While on the main page providers are listed in strict alphabetical order, on this page the different articles or countries are sorted according to their regional reference. We start with worldwide data offers first and then look at each of the five continents seperately.

This makes it easier to find all the right countries or articles, if you travel a region or cover more than one country on your journey. Some regions are divided in subregions in this survey to improve structure. If a country can't be allocated definitely to one particular region or it spreads over different continents, it will be considered in all possible regions.

1. The World Edit

MAP, INTRO worldwide data offers in all countries

Link to IDD prefixes and access codes.

While there are worldwide data offers and of course national, regional data plans are still rare. First offers for international data within a region without roaming surchages have appeared in North and Central America and Europe. As licensing and mobile markets remain organized on a national level, they come from national providers and that's why all following articles are based on national offers only.

2. The Americas Edit

2.1. North America Edit

2.2. Caribbean Islands Edit

2.3. Central America Edit

2.4. South America Edit

3. Europe Edit

In Europe no geographical subdivision was chosen, but an organizational. The member states of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) are going to harmonize their roaming policy in the upcoming years creating one common roaming area.

3.1. EU and EEA Countries Edit

3.2. Rest of Europe Edit

4. Africa Edit

5. Asia Edit

5.1. Middle East Edit

5.2. Rest of Asia Edit

6. Australia/Oceania Edit


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