Basics Edit

Serbia has three network operators:

  • mts (Telekom Srbija)
  • Telenor
  • vip (Telekom Austria)

2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz upto HSPA+ and 4G/LTE started in 2015 on 1800 MHz with all three operators in some cities only and added by 800 MHz in 2016. At the end of 2016 the population cover was best with Vip mobile on 66% and 840 base stations, followed by mts on 52% by 326 BTS and Telenor on 41% by 522 transmitters. In 2017 Telenor claims to have covered 90% of population and 60% of territory by its LTE, more than the other two operators together.

The first MVNOs Vectone mobile and Globaltel have arrived on the scene in 2016 using the Vip network. Only Vectone is mentioned below, as Globaltel doesn't offer data yet.

Note that all Serbian providers have been operating their networks in northern areas of Kosovo for historical reasons. mts' operation was finally legalized in 2016 when it received a formal licence for Kosovo. Telenor's and Vip's operations will end by May 2017 there. For more details about this area, check our Kosovo chapter.

No roaming
Be aware that Serbia is not part of the EU, nor the EEA, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. So roaming rates on European SIM cards are not capped or regulated in the country and can be much higher. Better buy a local SIM card instead.
Instead, Serbia is part of an own Balkan roaming zone with Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia where international data roaming is capped at 0.20 € per MB from July 2017.

mts (Telekom Srbija) Edit


mts is the wireless subsidiary of mostly state-owned Telekom Srbija and market leader in the country with the best coverage: 2G/3G/4G coverage map. On the map you can see that their network expands to parts of Kosovo where it can be used without roaming.

Availability Edit

You can buy the SIM card called "moj pripejd" in every mts store or from one from many newsstands in Belgrade (like Moj Kiosk or Corner shop ).

  • 300 RSD for a voice and data SIM card with an initial credit of 25 RSD.

All new users who activate a prepaid card will receive bonus traffic amounting to 10,000 minutes on-net, 10,000 SMS and 1 GB of internet in domestic traffic as a promotion. By activating the special "welcome bonus" on *100#, users will also get 1 GB of internet valid for 7 days with each additional top-up.

Recharges Edit

Note, that there is no way to top-up from abroad. You need a Serbian-issued credit card or you need to do it on location in Serbia. They don't use scratch cards anymore. You just tell the vendor your number and it gets recharged electronically. Prepaid credit stays valid for 90 days from the last top-up, while the SIM card is valid for 12 months from date of its activation or last top-up. Minimum top-up amount is 200 RSD.

Data packagesEdit

Default data rate on voice and data SIM card: 6 RSD per 100 KB.

The unlimited Data Plan allows to surf at full 3G speed (no 4G/LTE yet) on the voice and data SIM cards. After using up all data volume specific to the package (see at the table below), speed will be reduced to 64 kbps.

Volume Validity Price Activation
100 MB 1 day 50 RSD NET50
1 GB 100 RSD NET100
200 MB 7 days 125 RSD NET125
1 GB 200 RSD NET 200

For activation text code to 687. All packages auto-renew, to stop text <code>STOP to 687.

For social media you can activate special packages for 30 days, so that their volume is not debited from your data allowance. Facebook and Twitter are 69 RSD each, Viber and WhatsApp 99 RSD each and a triple pack of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is for 299 RSD. Activation is through *100#.

Data-only SIM Edit

Data-only SIM cards are called Pripejd Mobilni Net. You can use SMS, but not voice. They are sold at 300 RSD with an initial credit of 500 MB valid for 30 days.

For every top-up of 300 RSD or more, you'll get a bonus of 100%, for smaller top-ups of 50% valid for 30 days only. Check by texting 'STANJE' to 777. You need to top-up at least 200 RSD every 90 days to keep it alive.

Data rate is 1 RSD per MB. You can't use 4G/LTE so far. They discontinued any bundles, but pay-as-you-go rate with the 100% bonus is a very low 0.5 RSD per MB. Check your balance at any moment by sending a SMS with “STANJE” to 777.

Tourist SIM Edit

Mts sells two prepaid tourist SIM cards in their own stores (see above), Tabac Press and Maxim. They have been opened for 4G/LTE:

  • Tourist SIM: 600 RSD including 3 x 24 hour internet sessions with unlimited 4G/LTE. The clock starts from your first data connection and lasts for 24 hrs no matter if you are online or not. By typing *300# for the English menu, you can add another 24 hours session for 250 RSD.
  • Super Tourist SIM: 1,800 RSD including 10 GB data (up to 4G/LTE), 30 internatl. voice mins and 120 intra-net mins on mts valid for 30 days. By typing *300# for the English menu, you can add 3 GB at 600 RSD or 5 GB at 900 RSD, both add-ons for 7 days.

All allowances are valid for 30 days. Data outside of allowances is at 60 RSD/MB. SIM card stays active for 11 months without being topped up. Top-ups are made by regular mts-e top-ups, available in the country only. Both tourist lines can't be switched.

More infoEdit

  • APN: mtsinternet /or/ 3gnet
  • Username: mts
  • Password: 064
  • Website in Serbian:



Telenor, formerly called Mobtel Srbija, owned by the Norwegian operator is the 2nd provider in the country with a good coverage: 2G 3G 4G/LTE coverage map. 4G/LTE has started in the two largest cities Belgrade and Nis and has spread to 41 cities in 2016, it's available for prepaid as of 23.11.2016.

Availability Edit

While prepaid SIM cards are available online, you need a Serbian personal ID (JMBG) to place an order and you need to sign a contract. So better get it at one of the kiosks that sell newspapers and other things, as of May 2017 it could be purchased by cash without showing any ID. Or in their stores (store locator) by showing your passport.

  • 300 RSD for a voice and data SIM card with initial credit of unlimited Telenor network mins and 1000 MB data, all valid for 7 days. This will be active after purchase, you might need to call the voice computer though.
  • 100 domestic allnet mins after the first topup.

To activate some of the bonuses, type *111#.

Recharge vouchers are available in 200, 300, 500 and 1000 RSD. Recharge instructions can be found in the back of the voucher. Electronic charge validation period is 330 days plus 90 days additional charging period.

Online recharge can only be done with a Serbian and a few other credit cards online or with any credit card on 3rd party agencies like where extra fees apply. If you fail to top-up your account after 90 days the remaining unused credit will be deleted from it. If in the following 90 days you fail to top-up the account again, the number will be disconnected.

Data feature packsEdit

On all new prepaid packages unlimited Facebook is added for 6 months. Internet is not possible without a package. The smallest pack is called DAN INTERNET with 50 MB at 30 RSD at a max. speed of 21 Mbps. Activate by texting 'DA' to 3282.

These KLIK packages for data are offered, all valid for 30 days:

Package Data Price
KLIK S 200 MB 195 RSD
KLIK M 500 MB 295 RSD

To activate text name of the package to 9000 or through *111#. All packages will auto-renew. Speed is up to 21 Mbps. To discontinue, text KLIK STOP to 9000. To check data consumption, text KLIK STANJE to 9000 or use *131#.

For social media, monthly add-ons are offered for unlimited use of Twitter at 35 RSD, Whatsapp at 95 RSD, Facebook at 100 RSD and Deezer at 495 RSD. The first activation is free (except Deezer) by *111#.

Data-only SIM Edit

They sell their data-only SIM card as:

  • 545 RSD: data-only SIM card with 2 GB valid for 30 days.
  • 2,995 RSD: data-only SIM with a 3G modem and 4 GB valid for 30 days
  • 5,000 RSD: data-only SIM with a 3G mobile hotspot (Mifi) and 4 GB valid for 30 days

On the data-only SIM default rate is at a low 1 RSD per MB. Additionally these packages valid for 30 days can be added:

Data Price Activation
1 GB 395 RSD Internet 1
3 GB 595 RSD Internet 3
10 GB 995 RSD Internet 10

For activation, text code to 9000.

More infoEdit



VIP Mobile Serbia

Vip, owned by Telekom Austria, is the smallest provider in the country by customers. Nevertheless, it gives a good coverage: 2G 3G 4G coverage map. Effective November 2016 Vip opens its 4G/LTE network which is the most widespread in the country right now to prepaid users.

Availability Edit

Their SIM cards are available in their stores and outlets: store locator at 350 RSD for prepaid SIM card. It includes 4 GB valid for 7 days, 1000 Vip minutes and SMS for 7 days and 20 international bonus SMS. Activation of this offer is by *123#.

For 4G/LTE be sure to get one of their new 4G-enabled SIM cards. Existing prepaid users can exchange their SIM cards,free of charge for new 4G cards in all Vip mobile sales outlets. 

Your SIM card term of validity is 13 months, and every time you top-up your credit, it's extended for another 13 months.

Data feature packsEdit

For regular prepaid card default tariff is 60 RSD per MB. Alternatively, you can choose the prepaid internet SIM (see below) with no obligations and surf for 1 RSD per MB.

For the regular voice & data SIM cards these data add-ons are offered:

Volume Validity Price Activation
100 MB 1 day 39 RSD 3 to 123524
50 MB 7 days 50 RSD 1 to 123554
150 MB 140 RSD 2 to 123554
1 GB 200 RSD 4 to 123554
4 GB 300 RSD DA to 123605

For activation text number to the respective number. Packages don't renew. The number of activations of a package is not limited; the user can activate them as many times as they wish. An additional package can be reactivated even before the expiry of the currently active package. All unused content is then deleted. These packages can't be purchased by Vip internet users.

Data-only SIM Edit

Ironically, their Prepaid Internet SIMs have voice and SMS too at a higher price. They are sold as SIM card only or with a USB-dongle:

  • 300 RSD for prepaid internet SIM card including 500 MB of data valid for 30 days
  • 2590 RSD for USB modem with prepaid internet SIM card includes 5 GB valid for 30 days.

To this SIM card these top-ups valid for 30 days can be added, if you top-up 500 RSD or more:

  • 500 RSD top-up: 1 GB
  • 1000 RSD top-up: 2 GB
  • 1500 RSD top-up: 3 GB

Check remaining credit by texting '?' to 1230, data credit by typing *123# and choice 1. Max. speed is 3 Mbps on 3G network.

Prepaid data-only customers can add „Night surf“. This add-on enables surfing at half price per MB of transferred data. For the add-on price of 299 RSD you can surf at a price 0.5 RSD per MB for the next 30 days between the hours of midnight and 6am. Vip prepaid internet tariff addon „Night surf“ can be activated by sending „DA“ via SMS to 1225.

Tourist SIM Edit

For 990 RSD Vip sells their Visitor SIM card in their stores. It includes 5 GB data and unlimited Viber not debited for 14 days. The only way to upsize or extend is to get the same bundle again for 990 RSD. For this you need to text 'DA' to 1400. Data outside of bundle is charged at 1 RSD per MB. The Visitor SIM Card can only be used in 2G+3G networks. If you want to use the 4G network you can buy a regular prepaid card.

More infoEdit

Vectone Mobile Edit


Vectone Mobile by the international Mundio Mobile Group was one of the first two MVNOs that started in Serbia in 2016. It uses the 2G/3G network of Vip.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card is available for free, but needs to be topped up for use. You can get it online sent to a Serbian address or in a store showing their logo.

To top-up from 100 RSD, you can go to a kiosk or tobacco store with their logo. Enter *101* followed by the 10-digit PIN number found on the back of the voucher. Alternatively, you can top-up online using a credit card MasterCard or Visa with secure code. Some credit cards may be declined. Then use PayPal instead.

Credit is valid for 90 days only. SIM card will be terminated after 120 days without use. To check balance, type *102#.

Data feature packs Edit

Default data rate without a package is 1 RSD per MB. A minimum balance of 10 RSD is required in order to use data. There is only one daily package offer for data so far:

  • 100 MB per day: 1 RSD. To activate type *6101#, it will auto-renew, to stop *6006#, to check balance *6001#

Two combo bundles for 30 days also contain a small data share:

  • 50 dom. mins, 50 dom. SMS, 100 MB data: 600 RSD, activation: *6201#.
  • 100 dom. mins, 100 dom. SMS, 150 MB data: 1000 RSD, activation: *6202#

All packages will auto-renew. To stop combo bundles type *6005#, to check balance *6000#. Packages don't work for international roaming.

More info Edit

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