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Basics Edit

There are two mobile network operators in Qatar:

  • Ooredoo
  • Vodafone

Ooredoo has the better coverage and speed at higher prices than Vodafone. 2G/GSM is 900 and 1800 Mhz and 3G/UMTS on 2100 Mhz.

4G/LTE has started on 800, 1800 and 2600 Mhz in 2012 on Ooredoo and 2014 on Vodafone. Ooredoo covers all of the territory by the end of 2015 with LTE, Vodafone only in city centers. 4G/LTE is available on prepaid without surcharges.

You can purchase a SIM card in a store of the network providers. For registration you have to show a passport. Register at the point of purchase or your SIM card will be shut off.

Censorship Edit

Qatar 'filters' a.k.a. censors the internet what pornography, political criticism of Gulf countries, gay and lesbian content, sexual health resources, dating and escort services, and privacy and circumvention tools are concerned. Users complain that non-obscene or non-offensive websites are also blocked. So you may install a proxy or VPN before to circumvent. The filtering in Qatar is relatively transparent as a block page is shown instead. Internet at least in some international hotels is not subject to censorship.

Ooredoo (Hala)Edit

Ooredoo Logo

Ooredoo (formely Qtel) is the market leader in Qatar with more than 2/3 of all customers in the country. It has the best coverage and speed in the country: Coverage map

Its prepaid line is called Hala.

Availability Edit

Their stater set is sold for 35 QR in their outlets Ooredoo store locator. It includes 250 domestic minutes and 250 MB data valid for 7 days.

Top-ups are available in denominations of 10-500 QAR giving 30-360 days of validity. Thereafter your line will only be able to receive calls and SMS for 30 days. You can re-activate it by topping up within 120 days of expiring and get back all unused credit. Your line will be de-activated after 120 days and cannot be re-activated. The unused credit will be lost.

Check balance and validity by *129#.

Data feature packsEdit

Data outside of packs is 0.99 QR per MB. These data packs called Mobile Intenet packs are offered:

Validity Data Price Activation Extras
24 hours 150 MB QR 3 DD no charge, if no data is used
24 hours 1 GB QR 20 Flexi roll-over of unused data to the next day
7 days 1 GB QR 20 DW roll-over of unused data to the next week
7 days "unlimited" QR 125 UN 500 kbps after 35 GB of data is consumed

To activate text code to 121. All packs will automatically renew, if there is enough credit. They can be stopped with the SMS ‘STOP MIP” to 121.

Data recharges Edit

Furthermore, Ooredoo sells mobile internet top-up cards. You can load data directly on your plan by vouchers or online or by using their app:

  • 100 MB: QR 10
  • 250 MB: QR 20
  • 500 MB: QR 30
  • 1 GB: QR 60
  • 3 GB: QR 80
  • 6 GB: QR 100
  • 15 GB: QR 200

Data is valid for 30 days once activated and more than one recharge can be done during this 30 day period.

Roaming option Edit

For cheap roaming Ooredoo offers its Passport Card or Passport Pack: For QR 100 they include 100 mins incoming and outgoing and 1 GB data (2 GB in GCC countries) valid for 7 days. Just top up with a Passport pack and text 'OP' tot 121. Check balance by texting 'Balance OP' to 121.

More informationEdit



Vodafone is the clear no.2 in Qatar, but as long as you stay in centers, it's the cheaper alternative. 4G/LTE is available in Doha, Pearl and West Bay: Vodafone coverage map.

Availability Edit

Their welcome pack is sold at any Vodafone store (locator) for QR 25. It only contains local minutes and needs to be recharged for more. USB modems for use with mobile broadband are also available in any Vodafone store.

You can charge it at their stores or online with 20, 35, 100, 150, 350 or 500 QR giving 60-365 days of validty. Check your account balance and validity by *100#. A SIM card is valid for 120 days after the date of credit expiry. Thereafter your SIM will be suspended.

Data feature packsEdit

Default data rate outside of packs is 0.99 QR per MB.

Data package Price Validity Volume Activation
Data for 1 hour QR 3 1 hour 1 GB *200*1#
Daily Pack 1 QR 1 1 day 10 MB *200*302#
Daily Pack 5 QR 5 1 day 300 MB *200*500#
Weekly Pack 6 QR 6 7 days 75 MB *200*306#
Weekly Pack 10 QR 10 7 days 150 MB *200*710#
Weekly Pack 20 QR 20 7 days 1 GB *200*720#
Weekly Pack 125 QR 125 7 days unlimited *200*125#
Internet Pack 30 QR 30 15 days 500 MB online/store
Internet 60 QR 60 30 days 5 GB online/store
Internet 80 QR 80 30 days 7 GB online/store
Internet 100 QR 100 30 days 9 GB online/store
Internet 200 QR 200 42 days 20 GB online/store

When you have used all your data allowance, you 'll be charged on the standard rate of 0.99 QR/MB.

Vodafone Flex Edit

In summer 2017 Vodafone extended their Flex scheme to prepaid. Flex is a set of units which gives you the flexibility to consume to customize your plan for local & international calls, SMS and internet the way you want. To change to Flex dial *200*771#, to deactivate dial *100#.

It has a weekly base rate of Q 20 giving you 200 Flex units. Data by default is 125 Flex points per GB. To check your Flex balance dial *130#. These top-ups can be added for more data valid for 30 days:

  • top-up QR 60: 5 GB data + 60 Flex points
  • top-up QR 80: 7 GB data + 60 Flex points
  • top-up QR 100: 9 GB data + 150 Flex points
  • top-up QR 200: 20 GB data + 500 Flex points

Roaming option Edit

In 76 countries (list) you can use 1 GB data on roaming for a week at QR 100. In the GCC countries this is doubled to 2 GB. Activation is by code *200*100#.

More informationEdit

  • APN:
  • Website in English: Vodafone

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