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Basics Edit

Slovenia has currently 3 major networks:

  • Telekom Slovenije (formely Mobitel)
  • A1 Slovenija (fomerly si.mobil)
  • Telemach mob. (formerly tušmobil)

and some MVNOs like IZI mobil and Spar Mobil. 2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz. 4G/LTE has started on 800, 900, 1800 and 2600 MHz on all three operators. In 2017 both Telekom and A1 cover 87% and Telemach 70% of Slovenia by 4G/LTE.

T-2 had a 3G-only network with roaming on Telekom Slovenije elsewhere. In 2016 T-2 has been forced back into bankruptcy after creditors won an appeal against an earlier ruling which had allowed the telco to exit receivership.

EU flag
Slovenia is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Some limitations on larger data packages and unlimited rates may still apply. For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and every provider below.

Telekom Slovenije (formerly Mobitel)Edit

Telekom slovenije

Telekom Slovenije is the biggest operator in the country. They are market leader with the best coverage and a 45% share in 2016. Their 4G/LTE is accessible for prepaid and covers 97% of the population already: Coverage map. It has frequencies on 800, 900, 1800 and 2600 MHz.


Their prepaid SIM card called Mobi is sold in their stores: (Store locator), at service stations and post offices. It's 8.50 € for the SIM card including 5 € credit in all three sizes.

You may have to type *123# to check your balance and activate your number. The SIM card can be charged by credit card, value card (which can be get in many stores, postal offices, etc.) or 'Moneta Service'.

Data feature packsEdit

Default rate outside of packages is 0.00055 € per KB (that's rather high 0.55 € per MB). These packages are offered:

Validity Data Price Activation
1 day 1 GB 2 € 1GB1DAN
30 days 100 MB 4 € 100MB30DNI
30 days 500 MB 8 € 500MB30DNI
30 days 1 GB 10 € 1GB30DNI

For activation text code to 1918. You can check balance of your account and how many days you have left by texting 'PORABA K' to 1917. Speed is up to 20/5 Mbps on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE where available. If LTE is not working, text 'LTE' to 1918 to activate.

Data-only SIM Edit

Their data-only SIM is aimed at tablets and routers and contains only data and SMS, no voice. It's sold as starter

  • for 9.90 € with 1 day of internet (max. 1 GB at high speed) included
  • for 29.90 € with 100 days of internet (max. 6 GB at high speed) included

4G/LTE up to 150 Mbps is included, but may need to be activated by texting 'LTE' to 1918.

These packages can be added:

Validity Data Price Activation
1 day 1 GB 2 € DAN 1
30 days 2 GB 10 € DAN 30
100 days 6 GB 20 € DAN 100
365 days 12 GB 36.50 € LETO

Text code to 1917 for activation. To check balance, text 'STANJE' to 1917.

When you first connect, you will be automatically redirected to their webpage, where you can choose which option to activate, check your credit and refill your card. This page is always free of charge. If you use more data, you won't pay more, but speed will be reduced to 64 kbps. Voice calls, roaming abroad and other services are not possible, SMS is.

More infoEdit

A1 Slovenija (formerly si.mobil)Edit

A1 Logo

new logo (from 2017)

old logo (until 2017)

A1 Slovenija is the 2nd provider in the country. It belongs to Telekom Austria Group, is the local Vodafone partner and has a 31% market share in 2016. It has changed its brand name from si.mobil to A1 Slovenija. The rebranding will be gradually implemented in 2017 across the company's fixed and mobile activities

LTE started on 1800 MHz and recently on 800 MHz and is open for prepaid. It's coverage is almost on par with Telecom Slovenije and covers 97% of population by LTE in 2016: coverage map


Their voice and data prepaid SIM is called SIMPL and available at their stores (store locator), at service stations, post offices and online to be sent to a Slovenian address. It's sold in all three sizes for 10 € and contains 5 € credit and 1 GB both valid for 30 days.

Recharge cards of 5, 10 or 20 EUR are available all over the country or top-up online by credit card. Check balance by *448#.

You can choose between standard SIMPL plan and SIMPL GLOBAL plan that gives lower foreign call rates. Default data is at 0.15 € per MB on both plans. To change between SIMPL and SIMPL GLOBAL text name of the plan to 448.

On the SIMPL plan you have either the choice to stay on the default rate or buy a monthly package of 1500 units at 10 €. This can be used for domestic minutes, SMS or data. To activate the bundle, text 'Zakup1500 start' to 448. To stop it from auto-renewing text 'Zakup1500 stop'. to 448.

On the SIMPL GLOBAL plan you can stay on their more expensive default rate or buy a monthly package with unlimited si mobil calls, unlimited domestic SMS, 1000 mins to other domestic networks and 1 GB domestic data at 20 €. It also contains 100 units (mins, SMS or MB) to be used abroad all over the EU, Serbia and Macedonia. To activate this package text 'ZAKUP GLOBAL START', to stop it from auto-renewal text 'ZAKUP GLOBAL STOP' to 448.

Data-only SIM Edit

Their data-only SIM is called SIMPLnet Combined standard and micro SIM are available:

  • for 10 €: SIM card with unlimited data for three days
  • for 29 €: 3G USB modem (Huawei E313H) + SIM card with data for three days

Data and text only on this card, no voice or roaming:

Package Validity Data Price
SIMPLnet GIGA 1 3 days 1 GB 5 €
SIMPLnet GIGA 2 30 days 2 GB 10 €
SIMPLnet GIGA 10 30 days 10 GB 20 €

Max. speed is 42 Mbps on up to 4G and charging interval is 10 KB. If you use your whole bundle of data your bandwidth will be limited to 128 Kbps till the end of the included days. You have to purchase these packages through your account.

Visitor SIM Edit

VisitorSIM is a SIM card offer for visitors in Slovenia, that is sold for 15 € in some hotels around the country (partner locator), or can be ordered online (using all major credit cards) and delivered (surcharge 1.20 €) to any address in Slovenia, incl. hotels and the Ljubljana airport, but not outside of the country.

SIM comes in all sizes. No activation needed. A1 top-up vouchers can be used to recharge. SIM comes preloaded with 15 € for 15-day usage of max. 10 GB data transfer, whichever comes first. Tethering and VoIP services (Skype, Viber) are supported. 4G/LTE can be used as well, speeds up to 20 Mbit/s are possible. Validity of the SIM is 90 days after first use, which can be extended by topping up. After 270 days of no activity, SIM will be blocked.

You can check the remaining data balance with code *448#, or by visiting website with your phone/tablet. For visitor SIM and additional voice offers: FAQ on the website or VisitorSIM on Facebook

More informationEdit

Telemach mob. (formerly tušmobil)Edit


Telemach started as tušmobil in 2007 and is now the 3rd operator with a 15% market share in Slovenia what coverage and customers are concerned. In 2015 it was acquired by the leading cable TV and internet broadband provider Telemach to offer triple-play and was rebranded to Telemach in 2015. 4G/LTE has started but only covers 25% of population so far. 2G is at 99% and 3G at 98%. Through a national roaming agreement it uses Telekom Slovenije's 2G and 3G outside of its own coverage. As smallest operator, it gives the lowest rates and highest bonuses.


Their prepaid package is available at their stores (locator), at service stations (MOL, OMV, Petrol, maybe others too). It's called FREE2GO and sold at 7.99 € containing 5 € valid for 90 days.

You can buy reload cards in shops (kiosks, service stations, post offices) for 2, 5, 10 or 20 €. You enter *123*<12-digit-PIN-code>#. Check credit by *123#.

They give heavy bonuses for top-ups all valid for 30 days:

  • top-up 2 €: 20 units (MB, mins or SMS)
  • top-up 5 €: 50 units (MB, mins or SMS)
  • top-up 10 €: unlimited on-net mins, domestic SMS, 100 units (MB, off-net mins)
  • top-up 20 €: unlimited on-net mins, domestic SMS, MB (FUP: 1 GB), 200 off-net mins

Data feature packsEdit

They offer a combo package for voice and data called Revolucija. It's for 7 € and contains unlimited Telemach calls, unlimited domestic SMS and 1000 mins or MB data valid for 30 days. To activate, text 'Revolucija' to 7070.

The other way to add data is a 100 MB data add-on for 1 € for 30 days to be booked multiple times by code *121*2*2*1#.

EU Roaming packages Edit

Telemach offers these discounted roaming packages:

  • 100 MB for 24 hours: 2.90 €, activation: *121*5*1*1#
  • 500 MB for 7 days: 13.90 €, activation: *121*5*2*1#
  • 1 GB for 30 days: 22.90 €, activation: *121*5*3*1#

The roaming package is only valid on Telekom or partner networks in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Italy (Wind and TIM) and Luxembourg (Poste).

Data-only SIM Edit

They have a new prepaid data-only SIM in their portfolio called NET2GO. It includes voice and text too, but has lower data rates. It's available as:

  • as SIM-only: 5 € with 4 € credit
  • with a 3G USB-dongle (Huawei E3531): 29.99 € with 4 € credit

Packages for NET2GO are time-based:

  • 2 €: "unlimited" data for 2 times of 24 hours
  • 5 €: "unlimited" data for 5 times of 24 hours
  • 10 €: "unlimited" data for 10 times of 24 hours
  • 20 €: "unlimited" data for 20 times of 24 hours
  • 15 €: "unlimited" for a month. Activation: text 'pps surfajneomejen vklop' to 448. This pack auto-renews. To stop, text 'pps surfajneomejen izklop'.

Note that "unlimited" includes a FUP of 1 GB high-speed data per 24 hours period. Using more data, speed will be throttled to 64 Kbps, but reset on the next day.

The time-based packages are activated by the equivalent top-ups, the monthly pack by text code.

More informationEdit

izimobil (on Telekom Slovenije)Edit

Izi mobil
Izimobil is the most popular MVNO in the country with a market share of 2.4% in 2016. This Slovenian company operates on the network of Telekom Slovenije in 2G/3G, and new on 4G/LTE with speeds up to 20 Mbps (for coverage see above).

Availability Edit

They offer different starter packs in their stores (store locator), at kiosks, the service stations of Petrol and OMV and the markets of Spar, Mercator, E.Leclerc, Big Bang and Tisak kiosks, where you find top up vouchers too:

  • izibrez meja paket (for lower calling rates abroad) and izidona paket: sold at 6 € with 2 € credit and another 2 € bonus after the first recharge.
  • izimesec paket: sold at 11.90 € with 3000 units included (as mins, SMS or MB)

You can't switch between different izimobil plans. Top-up vouchers are at 5€, 10€, 20€ and 50€.

For their 4G/LTE you need a new 4G-enabled USIM card. Enable LTE by texting 'LTE' to 4008.

Default data rateEdit

The default rate is 0.068 € per MB in all plans, but izimesec plan that is 0.08 €/MB. If data doesn't work from the start, you will need to start data service by texting "IZIGPRS" to 1918.

Data feature packsEdit

They have monthly data packages on offer for their SIM cards:

Package Volume Validity Price Activation
for all plans:
Internet S 100 MB 30 days 2 € DATAS
Internet M 500 MB 30 days 3 € DATAM
Internet L 1 GB 30 days 4.90 € DATAL
Internet XL 3 GB 30 days 6.90 € DATAXL
Internet XXL10 10 GB 10 days 9.90 € DATAXXL10
Internet XXL30 10 GB 30 days 14.90 € DATAXXL30
Internet XXL365 12 GB 365 days 32.90 € DATAXXL365
Internet XXXL 40 GB 30 days 34.90 € DATAXXXL
for izimesec plan only:
S 1500 units 30 days 6.90 € IZIMESEC S
M 2000 units 30 days 8.90 € IZIMESEC M
L 3000 units 30 days 11.90 € IZIMESEC L

For activation text code to 3388. Speed is up to 21.6 Mbps on 2G and 3G. On izimesec bundles volume can be used for domestic MB data, mins of voice and/or SMS.

More informationEdit

  • APN, username and password: izimobil
  • Website in Slovenian

Spar Mobil (on Telekom Slovenije) Edit

Spar mobil

The Spar retail chain in Slovenia opened a new MVNO on the Telekom Slovenije network in 2G/3G in 2015 and new on 4G/LTE too.

Availability Edit

The SIM card starter pack is exclusively sold at Spar and Interspar markets in Slovenia (store locator) for 2.90 € without credit in all three sizes.

All new 4G SIM cards can be used on the 4G/LTE network without surcharges at speeds up to 50/10 Mbps. To enable text 'LTE' to 1918.

Recharges and Credit check Edit

You can top-up in their markets and at newsstands using vouchers of 5, 10 or 20 €. To top-up enter *<voucher PIN>*144#. Credit stays valid for 90 days, SIM card needs to be recharged after 270 days to stay alive. To check credit, enter *144# and for data balance text 'PORABA E' to 1919.

Data feature packages Edit

Data by default outside of packages is charged at 6.6 ct per MB. These packages are offered valid for 30 days:

  • Spar 1500: 1500 units = domestic minutes, domestic SMS or MB of data in any mixture: 6.99 €, activation: text 'Spar 1500' to 1917
  • Spar 4000: 3 GB and 1000 units to be used for domestic voice and text: 9.99 €, activation: text 'Spar 4000' to 1917
  • Spar 3 GB: 3 GB for 30 days: 6.99 €, activation: text 'Spar 3GB' to 1917

You can't book a new package ahead of time, but you can book a units and the data packages at the same time. Overuse is at default rate.

More information Edit

HoT mobil Slovenija Edit


HoT Mobil in Slovenia was launched on 11 May 2017. The new MVNO that is already present in Austria piggybacks on the A1 Slovenia (formerly Si.mobil) network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE (coverage map). It's sold like in Austria through about 80 branches of discount retailer Hofer (of the Aldi Group).

Availability Edit

The SIM card is sold online or through Hofer stores in the country (locator) for 1.99 € (plus 2 € delivery if ordered online).

To top-up you can buy vouchers for 5, 10 or 20€ at Hofer stores or top-up online by credit card, PayPal or Paysafecard. Check balance by *696#.

SIM card and credit will be valid for 90 days past any recharge and remain inactive for 270 thereafter until they will be deactivated.

Data feature packages Edit

Default rate is HoT Start with 0.039 € per MB. This can be changed to these packages valid for 30 days:

  • Hot Mini: 1 GB, 1000 mins and 1000 SMS - 6.99 €
  • Hot Maxi: 20 GB (max. 2.13 GB in the EU), 3000 mins, 3000 SMS - 9.99 €
  • Hot Extra: 50 GB (max. 3.19 GB in the EU), 3000 mins, 3000 SMS - 14.99 €

All allowances can be used in Slovenia and the EU where a FUP for data applies. Speed is up to 20 Mbps on LTE and can be increased to 50/10 Mbits for 2 €.

More info Edit

T-2 (in bankruptcy) Edit

In 2016 T-2 has been forced back into bankruptcy after creditors won an appeal against an earlier ruling, which had allowed the telco to exit receivership. They now focus on triple play and contracts and don't offer prepaid SIM cards anymore.

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