIM cards (not on the tourist SIM "Holidays"). Once enabled, all EU roaming data on Orange's roaming partners will be billed automatically like this: 100 MB in 24 hours for 1 € (tax incl.). For more details see our European Union section here in detail.


Orange used not to provide a tethering profile for iOS devices. This seems to have changed now. Some users reported no issues tethering from Apple devices in Spain. It has always been working on Android, Windows, Blackberry etc. as well as tablets, routers and modems.

Technical informationEdit

  • APN: orangeworld /or/ internet
  • Username and Password: orange
  • VoIP not allowed, but possible
  • more info in English: Orange

Movistar (by Telefónica) Edit


2G up to EDGE, 3G up to HSPA+, 4G/LTE opened for prepaid in 2015. Movistar, run by Telefónica is the incumbent provider and still the market leader by number of subscribers in Spain.

Start-up costEdit

10 EUR with 10 EUR credit in every Movistar store in all three sizes.

Data feature packEdit

Two new prepaid tariff plans come with data:

  • Habla 6: no base rate, data only at the default rate (see below)
  • Vive 7: 600 MB (until 19/9/16: 1.2 GB) - 7 €, open on 4G/LTE
  • Vive 13: 1 GB (until 19/9/16: 2 GB) - 13 €, open on 4G/LTE

Default and excess rate is 1 € for 75 MB per week. Unused data of the previous week rolls over to the next week on the default rate.

Technical informationEdit



Tuenti is a sub-brand of Telefónica using the Movistar network in 2G and 3G and since 2015 on 4G/LTE too, now with a surcharge. It has a good coverage in Spain and is still one of the few MVNOs on prepaid with 4G/ LTE for now.

Start-up costsEdit

Their SIM card is free, but you have to choose one of their packages right away. Special rules apply to foreigners with registration in shops, see below. You have to download the Tuenti app free from the AppStore or Google Play. The SIM has to be linked to a Tuenti profile (available in English), which you can use to signup and manage your services.

The remaining balance is valid for use within 6 months. After this time the SIM will fall into hibernation. No calls, SMS or data can be sent or received. You have to top up €5 or more within another 6-month period. If you don't do that, your number and your balance will be lost. If you top up by at least €5, your account and balance will be reactivated for another 6-month period of usage. If there is no remaining balance for a 6-month period the card will be deactivated without the possibility to reactivate. The full expiry policy is explained here (in Spanish), which now suggests that a balance decrease every six months (or a balance increase) is sufficient to keep the line active.

Extra rules for foreignersEdit

Legally they are not allowed to discriminate foreigners, but tuenti has invented some special rules for them: In physical stores like Movistar shops you can do the registration only by showing your passport. Unlike holders of Spanish ID cards (DNI, NIE) you must pay 25 € and the only option to choose is the 7 € package. The rest will be given as a 18 € card balance.
This policy is not enforced if you order it online. You can use your passport ID or Spanish ID cards (called DNI and NIE) online and pay with a credit card or cash-on-delivery and choose any package you like. They'll send it to any Spanish address like your hotel.

Data feature packEdit

In June 2016 they revised the whole tariff portfolio. They now offer these monthly allowances:

  • 1 GB: 7 €
  • 2 GB: 14 €
  • 3 GB: 21 €
  • 4 GB: 28 €
  • 5 GB: 35 €

There is a complete cut-off when the included data is used up, but you can add these extra bundles:

  • 300 MB: 3 €
  • 500 MB: 5 €
  • 1 GB: 8 €

Package and add-ons must be booked online using the tuenti app on the phone or website, navigating to "móvil" after the SIM is combined with the tuenti app. The package will automatically renew, if there is enough credt. This can be disabled online. Add-on packages are only valid for the rest of the running time of the base plan. Since June 2016 4G/LTE is not free anymore, but needs to be added for 2 € extra to any plan giving 250 MB on top. But they also introduced a pay-back scheme for unused data: For every 256 MB unused of your package 1.75 € will be credited to your account at the end of the month.

VozDigital Edit

This VoIP feature is automatically activated when you purchase a bundle. It allows you to make calls for free to national and international numbers (within your included allowance) using their app and credit or data will not be debited from your account. The app can be installed on every iOS or and Android smartphone, but when you use other providers or mobile internet, you will be billed incoming for the data consumption. You can also create an account without an associated SIM online, and accept/call other tuenti members, via Chrome, Opera and even Firefox browsers. However, you need 3G, 4G, WiFi or a landline data connection to use VOZDigital.   


From their website, most Movistar stores, Telecor, FNAC and lots of other places: Tuenti points of sale. Recharges can be made using the Tuenti app or online using an international credit card. Topups can be bought at movistar stores too. From 2014 tuenti móvil is finally sold on the Canary Islands too in 140 movistar stores for a slightly lower price because of the reduced tax rates there (see Basics above).

Technical InformationEdit

  • If you call 2201 you will receive a SMS with balance and expiration date.
  • APN:
  • user: tuenti
  • password: tuenti

SIM sizesEdit

  • mini-SIM, micro-SIM and nano-SIM available.

Carrefour MóvilEdit


Carrefour uses the Orange network on 2G and 3G.

Availability Edit

SIM cards can be purchased online on the Carrefour website but this requires a Spanish fiscal number (NIE/NIF) and a Spanish postal address to be sent to. In Carrefour megastores (locations: store locator) it can be bought using a foreign passport and local Spanish (hotel) address for registration only. Note, that there are two different SIM cards on sale: the INTERNET móvil with data-only and the regular prepaid card with voice and data and a different tariff.

Credit can be displayed by calling *113# (for free up to 5 times per month). You can add credit online or in Carrefour supermarkets. Some tabacco shops and the Carrefour chains Día and Clarel offer credit for Carrefour Móvil too.

Tarjeta Carrefour Internet Móvil Prepago (= prepaid data-only SIM):Edit

SIM costs 5 € without credit. It is a data SIM for data and SMS only, no voice calls.

  • Tarifa diaria: default plan, no activation is necessary, 1.21 Euro per day (= 24 hrs), 100 MB at full 3G speed, thereafter speed is reduced to 128 kbps. You are charged only for the days that you connect. A 3 € per month minimum spending applies (as long as you have credit).
  • Bono 1 GB add-on: 10 € for 30 days, 1 GB at full 3G speed, thereafter speed is reduced to 128 kbps. Activation: by sending SMS to 22864 with "ALTA BONO 1GB". Deactivation: by sending "BAJA BONO 1GB" to 22864. Data balance check: by sending "BONO 1GB" to 22864 (5 free SMS per month)
  • Bono 3 GB add-on: 20 € for 30 days, 3 GB at full 3G speed, thereafter speed is reduced to 128 kbps. Activation: by sending SMS to 22864 with "ALTA BONO 3GB". Deactivation and data balance check: see above.

Tarjeta prepago Carrefour (= prepaid voice and data SIM):Edit

The SIM costs 10 € with the same credit. You pay 0.50 Euro per day for 20 MB at full 3G speed, thereafter speed is reduced to 128 kbit/s. You are charged only for the days that you connect, but no data packages are offered on this tariff and it can't be changed to a data SIM. 3 € per month minimum spending applies (as long as you have credit). This tariff can not be changed to the Internet Móvil Prepago. They offer one bundle:

  • 1 GB of data and 30 domestic minutes valid for 30 days: 7.90 €. Beyond the quota, speed will be throttled to 32 kbps. To activate, text 'ALTA BONO NAVEGA HABLA' to 22864. Bundle will auto-renew. To stop text 'BAJA BONO NAVEGA HABLA' to the same number.
  • Add-on: to regain high speed data, they now offer an add-on of 1.2 GB for the rest of running time of the base bono at 6.90 €.


Carrefour does not allow tethering. On the iPhone it is disabled, on Android devices possible anyway.

Technical informationEdit

Make sure to use the right APN. You may have to manually change the APN on the iPhone, because on default it uses the wrong Orange APN.



MÁSmovil is using the Orange network on 2G and 3G as MVNO.

Availability Edit

SIM card is sold in their shops (locator: check 'venta') or online for 10 € with the same credit preloaded. Combi and nano sizes are avilable. Reloads are sold at many stores.

Data feature packsEdit

Default rate outside of packages is 3.63ct per MB. If you don't have booked a package, they will charge you a monthly minimum consumption of 3 €. Másmovil offers these prepaid data bundles valid for 30 days:

  • 400 MB: 3.50 €, activation: MMOPTI400MB
  • 1.2 GB: 6 €, activation: MMOPTI1.2GB
  • 2 GB: 12 €, activation: MMOPTI2GB

Packages can be booked on your account or by texting code to 2377. They will auto-renew after one month, if there is sufficient credit on your account. To stop, disable in your personal account.

Technical InformationEdit

  • APN: internetmas
  • Tethering and VoIP are allowed
  • more info in Spanish: Másmovil



HappyMóvil is solely available at ThePhoneHouse stores in Spain: Store Locator. and managed by Másmóvil. It's a MVNO using the Orange network on 2G and 3G. You can easily compare tariffs at ThePhoneHouse as they sell Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, República Móvil and Lebara there too.

Availability Edit

Only ThePhoneHouse sells the product line HappyMóvil. The SIM card costs 15 € with the same credit on it. Try to get the Nacional plan without a base rate.

Top-up agencies are sometimes hard to find, but most Spanish post offices (Correos) can do.

Data feature packages Edit

Different monthly data packages are offered on the tariff line "Nacional", that can be used for calls too:

  • 1.2 GB: 6 €
  • 3 GB: 16 €
  • 5 GB: 29 €

Packages are for 30 days and can't be upsized ahead of time. When data is used up, you'll get another 300 MB at slow 16 kbps, then at the default rate of 10.89 ct per MB. All packages include free domestic calls for the first 10 mins of the call, but a 18.15ct flagfall per call applies.

All these packages can be booked or unsubscribed in store or by calling 91 111 8507. There is a monthly minimum consumption of 2 € as long as you have credit. Packages will auto-renew, if you have enough credit. Otherwise, you'll be charged the default rate for data.

More Information Edit

  • APN: internettph
  • HappyMóvil sells discounted IDD phone calls, but with an high connection fee
  • more info in Spanish only:

DIGI mobilEdit

Digi mobil
With DIGI mobil you get a Romanian and a Spanish number on one SIM. In Spain this MVNO operates on the good Movistar network on 2G and 3G.

Startup costsEdit

The SIM card costs 10 € with 10 € credit. It is available online and offline only in a few shops: DIGI mobil shop locator. Top ups can be made there and in many kiosks where they are support the smaller MNVOs.

Data feature packEdit

  • Naveg@500: 500 MB for 30 days: 5 €
  • Naveg@1000: 1 GB for 30 days: 8 €
  • Naveg@2000: 2 GB for 30 days: 14 €

To subscribe go the USSD menu *100#  choose option 2 "internet móvil" and 1 "Alta DIGI naveg@". This package will renew every month if there is credit. You can unsubscribe on the same menu with "Baja DIGI naveg@". After having used all package volume, speed will be reduced to GPRS or you can buy add-ons called "Extra":

  • 200 MB: 2 €
  • 500 MB: 5 €
  • 1 GB: 8 €
  • 2 GB: 14 €

Bear in mind that the extra add-ons always refer only to the original period of  the monthly package and are not transferable to the next month. To buy an add on go online on your DIGI mobile account "Mi cuenta DIGI" or on the USSD menu *100# option 2 "internet móvil" and choose option 4 "Aumenta MB"..

Technical  informationEdit

  • credit can be checked on *134# and data credit on *130# free of charge
  • be sure to use the Spanish number (+34... ) in Spain and enable (domestic) roaming
  • APN:
  • Username and Password: digi

hits mobileEdit

Hits mobile
This MVNO operates on the Vodafone network in 2G and 3G giving good coverage and speed.

Startup costsEdit

The SIM can be bought for 5 EUR with 10 EUR credit online with free shipping in 7 days if you have a local Spanish address. Offline, they are sold in kiosks and other agencies. Unfortunately, they don't have a list of distributors but you can ask for the nearest store by calling [tel: 800 654321] (free within Spain). Top-ups can be made online with international credit cards.

Data feature packsEdit

The default rate for internet is 5 cents per MB as long as no package is activated. They have the following packs:

  • 250 MB: 3.90 €
  • 650 MB: 4.90 €
  • 1.3 GB: 7.90 €
  • 2 GB: 13.90 €
  • 3 GB: 24.90 €

The packs are for one month exactly lasting until the previous day of booking in the following month. When all volume is used, you will surf on the default rate or can buy a new package ahead of time. All packages renew automatically after one month if there is enough credit. To activate the package simply send a free SMS to 22321 containing the word BONO followed by the chosen volume, to deactivate BAJA BONO ##### and to renew ahead of time RENUEVA BONO #####.

Internatl. voice and domestic data Edit

They also offer bonos for national and international calls and data usage in Spain:

  • 100 min + 500 MB: 9.90 €
  • 250 min + 1.5 GB: 19.90 €
  • 1000 min + 3 GB: 39.90 €

International calls include all mobile numbers to 36 countries and landlines to 22 more (see list). To activate text 'BONO TODO ###' where ### is 500 MB, 1.5 GB or 3 GB. To renew or suspend auto-renewal just follow steps shown above.

Technical informationEdit

  • APN for smartphones:
  • APN for routers and modems:
  • the whole website is available in English: hits mobile

Lebara móvilEdit

This MVNO of the British Lebara Group has been heavily marketed and operates in Spain on the Vodafone network in 2G and 3G giving good coverage and speeds, but no 4G/LTE so far.

Start-up costsEdit

The SIM can be bought online on the Website of Lebara Spain (available in English) to be sent to a Spanish address or offline from a lot of kiosks and phone shops all around the country: Store finder (mark: SIM). It is sold for 10 € with the same amount of credit loaded.

Top-ups for 10, 20 or 30 € can be made there and some other stores which all are clearly marked with the Lebara logo or online with international credit cards.

Data feature packsEdit

Default rate is 0.05 EUR per MB. This rate is charged without booking a package or for overuse. The following monthly data packages are available. For activation text code to 22333.

  • 250 MB: 5 EUR. Activation: DATA250
  • 500 MB: 6 EUR. Activation: DATA500
  • 1 GB: 8 EUR. Activation: DATA1GB
  • 2 GB: 14 EUR. Activation: DATA2GB
  • 3 GB: 14 EUR. Activation: DATA3GB
  • 5 GB: 19 EUR. Activation: DATA5GB

These extra data packages as add-ons can be booked for the running time of the base plan:

  • 300 MB add-on to all the passes above: 5 EUR. Activation: D300
  • 500 MB add-on to all the passes above: 6 EUR. Activation: D500
  • 1 GB add-on to all the passes above: 8 EUR. Activation: D1GB

For all activations text all codes to 22333. All packs are valid for 30 days. There is no way to reactivate them ahead of time. You can only buy the add-ons. All passes will automatically renew every 30 days if there is enough credit. To stop text NODATA### (### = size of pack) to 22333. Extra data doesn't auto-renew.

Technical informationEdit

  • APN:
  • No tethering on iPhones, as Lebara doesn't give out a profile, but possible on other devices.
  • All of their website is available in English


Lycamobile is the main competitor of Lebara on the international ethno market. In Spain Lycamobile is a MVNO on the good Movistar network of Telefónica in 2G and 3G.

Startup costs Edit

Their SIM can be ordered online on their website free of charge to be sent to a Spanish address for free. Offline they can be found in web and phone shops and other kiosks. They don't have a store locator, so they might not be so easy to find. Look for their logo.

In the Lycamobile-branded stores their SIM is the cheapest. It may be free or for a small fee, depending on shop, but requiring an immediate top-up: Prices range from 10 EUR with 5 EUR credit to 7.50 EUR with 7.50 EUR credit (that is 5 EUR credit and 2.50 EUR bonus credit).

Recharges Edit

Top-ups can be made in their agencies as well as online using an international credit card. For recharges on the standard plan, you will be awarded 50% bonus: 5€ -> 7.50 €, 10€ -> 15€, 20€ ->30€, 30€ ->45€. This is not offered on the Plan Ahorro (see below).

Data feature packsEdit

Default rate is 14.5c per MB on the Standard plan and 3.6c per MB on the Plan Ahorro, charged when the bundle is used up or no bundle is booked.

To change from the default standard plan to "Plan Ahorro" type *201*101# and follow the instructions or send a text message with "PLANAHORRO" to 2525. Note that by changing to "Plan Ahorro" you won't be able to get the 50% bonus on the standard plan anymore when topping up. So right now, it's not much use for purchasing packages, as data on the standard plan are around 50% more expensive than on the Ahorro Plan:

Data Volume Standard Plan Plan Ahorro Activation
250 MB 5.00 EUR 3.25 EUR 9050
600 MB 7.50 EUR 5.00 EUR 9100
1 GB 7.50 EUR 5.00 EUR 9150
2 GB 14.00 EUR 9.00 EUR 9300
3 GB 21.50 EUR 14.00 EUR 9400
5 GB 29.00 EUR 19.00 EUR 9405

Activation is done by sending a SMS containing an activation code to 3535. The promotional packs of the Plan Ahorro can only be booked after having changed to this plan. Remember, you won't get any bonus, when topping up. All packs will renew automatically after one month if there is enough credit. To unsubscribe call costurmer service on 321 or #93 from Lycamobile.

You can check your remaining credit balance with *221# and your data balance with *137#. For more data you can add bonos extensibles valid for the rest of the running time of the base packages:

  • 500 MB: Standard Plan: 6 €, Saver Plan: 4 €, activation: text 601 to 3535
  • 1 GB: Standard Plan: 7 €, Saver Plan: 5 €, activation text 602 to 3535

Technical settingsEdit

  • APN:
  • Username: lmes (that's lowcase L, not capital i)
  • Password: plus

More information Edit

  • strictly no tethering: Lycamobile doesn't give out a profile and tries to block tethering by sniffer programs. You can use it in all kinds of 3G devices, but not simultanously
  • Lycamobile blocks VPNs and services which act like VPNs (BBM per example)
  • the Lycamobile website is available in English. Check for further details and offers
  • Lycamobile offers cheap roaming bundles to be used in certain countries only. All packages are valid for 30 days and can't be renewed ahead of time. For more info see Euro5

Jazztel prepago Edit


Jazztel is another MVNO on the reasonable Orange network (for coverage and speed see Orange above). While Orange opened their 4G/LTE for Jazztel, their prepaid product called Jazztel prepago stays on 2G and 3G only.

Availability Edit

Their prepaid starter pack called Jazzcard móvil is available online to be sent to a Spanish postal address or in many stores. They have a store locator here, but its addresses are not reliable. Many places actually don’t have it in store, but the Telecor or PhoneHouse shops (Store Locator) on the list are a safe bet. It is sold for 5 EUR with the same credit included. A hybrid mini-micro SIM card is given out in shops, online you can choose a nano SIM too.

Recharges Edit

You can recharge where you can top up the usual MVNOs or online. This is the preferred way as in promotions Jazztel gives 50% online recharge bonus on all top ups. This is an ongoing promotion which is prolonged all the time. International credit cards work if they are 'verified by Visa' or have a 'Mastercard Secure Code' and you check the “pago seguro” box in the recharge menu. The 50% bonus gives great rates for data on packages.

Data Feature Packages Edit

Default data rate outside of packages is 9.5 ct per MB. These packages are offered for 30 days:

Data Voice Price Activation Code
150 MB 50 mins 5 € MINIBONO
250 MB 3.50 € BONO250
250 MB 1000 mins 15 € COMBI15
600 MB 6 € BONO600
1 GB 7.50 € BONO1000
1 GB 200 mins 10 € COMBI10
2 GB 12 € BONO2000
2 GB 1000 mins 25 € COMBI25
3 GB 15 € BONO3000

Activation is by texting code to 2288 or online on your Jazztel account. Bonos are for 30 days and don’t renew. The voice allowances include Spain and 40 further countries mentioned on this list (scroll down). All calls from Jazztel to Jazztel and all domestic landlines are free with a max. per call of 10 mins per call and of 3,000 mins per month on all plans.

With their ongoing recharge promotion, you can effectively buy 1 GB for 5 € or 3 GB for 10 € which is a very good rate for Spain. Remember that you surf on the default rate after your bono has run out. You can not upsize your bono as long as another bono is still active.

Technical infomation Edit

  • VoIP is allowed and possible
  • Tethering is possible from Android devices, but no profile for iPhones is given out
  • APN: jazzinternet
  • Check balance by typing *169#

Simyo Edit


Simyo is one of the oldest and most established MVNOs in the country. It operates on Orange's network. In 2015 4G/LTE was opened to prepaid to all tariffs. It has been off our list for a while, because it couldn't be found in stores, but now it's back in some stores and one of the best options for Spain right now.

Availability Edit

It may be still hard to find a SIM card on location in shops. Their preferred way is to order it online on their website. But they only send it out to a Spanish postal address for a 7 € shipping fee. In shops you can find it at holaMOBI located in around 100 places in Spain (holaMOBI locator) and in some hipermercados of Carrefour (locator) and a few independent shops. There, they charge you 10 € for the starter, but Simyo gives to all new clients a 10 € welcome credit after activation. Be sure to get the prepaid (prepago or de tarjeta), not a contract (contrato) SIM. Finally, they have released an online map of their sales points (map).

Recharges Edit

There are many top-up locations in supermarkets, small internet stores, post offices or at the service stations of Repsol. Online only Spanish credit cards are accepted. To check balance, type *126#.

Data feature packages Edit

Default data for overuse or use without packages is 3.63 ct per MB. Better use one of these monthly packages called bonos:

  • 100 MB: 1 €
  • 500 MB: 3 €
  • 1 GB: 6 €
  • 2 GB: 10.50 €
  • 3 GB: 14 €
  • 10 GB: 33 € - promotion!
  • night bono 1 GB: 1.99 €, only valid 10.30pm-8am, can be added several times
  • weekend bono 1 GB: 1.99 €, only valid FRI 3pm to SUN midnight, can be added again

All packages are for 30 days and auto-renew if you have enough credit. To upsize during the running month, they only offer the 100 MB, 500 MB and 1 GB packages again for the same price. To purchase, check your personal Simyo account or call customer support at 121.

EU roaming option Edit

Simyo sells only one package of 100 MB for roaming all over the EU/EEA at 1.99 €. This pack can be booked multiple times on your personal account. While it's twice the price of Orange for roaming, Simyo's pack is valid for 30 days and can be used much more efficiently than the Orange's by day plan.

Technical information Edit

  • Tethering and VoIP calls are allowed
  • APN: orangeworld

República Móvil Edit

República Móvil

República Móvil is another MVNO on the 2G and 3G network of Orange. It started in 2013 and offers good rates and like Tuenti a free VoIP application. Effective 15/SEP/2016 4G/LTE will be opened for all customers without surcharges.

Availability Edit

You can order the starter pack on their website for free. But they send it out only to a Spanish postal address. In shops it is sold at at holaMOBI located in around 100 places in Spain (holaMOBI locator) and since October 2015 in all PhoneHouse stores (PhoneHouse locator) with a lot more shops for 10 € with the same credit preloaded.

Recharges Edit

You can top-up online, but some foreign credit cards may not be accepted. In Spain you can use all MÁSmóvil recharge channels: supermarkets, small internet stores, post offices, some service stations and many more. Look for the MÁSmóvil logo (see above). Check credit on your personal online account.

Data feature packages Edit

Stardard rate for data is 3.6c per MB. These packages are offered for one month:

  • 500 MB: 2.90 €
  • 1.2 GB: 5.90 €
  • 3 GB: 11.90 €
  • 3 GB: 16.90 €

You can book and customize every data pack for the month on your online account. Take care, that they don't offer data add-ons. Having reached the quota, you have the choice to pay the default rate or be throttled to 16 kbit/s for the rest of the month and max. of 1 GB. All packages auto-renew after one month, if there is enough credit.

Technical information Edit

  • Tethering and VoIP calls are allowed
  • like Tuenti they offer "unlimited" free VoIP calls by using the HazteUnSimpa app that you can find here for download
  • APN: internettph
  • República Móvil is not available in Mellila and Ceuta for taxation issues, but on the Canaries they started recently too.

Cellhire Edit

Cellhire Logo

Cellhire in the UK rents a data SIM card with optional MiFi rental for Spain.

Cellhire offers a 10 GB Data SIM Card with 3G and 4G data on the Orange network for the monthly rental fee of £39.99. A 3G MiFi can be added for an extra £10 or a 4G MiFi for an extra £27.99. Data SIM and MiFi are for rent on a 30 day rolling contract and have to be returned.

When the 10 GB bundle runs out, speed is throttled, but you can continue to use data at no charge. You'll need to pay £10 in advance as a refundable deposit. 4G coverage is limited and isn't available everywhere in Spain (check Orange coverage). You will sign a 30 day rolling contract which will continue until you return the SIM and MiFi. This is not a prepaid product! Delivery fees to the EU are not specified but for a similar product in France they charge GBP 30 for delivery. The device is not insured and all liability for loss or damage is on the renter.

Spain Internet Edit


Spain Internet is a company that provides rental of data SIM cards and mobile WiFi routers (MiFis), specifically targeted to visitors to Spain. 

The data SIMs and WiFi routers can be delivered to any place in Spain including airports and hotels. Booking has to be made at least 3 workdays in advance. Delivery and shipping are free.

Data SIM Card Rental Edit

Spain Internet rents data SIM cards that are already pre-configured and ready to use. The SIMs come in tri-SIM format which makes them compatible with regular, micro and nano sizes. The data SIMs have 2 GB /day traffic and use 4G/LTE network which allows a download speed of up to 80 Mbps. Rentals are from 3 to 365 days. For rates see table below.

WiFi Hotspot Rental Edit

Spain Internet also rents mobile WiFi routers (also called MiFis) that establish a 3G/4G internet connection and allow to connect up to 10 devices. The router gives speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s on 4G and 6-8 hours operating time on battery and includes unlimited mobile internet in Spain. The price given in the WiFi Hotspot column includes WiFi Hotspot and Data SIM for rentals of 3 to 360 days.

Duration SIM CARD

(2 GB /day)





up to 3 days 4 € per day 6.5 € per day 9 € per day
4-8 days 3.5 € per day 5.5 € per day 7 € per day
9-16 days 3 € per day 4.5 € per day 6 € per day
17-30 days 2.5 € per day 3.5 € per day 5 € per day
>30 days 2 € per day 3 € per day 4 € per day

They use the network of Orange. Their 4G/LTE network is available in 80% and 3G in 99% of Spanish territory. The networks FUP is not to block internet access, but to reduce the speed of connection once certain levels of traffic are reached. However, they don't disclose at what amount the speed is decreased.

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