The Solomon Islands are an island nation in the South Pacific located on an own archipelago west of New Guinea. It became independent from the UK in 1978.

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Basics Edit

The Solomon Islands have two mobile operators:

  • Our Telekom (Breeze)
  • Bmobile - Vodafone

Like many small island nations, the Solomon Islands rely heavily on satellite connections with long latency and slow networks at high prices. Currently Huawei is constructing a submarine cable link from the Solomons to Sydney, Australia. Scheduled to be finished in 2018, it will increase bandwidth and reduce latency. This still leaves the issue of connecting the outer islands which is again done by satellite, if at all. Therefore more intra-island fibre-optic cable links are planned.

Both networks are on 900 and 1800 MHz for GSM/2G up to EDGE and 850 MHz and 2100 MHz for 3G/UMTS up to HSPA. UMTS/HSPA is available only in larger population centers on the main islands. 4G/LTE hasn't started yet and some distant islands aren't covered at all up to now.

Have in mind that most foreign phones set up for global roaming won't work in the Solomons because their local providers still don't have roaming agreements with many foreign operators. Exceptions are from Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Our Telekom (Breeze) Edit

Our Telekom

Our Telekom or Solomon Telekom Company Ltd. is the largest mobile operator on the islands. It's 100% locally owned, after Cable & Wireless divested their stakes in 2014. Their mobile product is also branded as Breeze.

Network Edit

Their mobile network has reached most of the islands by now in all 9 provinces, but is available in different speeds:

  • 2G on 900 and 1800 MHz is available through the islands. Data up to EDGE are available in all provincial centres. Some remote rural areas still don't have any data (not even GPRS): coverage map
  • 3G on 2100 MHz is available in Honiara, Auki, Gizo, Munda and Noro up to 3.6 Mbps
  • 3G on 850 MHz is available in Honiara up to 14.4 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps upload

Availability Edit

Their SIM card is sold at Our Telekom's shops for SBD 20 with the same credit on it. You'll need to activate the prepay Breeze SIM by dialing 121. 

Top-ups are sold by agents throughout the islands. Look for "MeTopUp" logo.

Data feature packages Edit

Default data rate is 0.99 SBD per MB. The following bundles are available:

Price Volume Validity
SBD 6 90 MB 1 day
SBD 20 170 MB 7 days
SBD 20 350 MB 4 days
SBD 20 210 MB 7 days
SBD 60 700 MB 6 days
SBD 100 1.1 GB 14 days
SBD 240 3.2 GB 1 month
SBD 450 5.2 GB 1 month
SBD 900 11 GB 1 month

To activate a bundle dial *155# and follow the menu.

More info Edit

Bmobile - Vodafone Edit


Bmobile launched in the capital city Honiara in 2010 as 2nd mobile network. Like in Papua New Guinea they've signed a strategic partnership agreement with Vodafone in 2014 to have both their names co-branded.

Network Edit

Their network uses 2G/GSM on 900 and 1800 MHz as well as 3G/UMTS 2100 MHz. They currently operate in 4 provinces only, namely Guadalcanal, Malaita, Western Province and Central Province and expect to roll out their mobile network to additional provinces in the coming years. Their 3G has started only recently and is only available in the three urban areas of the Western Province.

As their coverage can't match that of Our Telekom and they offer only slightly lower rates, it can't be recommended for travelling so far.

Availability Edit

Their prepaid SIM card is sold at their shops and sales points.

Top-ups can be found at many outlets.

Data feature packages Edit

Data by default are at SBD 0.99 per MB. These data bundles are offered:

Price Volume Validity
SBD 5 60 MB 24 hours
SBD 15 200 MB 2 days
SBD 20 350 MB 3 days
SBD 50 750 MB 7 days
SBD 120 1 GB 14 days
SBD 220 3 GB 30 days
SBD 800 7 GB 30 days
SBD 1350 12 GB 30 days

To activate, dial *444#.

More info Edit

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