Poland have 6 GSM-based network providers:

  • Orange (formerly IDEA)
  • Play (by P4)
  • Plus (by Polkomtel, with Aero2 and Sferia)
  • T-Mobile (formerly ERA)
  • Aero2 (with Plus and Sferia)
  • Sferia (with Aero2 and Plus)

The last operator Nordisk is on GSM-incompatible CDMA 420-MHz reaching 95% of the Polish population with up to 3.1 Mbps speed. This band is not compatible with usual CDMA-phones either and only works with devices specifically designed for CDMA 420.

Also, more and more MVNOs and subsidiaries of the operators are arriving on the scene competing with four major operators and reselling their networks. The first 4 operators have pretty similar market shares around 25%. Their price battles have led to one of the lowest rates for data in the EU for the consumer, but to congestion and slow speeds at times too.

Sferia sells own offer only online. Sferia's offer has been called Normadic (=mobile number with landline number).

Frequencies and coverage Edit

GSM up to EDGE is on 900 and 1800 MHz like all over Europe. 3G/UMTS covers all of the country on 900MHz up to HSPA+ and 2100 MHz up to DC-HSPA+ speed available in most of the country. 4G/LTE has been rolled out on 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz frequency and is generally free of charge for prepaid. In 2015 new spectrum on 800 and 2600 MHz was auctioned and in 2016 allocated to the 4 operators.

There is also a map of all base stations by all carriers in Poland together with the frequency they are transmitting at (change data source on UKE). If you know where you will be located, you can check this map and see which carriers have base stations closest to you. What coverage is concerned T-Mobile and Orange are best sharing 10-11,000 transmitters in the country, followed by Plus and Aero2 with 7,500 in 2017. Play is in 4th position with only 5,000 antennas, but compensates this lack by roaming agreements with the other 3 providers, that are only available on some tariffs.

Availability Edit

SIM cards can be bought at many places: shops, kiosk, newsagents, petrol stations, tobacconists or the stores of the network operators.

Managing your account online may require Polish language skills, as no English homepage is available. You can try Google Translate for navigating their websites. Nevertheless, the bonus system you have on a Polish SIM can be quite confusing to foreigners.

Currently you can get mini, micro and nano SIMs. Although a nano SIM may be harder to get (but can be cut). Prepaid still has about 50% of the total market in Poland and is called Na kartę. Tethering and VoIP are available without any additional cost on all operators.

Top-ups and validity Edit

All Polish operators decline credit or debits cards from out of the country for top-ups on their website. In Poland you should go to shops and kiosks instead that sell recharges all over starting at 5 PLN. This ban makes it hard to keep a SIM card alive from out of the country as most SIMs need to be topped up once a year not to be suspended. Credit validity varies between providers and often depends on the top-up amount.

Two local Polish top-up sites have proven to accept foreign credit cards without surcharges:

So there should be no need to go to 3rd party sites with high premiums.

Mandatory registration Edit

Up to 2016 you could buy a prepaid SIM card in Poland without registration at every street corner like chewing gum. This has changed since July 2016 because of a new anti-terrorism act. Registration is now taking place mostly in the stores and sales outlets of the providers. There, you are required to register by showing your national ID card or a foreign passport and adding the SIM card number. The operators are giving out high bonuses for registration. SIM cards for minors below 13 years of age now need the consent of a parent. Registration is swift and straightforward. It only takes a minute and about 10-30 minutes to activate your SIM card.

It's not possible anymore to buy a prepaid starter set without showing your ID. Take care, that some places like kiosks still sell them, but you can't register there. But without registration, you SIM card won't be activated. That's why it's recommended to go directly to an operator's store instead located in towns and shopping centers.

Furthermore, kiosks of the Ruch chain (locator) and many post offices sell and register SIM cards of all 4 providers and most MVNOs. For all operators maps of registration points are linked. More than 50 million prepaid SIMs in Poland are registered in Poland in 2016/7 and the first blocking could take place as early as 2017. For legal reasons, better stay away from Polish SIM cards sold on the internet on someone else's name.

EU roaming: No roam like at home? Edit

EU flag
Poland is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced based on the 'roam like at home' principle. For specifics about the new regulation check European Union chapter and every provider below.

Note, that because of very low domestic rates Polish operators need to give out only a very small margin of their plan at domestic rates and keep on charging EU roaming with 0.02-0.21 PLN per MB for the rest. It's up to you, if you may still call this policy 'roam like at home'.

Most Polish providers restrict their domestic package allowance for EU roaming according to FUP rules. So per 20 PLN retail price of the package a max. of roughly 1 GB can be used at domestic rates. The rest of the domestic allowance and all top-up bonuses can't be used outside of Poland. If you need more or use the standard rate for roaming, a surcharge of 0.02-0.21 PLN per MB is applied. Specific rules and allowances differ. So check every provider for details below. Generally, in spite of very low domestic prices, Polish EU roaming rates are not cheaper than in neighbouring countries and it doesn't make sense to import a Polish SIM card for roaming anywhere else.

Orange PolskaEdit

2G and 3G, 4G/LTE (800, 1800, 2600 MHz): Orange Coverage Map good coverage in Poland. LTE is open for prepaid and covers already 99.06% of population in 2016 and speeds up to 225 Mbps. Orange is still the market leader in the country with the best coverage and speeds.


As your SIM card needs to be registered to be activated, buy the SIM in an official store or outlet. If you have bought it at other places, check this manual in English how and where to register.

As a promotion Orange offer credits of PLN 100 to every customer who buys a starter, and then registers and activates it by the end of 2017. The credit can be used for national calls to fixed and mobile, within 30 days.

The best way is to buy a Orange Free na kartę starter. This starter pack is sold at 5 PLN with 1 GB included and at 20 PLN with 5 GB included plus the starter price as credit.

If it's not available you can buy any Orange prepaid starter like Yes or Smart plans for 5 or 10 PLN. It contains 1 GB for 10 days plus the start-up credit. Buy it in an Orange store or at a place where they can register it on your name. Many stores nationwide can do the registration for Orange.

Later change the plan to Orange Free na Kartę by sending SMS "FREE" to 3033 (for 0.15-0.20 PLN) or by sending code *101*40# (for free) to get the extra bonus for top-up. You can also transfer an nju SIM to Orange by texting their PUK no. to 80512.

Check your balance with *124*#. By texting "START" to free number 8002, package validity will expand to 1 year for 3 PLN.

Recharges Edit

Top-up vouchers are widely available in supermarkets, newsstands, petrol stations, grocery stores. For top-up type: *125*<top-up code>#

Users of Orange Free na Kartę plans only get free data packages for each top-up which is the highest bonus in the country right now:

Top-up Data Bonus Validity
5 PLN 2.5 GB 2 days
10 PLN 5 GB 5 days
25 or 30 PLN 15 GB 31 days
50 PLN 25 GB 93 days
100 PLN 50 GB 155 days
200 PLN 100 GB 155 days

You can check remaining data from bonus packages using *101*01# code or check bonus volume by sending a SMS with "ILE" to 411 (for 0.20 PLN). Bonuses can't be used for roaming.

Also, you can buy so-called elastic internet packages (Elastyczny Pakiet Internetowy):

Price Data EU Cap Validity Activation
3 PLN 3 GB 200 MB 3 days AKT3
5 PLN 5 GB 330 MB 5 days AKT5
7 PLN 7 GB 460 MB 7 days AKT7
10 PLN 10 GB 650 MB 10 days AKT10
30 PLN 30 GB 1.94 GB 30 days AKT30
50 PLN 50 GB 3.22 GB 50 days AKT50
100 PLN 100 GB 6.44 GB 100 days AKT100

For activation text code to 360, to check balance text 'ILE' to 360. You can still use money from top-up for making calls, texting, transferring additional data (at 0.01 PLN for 100 kB) or buying additional packages (see below).

Data feature packs Edit

Default rate on Free is 0.10 PLN per MB. Users of all Orange prepaid plans (incl. Orange Free na Kartę plan) can buy following data packages:

Data EU Cap Validity Cost Activation Check Balance
200 MB 130 MB 24 hours 2 PLN NET2 ILE2
500 MB 330 MB 30 days 5 PLN NET5 ILE500
2 GB 780 MB 30 days 12 PLN NET12 ILE
2 GB (§) 970 MB 30 days 15 PLN PAKIET15 ILE15
5 GB (§) 1.61 GB 30 days 25 PLN PAKIET25 ILE25

For activation text code to 260, for data balance check text code to 260. ($) packages include unlimited SMS.

When data from packages 200 MB and 500 MB is used up, overuse is paid at standard rates (from 0.10 PLN/MB to 5 PLN/MB, depends on plan). When data from packages 2 GB and 5 GB is used up, you can still have connection for free, to the end of validity of package, but with 64 kbps download speed.

VoLTE and VoWIFI Edit

In Orange you can use VoLTE and VoWIFI without any suarches only in Poland. To use VoLTE you must have compatibility smartphones (iOS: from iPhone 6; Android: Samsung phones, but you must install branding software). To use VoWIFI you can use free app available on Google Play.

EU roaming Edit

Orange gives out a small share of their packages for EU roaming according to new list for 2018 at 8.1 at the domestic rate (see EU caps in tables above). All use beyond is charged at 0.03 PLN surcharge per MB if you have a pack, or at 0.10 PLN/MB if not.

More infoEdit

  • APN: internet



Play, owned by P4, used to be the smallest of the 4 network operators in Poland. But by their aggressive pricing, it moved to 2nd position in 2017.

By the end of 2013 it had covered 80% of the population with 3G/UMTS on 900 and 2100 MHz which it misleadingly still calls "4G". Real LTE is called according to Play "4G LTE " and it's operating on 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz (Maximal speed: 70 Mb/s for download, 20 Mb/s for Upload). Play Coverage Map (go to Internet. There it shows "4G/LTE" which is UMTS and LTE combined! The bright purple area is 3G/HSPA+, only the dark purple 4G/LTE.). "4G LTE Ultra" is an area that on LTE Advanced is available (maximal speed: 262 Mb/s). Their own coverage remains 8-20% lower than the other providers.

Play has only around 5,000 of its own antennas in the country, far less then the other 3 major operators. Play customers using most tariffs are allowed ro roam for free on other Polish networks in places without own coverage. In 2018 there is 2G and 3G roaming on T-Mobile and Plus, and 4G/LTE on Orange only. Roaming speed stays always limited to 3 Mbit/s for downloads and 1 Mbit/s for uploads. Be aware that the cheap Internet na Kartę tariff remains excluded from all domestic roaming and stays on Play's more limited own network only.

Play has one of the most confusing SIM card portfolios in Europe. They have different tariff lines with different add-ons and default rates. Generally, all tariff lines can be switched, but not to/from the cheapest rate called Play Internet na Kartę. Their English website contains an out-of-date English description of some prepaid plans as well as instructions for choosing a plan, but lacks essential infos about the Internet na kartę offer or how to terminate a package, which is only available in Polish (description in Polish can also be very confusing).

Availability Edit

Their SIM card can be bought at kiosks, petrol stations and other points of sale: Play Store Locator. If you want to be sure, that your SIM is registered at the point of sale, go to a branded Play store and show your ID. Registration takes place at all Play stores, Ruch kiosks and postal offices (see map).

Recharge vouchers are available at service stations, supermarkets, and many other places starting 5 PLN up to 150 PLN. To check balance, type *101#.

You can download the Play24 app for iOS and Android to manage your account and check balances.

Play na Kartę Edit

Play na Kartę is their standard prepaid product line sold for 5 PLN in a starter pack. You can change from any tariff to this line by typing *163*6#. Card is valid for 10 days. Default data is high PLN 1.20 / MB.

Top-ups are from 5 PLN valid for 5 days to 100 PLN valid for 150 days. They don't include bonus data. You need to add a data package (see below).

Play na Kartę Rok Ważności Konta Edit

Play na Kartę is this tarrif, which you can get one year credit valid from 5 PLN top-up. You can change from any tariff to this line by typing *163*2#. Default data is high PLN 1.20 / MB. You need to add a data package (see below).

Play na Kartę Lubię to! Edit

This different product line can be used with same starter. This tariff must be activated/changed by *163*7# and card is active for 10 days with 250 MB high-speed data for the start. Default internet is free, unlimited, but capped at slow 32 kbps. To prolong, you have to recharge which gives you included bonus for data. For every top up:

  • of up to 9 PLN, you get 50 MB bonus and 5 days validity
  • of up to 24 PLN, you get 200 MB bonus and 10 days validity
  • of up to 49 PLN, you get 500 MB bonus and 30 days validity
  • of up to 99 PLN, you get 1.5 GB bonus and 100 days validity
  • of 100 PLN or more, you get 3.5 GB bonus and 150 days vaildity

Bonuses can't be used for roaming. For more high-speed data you need to add a package (see below).

FORMUŁA Play na Kartę Edit

This tarrif can be activated/changed by *163*10#. You can buy these packages:

  • FORMUŁA SMS - unlimited SMS, 100 MB - 9 PLN - activation: *111*401*1#.
  • FORMUŁA 3 w 1 - unlimited SMS, unlimited calls to Play, 1 GB (in EU: 880 MB) - 14 PLN (first 7 days free) - activation: *111*400*1# 
  • FORMUŁA 4 w 1 - unlimited SMS, unlimited calls to Play, 2 GB (in EU: 1.32 GB) - 21 PLN - activation: *111*403*1#
  • FORMUŁA UNLIMITED - unlimited calls, SMS, 6 GB - (9 PLN for 7 days, 25 PLN for 30 days) - activation: *111*407*1# for 30 days, *111*406*1# for 7 days. The EU caps are 570 MB for the weekly pack, 1.57 GB for the monthly pack. 

To deactivation, replace *1# to *2#.

If you used-up data, it starts Safe Internet. To 50 MB cost 5 PLN with full speed, if overuse - data is free, but speed is throthed to 8 kbps. To restore full speed, buy data feature pack.

Data feature packages Edit

These monthly data packs work with Play na Kartę and Play na Kartę Lubię to!:

  • 600 MB (EU roaming: 310 MB): 5 PLN - activation: *111*541*1#
  • 2 GB (EU roaming: 570 MB): 9 PLN - activation: *111*542*1#
  • 6 GB (EU roaming: 1.26 GB) : 20 PLN - activation: *111*543*1#

All packages auto-renew and give you bonus after renewal (extra 100 MB for 600 MB; extra 1 GB for 2 GB and 6 GB) . To stop, type code and replace 1 by 2 at last digit. To check consumption of the data package, type activation ending with *3.

Play OdNOWA Edit

This plan caused a revolution in the Polish market when it was introduced in spring 2017. Starter is sold at 5 PLN without allowances. All top-ups stay valid indefinitely as long as one recharge is done per year. You can change to this plan by *163*20#.

Here is the sensation: All packages will also stay valid "forever" until they are used up. You can add bundles for voice and these two data packages:

  • 1 GB (EU roaming: 0.31 GB) valid forever: 5 PLN - activation: *111*842*1#
  • 6 GB (EU roaming: 1.51 GB) valid forever: 25 PLN - activation: *111*843*1#

Check balances by *180#. Packages are more expensive than on other plans, but never expire. Overage fee is low 0.02 PLN per MB. There is a fee of 2 PLN charged in months without any consumption.

Internet na Kartę Edit

Remember that users of Internet na Kartę have access to Play's own network only - unlike to the other tariffs, there is no domestic roaming available on this plan (see above). Their product line Internet na Kartę has the cheapest domestic data at slightly higher voice and text rates. Default data rate stays at very low 0.02 PLN per MB. This prepaid plan can't be changed to other plans.

It comes in different starter packs with an allowance for the start with only-SIM or with dongle:

  • for free: Wypróbuj 4G LTE Ultra with 500 MB for 3 days
  • 5 PLN: Starter 2 GB with 2 GB included valid for 7 days
  • 9 PLN: Starter 5 GB with 5 GB included valid for 7 days
  • 19 PLN: Starter "Bez Limitu na tydzień" with Unlimited internet for a week (FUP = 30 GB, in EU: 0,88 GB) included valid for 7 days
  • 50 PLN: Starter "25 GB" with 3 GB included for 1 month + 11 times 2 GB per month (in EU: 0,26 GB per month)
  • 89 PLN: Starter 30 GB + Huawei E3131 3G dongle
  • 159 PLN: Starter 30 GB + Huawei E3372h 4G dongle
  • 199 PLN: Starter 3 GB + Alcatel Link Zone 4G WiFi

Default data rate is a very low 0.01 PLN per MB. To add more data, you need to top-up these amounts which translates into data:

Recharge Data by online


5-9 PLN 500 MB 600 MB 5 days
10-19 PLN 3 GB 3.6 GB 7 days
20-29 PLN 7 GB 8.4 GB 14 days
30-49 PLN 12 GB 14.4 GB 30 days
50-74 PLN 20 GB 24 GB 60 days
75-99 PLN 35 GB 42 GB 90 days
100 PLN 60 GB 72 GB 120 days

A 20% bonus to top up volume is given if you top-up online using

Additionally so-called "unlimited internet packages" can be booked on Play Internet na Kartę tariff line only:

  • "unlimited" internet for a day (= 24 hours) FUP = 10 GB (in EU: 0.31 GB): PLN 5, activation: *111*791*1#
  • "unlimited" internet for a week (= 7 days) FUP = 30 GB (in EU: 1.26 GB): PLN 20, activation: *111*789*1#
  • "unlimited" internet for a month (= 30 days) FUP = 100 GB (in EU: 3.08 GB): PLN 49, activation: *111*783*1#

All these "unlimited" add-ons auto-renew and must be stopped by replacing 1 by 2 as last digit in the code. "Unlimited" is limited by a FUP that throttles, if you exceed data to 1 Mbps. If your speed will be throtted, you can buy NON STOP 5 GB package to restore full speed. Activation: *111*796*1# (5 PLN/5 GB).


Play starts with new promotions, which you can get up to 18 GB (9 GB) for 3 months. To get 18 GB (6 GB per month), use Play24 application, and activate "Internet w prezencie" (=Internet as a gift). To get 9 GB (3 GB per month), dial: *111*870*1#. Only one package can be activated. Promotion is valid up to 16 May 2018. In this promotion, you can get also access to Tidal and Showmax. More information is available on this website (use Google Translator). Promotion is available for all prepaid customers (with RedBull Mobile).

EU roaming Edit

Play includes some roaming at domestic rates according to the price of the plan. For each 10 PLN retail price of the package about 630 MB are given out in the EU without surcharges according to this new list for 2018 Play charges extra fees for EU roaming beyond these included allowances. In all plans 0.03072 PLN per MB are applied. If you use EU cap, you can buy dedicated package:

  • 500 MB for EU/EEA countries - 15 PLN, activation: *111*613*1#, valid 14 days

In 2018 Play has received consent from the regulator UKE to apply further surcharges on EU roaming, Play, from 1st March, may apply 0,012327 PLN per MB data from the start and planned to limit EU cap to 1 GB for all (now this limitation is in postpaid plans only for new contracts).

More info Edit

  • APN: internet
  • VoWIFI is supported depending on compatibility of devices (iOS from iPhone 5C, Android only with branded OS) to activate: text START to 282 (for free).
  • Website in Polish:
  • or basic info in English:

Plus (by Polkomtel)Edit

Logo plus
Plus (formerly Plus GSM) is the brand name of Poland's mobile phone network operator Polkomtel. The company is entirely owned by Spartan Capital Holdings sp. z o.o. Plus uses LTE base stations from Aero2 and Sferia, because own Plus LTE coverage have been limited (mostly up to 3G/UMTS):
Operator Frequences (for 4G/LTE):
Plus 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz
Aero2 900, 1800, 2600 MHz 
Sferia 800 MHz

To sum up, Plus has a very good coverage throughout the country on 2G and 3G while their 4G/LTE network already covers 99% right now: Plus Coverage Map. 4G/LTE (called LTE PLUS) is available on prepaid cards with speeds up to 150 Mbps. LTE-Advanced (called LTE PLUS ADVANCED) is available for 40% of Polish population, is generally open for prepaid with speed up to 300 Mbps. Plus is local Vodafone partner.

Availablity Edit

To register you need to go to a store of the operator (locator) and show your ID or ask at a kiosk before buying, if they are able to register it on a foreign passport. Starters are sold from 5 PLN with different bonuses and credits (see below).

Plus offers additional registration at 1,300 Plus or Cyfrowy Polsat outlets, 270 Neonet shops, 1,800 Ruch kiosks, 4,600 post offices and many other points shown on this map.

Top-ups are available at Plus stores, service stations, kiosks, grocery stores or online using credit cards. To top-up by vouchers, type *123*<voucher PIN>#. To check balance and validity, type *100#.

Voice and data SIM card Edit

They sell their Bez limitu (= unlimited) tariff lines for voice and data with different starter packs. For voice and data you should look for the green Bez limitu do wszystkich sieci komórkowych (= unlimited to all networks). The starter pack is for 5 PLN.

Main packages:

  • Unlimted calls, 2 GB (EU cap: 1.7 GB) - 25 PLN -  activation: *136*11*20#
  • Unlimited calls, SMS/MMS, 12 GB (EU cap: 2 GB), free Facebook - 29 PLN - activation: *136*11*23#

These options can be added:

  • unlimited domestic calls and SMS: for free; activation: *136*11*11#
  • one year validity for free: activation: *136*11*18#. After one year you'll need to top-up min. 5 PLN.
  • unlimited Facebook for 30 days: 5 PLN, activation: *136*11*01#, deactivation: *136*00*01#
  • 1 GB for 30 days: 10 PLN - activation: *136*11*15#, deactivation: *136*00*15#
  • 2 GB for 30 days: 13 PLN - activation: *136*11*16#, deactivation: *136*00*16#

Packages can also be activated and deactivated on your personal account (in Polish). Check data balance by *136#. Overuse is at default rate of 0.19 PLN per MB.

Data-only SIM card Edit

Their data SIM for tablets and routers is the all green Ja Internet na kartę. The new starter packs are available in two sizes with Spiderman on front:

  • for 5 PLN: with 2 GB for 7 days and free YouTube for 7 days, if you top-up 30 PLN
  • for 15 PLN: with 5 GB for 14 days and 30 GB for a year, if you top-up 30 PLN

If 4G/LTE with speeds of up to 150 Mbps doesn't work, type *101*11*23# to enable for free. 

Data feature packs Edit

You can add either these top-up packages, where every top-up translates into data:

Top-up Data (Bonus Data) Validity
5 PLN 100 MB (150 MB) 2 days
10 PLN 1 GB (1.5 GB) 7 days
20 PLN 6 GB (9 GB) 14 days
30 PLN 10 GB (15 GB) 30 days
50 PLN 20 GB (30 GB) 60 days
100 PLN 50 GB (75 GB) 120 days

The 50% extra bonus is given out for staying with the operator after 3 months or more by entering 

  • 136*11*02#.

If you top-up 100 PLN or 150 PLN, you'll get extra credit

  • 100 PLN, extra 15 PLN
  • 150 PLN, extra 30 PLN + 1 year credit valid

To purchase a package, log on at with you 9-digit phone number and the last (!) four digits of your PUK or use USSD code *123# on your phone. Check data balance by code *121#. Overuse is charged at a very low 0.01 PLN per 300 KB.

Alternatively, you can add these packages taken from your main balance:

Price Data  EU cap Validity Activation Deactivation
5 PLN 5 GB (*) 0,3 GB 5 days *121*11*05# no auto-renew
25 PLN 25 GB 1,7 GB 25 days *121*11*25# *121*00*25#
30 PLN 60 GB 2 GB 30 days *121*11*30# *121*00*30#
50 PLN 50 GB 3,4 GB 50 days *121*11*50# *121*00*50#
100 PLN 100 GB 6,7 GB 100 days *121*11*00# *121*00*00#

(*) All packages auto-renew, except of the 5 GB.

By code *121*11*03# their "night offer" can be activated. It gives you 200 GB high speed traffic in 30 days only in the night hours from 1am-8am local time for 10 PLN. To stop auto-renewal, type *121*00*03#.

Duet promotion Edit

In September 2017 Plus has started a new promotion for duets (= two SIM cards). In this promotion, the cost of a 12 GB package is reduced to 25 PLN per SIM (for data-only SIM card the cost of a 60 GB package is reduced to 25 PLN). You can create a duet with a voice&data or a data-only SIM by texting the phone number of the second SIM from your first line to 80012. The second line will get a SMS which needs to be confirmed by replying the word 'TAK'. One of these numbers must have stayed for at least 15 days with Plus before.   

EU roaming surcharge Edit

Plus in Poland applies a surcharge of 0.03 PLN per MB according to this list for EU roaming if you have a domestic package and 0.09 PLN/MB if not.

Additionally, they started a ongoing promotion called Promocja europejska dla Abonentów Prepaid in which they grant a certain share of the included data volume of packages to be used without surcharges at domestic rates under FUP rules. About 1 GB are given out per 15 PLN retail price of the domestic package. You can check your exact FUP allowance by typing *121#. For 2018 they have lowered the rates. So this promotion seems to be ongoing, even if they have a permission of the regulator to opt out.

You can still buy these roaming packages to EU/EEA, Switzerland and USA (on both T-Mobile US and AT&T):

Data Price Validity Activation Deactivation
100 MB 9 PLN 7 days *121*11*86# *121*00*86#
400 MB 19 PLN 14 days *121*11*87# *121*00*87#
1 GB 39 PLN 30 days *121*11*88# *121*00*88#

Even roaming packages auto-renew. Better disable them by code.

More info Edit

  • APN: internet (for 3G/2G only)
  • APN: plus (for LTE/3G/2G)
  • Website in Polish only:

T-Mobile PolskaEdit



T-Mobile in Poland has a best coverage in Poland on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE: coverage map (for LTE scroll). 4G/LTE is open for prepaid and covers 99.7% of population in 2017 already. On the majority of 4G base stations LTE Advanced is available to compatible devices at no extra cost. LTE-A in a T-Mobile can offer up to 354Mbit/s of download speed.

Before 2011 it used to be a second operator in Poland, but after rebranding to "" (from "Era") and during period with disappointing offers compared to other operators, it started losing customers. Currently it has least market share.

It has the best coverage and quality of network in Poland. T-Mobile has a union with Orange Polska to improve infrastructure called NetWorks! - T-Mobile and Orange are building cellular network together that subscribers can use both networks base stations (that is not equal to domestic roaming, but basically T-Mobile and Orange subscribers are using the same antennas).

Due to smallest subscribers base network is least likely to be overloaded during mass events.

Availability Edit

They sell two prepaid starter packs for 5 PLN in their stores (locator):

  • T-Mobile na kartę: their voice & data SIM for 5 PLN
  • Internet na kartę: their data-only SIM for 5 PLN with 1 GB valid for 5 days preloaded

For registration of SIM cards that are bought at other places, scroll down this page for a map.

Top-ups are available at the usual places. To top-up by voucher, type *111*<voucher code>#, to check balance *101#.

Voice and data SIM - T-Mobile na kartęEdit

In 2017 they offer two different "unlimited" plans, either by day or by month. In new offers speeds is limited to 15 Mbit/s:

  • "unlimited" per day: 1 PLN including all domestic calls, SMS and 300 MB (60 MB in EU) data per calendar day until midnight. Rate is not charged if there are no calls, SMS or less than 5 MB data use. To activate, type *140*296#. For more data until midnight you can add:
    • 300 MB (max. 30 MB in EU): 0.50 PLN, activation: *140*296*3#
    • 1 GB (max. 60 MB in EU): 1 PLN, activation: *140*296*4#
  • "unlimited" per month: 25 PLN including all domestic calls, SMS and 10 GB (max. 1.26 GB in EU) data per month. To activate, type *140*265#. For more data within the billing month you can add:
    • 1 GB (max. 320 MB in EU): 5 PLN, activation: *140*265*3#
    • 3 GB (max. 580 MB in EU): 9 PLN, activation: *140*265*4#
    • 5 GB: (max. 770 MB in EU) 12 PLN, activation: *140*265*5#

To check status, enter activation code and replace # by *1#. All packages auto-renew. To stop, enter activation code and replace # by *2#.

Data SIM - Internet na kartę Edit

This data-only SIM is intended for modems and tables. It includes the "Strong LTE" option. Every 5 days 1 GB (capped at 320 MB in EU) is given out for 5 PLN. This can't be stopped, but you can change to other data billing cycles:

Value Data EU Data Validity Activation
10 PLN 1 GB 640 MB 30 days *140*702#
15 PLN 2 GB 970 MB 30 days *140*703#
10 PLN 3 GB 640 MB 10 days *140*704#
20 PLN 3 GB 1.29 GB 30 days *140*705#
30 PLN 5 GB 1.93 GB 60 days *140*706#
50 PLN 12 GB 3.22 GB 60 days *140*707#
100 PLN 25 GB 6.44 GB 120 days *140*708#

When data allowance is used up, speed will be throttled to 16 Kbps. Packs will renew automatically if there is credit. You can renew ahead of time by sending an SMS with text NIE to 80333.

EU roaming Edit

Standard EU roaming is charged at 0.09 PLN per MB according this site . Regular packages can be used for roaming up to the given reduced limit (see above). Otherwise the default roaming rate is charged and T-Mobile sells "Travel & Surf" roaming packs as add-ons to all prepaid plans, that include the non-EU countries of Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia as well as all of EU/EEA:

  • 50 MB for 24 hours: 2 PLN - activation: text UE50
  • 200 MB for 72 hours: 8 PLN - activation: text UE200
  • 500 MB for 7 days: 19 PLN - activation: UE500
  • 1 GB for 7 days: 34 PLN - activation: UE1

For activation text code to 80717.

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a2 mobile (by Aero2) Edit


a2mobile is the prepaid offer of aero2 aimed at young people. aero2 is part of Cyfrowy Polsat medial-telecomunications group (with Plus and Sferia) and the 5th mobile operator in Poland. Most of their offers are sold only online.

aero2 covers 99% of the population by 4G that is open for prepaid with speeds up to 300 Mbps: 2G/3G/4G coverage map. If no aero2 coverage is available, there is free roaming on Plus 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks. 

Availability Edit


The SIM starter packs is available online and at Żabka and FreshMarket stores. The SIM can be registered at these points too. They sell a starter pack for 10 PLN valid for 1 year with preloaded 10 PLN.

To top-up you can use any Plus and a2mobile voucher. To top-up with an a2mobile voucher, enter *111*<voucher code>#, to top-up with a Plus voucher, enter *123*<voucher code>#. All top-ups are valid for one year. To check balance, call *111#.

Data feature packagesEdit

Default rate is 0.04 PLN per MB. You can buy "unlimited" packages valid for 31 days:

Package Price Activation EU Cap
"Unlimited" internet 9.90 PLN *222*7# 653 MB
"Unlimited" calls and intenet 15.90 PLN *222*4# 1.05 GB
"Unlimited" SMS, MMS and internet 15.90 PLN *222*3# 1.05 GB
"Unlimited" calls, SMS, MMS and internet 19.90 PLN *222*1# 1.31 GB

Their "Pakiet społecznościowy" (social media package) included. You can use unlimited Messenger, Facebook and Frifon. If you won't buy packages above - to activate social media package call *222*8# for 5 PLN (EU cap: 330 MB).

In "unlimited" internet plans, speed will be throttled depending on how much data you have used. To check status limitations, call *200#. The throttle works like this: up to 5 GB at maximal speed, 5-10 GB at max. 3 Mbps, 10-15 GB at max. 1 Mbps, over 15 GB at max. 512 kbps. You can reset internet usage for 5 PLN by *200*1#.

By *119*1# you can change to their unlimited offers, by *119*0# you can go back to their regular plans valid for 31 days:

  • Zacny: 300 MB (in Poland & EU), 50 SMS, 50 mins, unlimited on-net SMS and mins: 8 PLN, activation: *222*3#
  • Obfity: 5 GB (EU cap: 1.25 GB), 100 SMS, 100 mins, unlimited on-net SMS and mins: 19 PLN, activation: *222*2#
  • Suty: 10 GB (EU cap: 1.65 GB), unlimited calls and SMS, 100 mins to landlines: 25 PLN, activation: *222*1#

If you used up package of internet, you can buy 5 GB cost 15 PLN (EU cap: 989 MB). Activation: *444*2#.

EU roamingEdit

a2mobile gives out a small share of their packages for EU roaming according to this list at the domestic rate. All use beyond is charged at 0.03 PLN per MB in packages, if no package is activated at 0.04 PLN/MB.

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Red Bull Mobile Edit

RedBull mobile

Red Bull Mobile is a joint venture between P4/Play and Red Bull energy drink. It's not a MVNO as it belongs to Play and sold at their stores as a different brand aimed at the urban youth. It uses the network of Play in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE (included 4G LTE Ultra): Play Coverage Map

Availabilty Edit

The SIM starter pack is sold at Play stores (Play Store Locator). The SIM needs to be registered before it's activated. They offer free SIMs in promotions, but there are generally two starter packs for 5 PLN:

  • Siema na kartę
  • Siema na kartę PL

To recharge you can use the same recharge methods as for PLAY. To check your balance dial *111#. To activate the number you need to do one call (or misscall). Also the Play24 app can be used by Red Bull Mobile users. 

Basic offer (Siema na kartę)Edit

To migrate to this tarrif, call *163*99#. After first top-up, you can buy elastic plan (all includes unlimited calls, SMS & MMS): 

Cost: Basic data: Valid: Activation:
5 PLN 1 GB + bonus 5 days *111*960*1#
10 PLN 2 GB + bonus 10 days *111*961*1#
15 PLN 4 GB + bonus 15 days *111*962*1#
30 PLN 10 GB + bonus 30 days *111*964*1#

For this plan, includes bonus data: 

Top-up: Bonus: Valid:
5-9 PLN 100 MB 5 days
10-24 PLN 1 GB 10 days
25-49 PLN 10 GB 30 days
50-99 PLN 20 GB 100 days
100-299 PLN 40 GB 150 days

Siema na kartę PL Edit

To switch to this tarrif, call *163*66#. You can buy these packages (all valid 30 days):

  • unlimited calls, SMS, MMS, 1 GB data - 19 PLN. Activation: *111*968*1#
  • 25 GB package cost 20 PLN. Activation : *111*969*1#.
  • 50 GB package cost 30 PLN. Activation:  *111*970*1#.

Take care, this tarrif doesn't work on EU roaming, and data transmission & MMS is possible only on Play's own network. Calls & SMS works on national roaming.

EU roaming surcharge Edit

Red Bull includes some roaming at domestic rates according to the price of the plan to its plans (except Siema na kartę PL). For 10 PLN retail price about 630 MB are included according to this new list for 2018 Play charges extra fees for EU roaming beyond the included allowances of 0.03 PLN per MB (after 1st March - 0,0123 PLN/MB), and you can buy 500 MB package for EU/EEA roaming.

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Plush Edit


Plush is the second brand of Plus in Poland aimed at young people. It's not a MVNO, but an Plus subsidiary. Like nju on Orange, they often have better promotions than the original Plus brand.

Availability Edit

Starter packs in mini and micro sizes are available in all Plus stores and further outlets. There are starters for 5 PLN, each with the same credit preloaded valid for 30 days. Also you can use Plus Online aplication for managing your account in Plush.

Top-ups are available at Plus stores, service stations, kiosks, grocery stores or [ online using credit cards. To top-up by Plus vouchers, type *123*<voucher PIN>#. To check balance and validity, type *100#. If 4G/LTE speeds up to 300 Mbps doesn't work, enter *101*11*24#.

They sell two prepaid starter packs for 5 PLN in their stores (locator):

  • Chcę gadać pisać mieć dużo netu = voice & data SIM
  • Chcę mieć bardzo dużo netu =  data-only SIM

Voice & data SIM Edit

Default data is 0.19 PLN per MB. They offer three different plans, all valid for 30 days:

Price Data Eu cap Included for free Activation
10 PLN 1 GB 0,7 GB unlimited SMS/MMS, Facebook *136*11*02#
20 PLN 3 GB 1,3 GB unlimited calls, Facebook *136*11*04#
25 PLN 10 GB 1,7 GB unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram *136*11*07#

If you have used up your data package, your internet speed will be throtted to 32 kbps. These add-ons are offered:

  • Pakiet YouTube: first 30 days free, thereafter 5 PLN for 30 days, 2.5 GB for YouTube, optimized for 480p resolution, activation: *121*11*01#.
  • Rok Ważności konta: one year credit validity, activation: *136*11*10# and top-up at least 5 PLN
  • 5 GB for 30 days: 5 PLN - activation: Send SMS PAKIET to 80025.

Data-only SIM Edit

This data-only SIM is directed to data users, but you can call and text too. To change to this plan, enter *136*11*01#. Default rate is 0.19 PLN per MB. These packages are valid for 30 days:

Price Data Included for free
5 PLN 100 MB Facebook
10 PLN 1 GB Facebook
20 PLN 3 GB Facebook
30 PLN 10 GB Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram
50 PLN 20 GB Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram
100 PLN 50 GB Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram

If you've used up your data package, your internet speed will be throtted to 32 kbps. The same two add-ons for YouTube and validity (see above) can be added.

EU roaming Edit

Plush applies the same surcharges to EU roaming of 0.09 PLN per MB like Plus and gives out only a small allowance of their data packages based on a rate of 1 GB per 15 PLN retail price. The same roaming packages mentioned above at Plus can be added.

More informationEdit

nju mobileEdit

Nju mobile

Nju mobile is the second brand of Orange in Poland and like Plush by Plus aimed at young people. It's not a MVNO, but an Orange subsidiary. They often have better promotions than the original Orange brand.

Availability Edit

Starter packs in mini and micro sizes are available in all Orange stores and further outlets. There are starters for 4, 5 or 20 PLN, each with the same credit preloaded valid for 30 days. Do the registration there (registration points).

Starters are from 4-20 PLN giving different amounts of bonuses depending on promotion. You will normally end up with some GB and some more PLN even on the smaller starter packs. You can also transfer an Orange SIM to nju by texting their PUK no. to 80511.

You can top-up nju mobile with regular Orange vouchers but you have to type *128*<top-up code># (on vouchers are only informations for regular Orange top-uping rules).

Nju is one of the few brands whose topped up credit stays valid forever. You are only supposed to make one recharge per half year to keep your SIM plan alive. Check balance by calling *127*1#.

Voice and data SIM Edit

Default rate without a daily or weekly plar or a data pack is 0.19 PLN per MB. Nju has daily and monthly combo plans with calls, texts and data:

  • daily plans (based on one calendar day): wszystko komórkowe: 250 MB per day (80 MB in the EU) and unlimited SMS capped at 1.20 PLN. Activation: *127*67# for 6 PLN. For more data you can add the promotional package.
  • monthly plans for 30 days:
    • Rozmowy za nie więcej niż 19 zł: unlimited calls only. Extra data additional payed 19 PLN - includes 3 GB (in EU: 1.23 GB). Activation: *127*66#
    • Wszystko komórkowe: 10 GB per month (1.84 GB in the EU) and unlimited calls and SMS to Poland and the EU: 29 PLN. Activation: *127*63#

Data feature package Edit

NJU offers a 9 GB data package (capped at 460 MB in the EU) for 9 PLN with full LTE speed. This can be activated by *127*69# or texting 'AKT' to 80355. Check package balance by *127*69*1#. This package can only be added to the daily plans, not the monthly plans. This package is for 31 days and will not auto-renew.

"Im dłużej tym lepiej" Edit

This promotion can be activated, by sending SMS START for 80510. The amount of GB depends on your internship in the network:

  • from 6 months to 1 year - 2x data
  • from 1 year to 2 years - 2,5x data
  • from 2 years - 3x data

The package cost and EU cap does not change. The promotion does not affect the package 9 GB.

EU roaming Edit

After having reached a small internal limit depending on plan or package indicated above, the general surcharge for EU roaming is 0.03 PLN per MB regardless of the remaining domestic allowance.

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The UK-based operator Lycamobile opened its Polish branch in 2011. It's operating as MVNO on the Plus network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE. For coverage check Plus (see above).

Availability Edit

Their SIM cards are available for free in micro-, mini- or nano size in their outlets. They have many agencies around the country in newsstands, kiosks, supermarkets and online sent to a Polish address. But better buy it in one of their sales outlets, where they can register it on your name.

Top-ups can be purchased there as well in 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 PLN denominations. You are expected to make a top-up right away, as the SIM doesn't include credit. It's valid for only 6 months without being recharged.

Top-ups are also available online. Foreign credit cards are accepted. The website has an English option too. When topping up, you will be asked for an ID number and a local address. The ID can be a PESEL (Poland national ID) or any other ID. You can use your passport number and your hotel address.

Data feature packsEdit

These discounted monthly data packages are available to be activated on the SIM:

Volume Price Activation
100 MB 2 PLN *139*5103#
300 MB 3 PLN *139*5107#
1 GB 5 PLN *139*5200#
2 GB 7 PLN *139*5201#
3 GB 10 PLN *139*5202#
5 GB 15 PLN *139*5104#
15 GB 25 PLN *139*5105#
30 GB 35 PLN *139*5106#

For activation send code. To check status dial *137#. These packages will automatically renew, if there is credit. To stop, call customer service on 322 or dial *190# at latest 20.00h on the day of expirery of the old pack. Default data rate outside of these packages displayed above is 0.21 PLN per MB. For extra data, add one of these two bolt-ons:

  • 500 MB: 3 PLN, activation: *139*601#
  • 1 GB: 5 PLN, activation: *139*602#

These extra packages are only valid for the rest of the running time of the base pack.

EU roaming Edit

Lycamobile in Poland doesn't give out its regular data packages for EU roaming. Instead they charge 0.21 PLN per MB in the EU. They have released three monthly combo plans with an EU roaming allowance:

  • To all M: 20 GB in Poland, max. 1.75 GB in the EU, unlimited calls and SMS - 29 PLN, activation: 139*4829#
  • To all L: 25 GB in Poland, max. 2.5 GB in the EU, unlimited calls and SMS - 39 PLN, activation: 139*4839#
  • To all XL: 30 GB in Poland, max. 3.5 GB in the EU, unlimited calls and SMS - 49 PLN, activation: 139*4849#
  • All packages are discounted by 50% when you purchase them for the first time with a new SIM card.

More infoEdit

  • APN:
  • Username: lmpl (that's lowecase L, not capital i).
  • Password: plus
  • Tethering/hotspot use may be blocked
  • Website in English:

Klucz mobile Edit


Klucz mobile is another new MVNO on the Plus network (see above). It started in 2013 and has very cheap international call rates and data too. 2G, 3G and finally 4G/LTE is accessible with new SIM cards given out now.

Availablilty Edit

Their SIM card may be hard to find. That's why they publish this list of outlets: Klucz Mobile Sales Points. All Teletorium phone stores sell it too. The SIM is for free and credit stays alive for 360 days. Be sure to register it at the point of purchase or it won't be activated.

Data feature packs Edit

Default rate is 0.03 PLN per MB. So add one of these packs valid for 30 days:




1 GB 3 PLN *121*11*03#
2 GB 5 PLN *121*11*04#
10 GB 10 PLN *136*11*03#
100 GB 50 PLN *136*11*02#

For activation enter code. Check balance by *100# and status of active packages by *121#. Packages won't renew automatically after 30 days, but need to be booked again.

Data-only SIM Edit

In 2017 Klucz started a new offer with a data-only SIM called Klucz Internet Na kartę. You can buy a starter pack for 10 PLN. These packages are valid for 30 days and auto-renew:

Price Data Activation Deactivation
15 PLN 5 GB *136*11*07# *136*00*07#
20 PLN 10 GB *136*11*08# *136*00*08#
35 PLN 30 GB *136*11*09# *136*00*09#
45 PLN 45 GB *136*11*10# *136*00*10#
80 PLN 100 GB *136*11*11# *136*00*11#

Also, you can buy Klucz Premium package with 100 GB included + 200 GB to use at night (1:00 -8:00) for 50 PLN. Activation: *136*11*12#, package auto-renews, deactivation: *136*00*12#.

For extra data, you can add these packages:

  • 10 PLN: 3 GB, *121*11*30#
  • 15 PLN: 5 GB, *121*11*31#
  • 25 PLN: 10 GB, *121*11*32#
  • 35 PLN: 15 GB, *121*11*33#

The add-on packages don't auto-renew.

EU roaming Edit

Klucz doesn't apply "roam like at home" and still charges 0.03 zł per MB in the EU. Instead, it has refreshed their internet packages for roaming in the EU/EEA and Switzerland:

Data Price Activation
256 MB 7,50 PLN *121*11*22#
512 MB 15 PLN *121*11*23#
1024 MB 30 PLN *121*11*24#

Roaming packages are valid for 30 days and don't auto-renew.

More info Edit

Heyah Edit


Heyah is a long established subsidiary of T-Mobile (coverage and stores see above) in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

Availability Edit

Heyah prepaid SIM cards are available for 5 zł (or discounted for 3 zł) including the same credit valid for 7 days at T-Mobile stores and many other places. Better go to a T-Mobile store for registration. You can use Mój T-Mobile aplication to manage your account in Heyah

Top-ups can be made there or online and are valid for 100 days. To top-up by voucher, type *109*<PIN code>#, check balance by *108#.

In 2015 they changed their portfolio from the old daily plan to new monthly combined packages.

Combo feature packs Edit

All new Heyah SIM cards are based on the same offer as T-Mobile, speed is limited to 15 Mbit/s. They only sell one base option:

  • 25 PLN: 30 days unlimited calls and SMS, 10 GB data (EU cap: 1.26 GB)

You can buy data add-ons:

  • 1 GB: 5 PLN, (EU: 260 MB) - activation: *140*265*3#
  • 3 GB: 9 PLN, (EU: 460 MB) - activation: *140*265*4#
  • 5 GB: 12 PLN (EU: 610 MB) - activation: *140*265*5#

EU roaming Edit

Heyah charges generally 0.09 PLN per MB for EU data roaming. Domestic data packages only be used up to the given limit for roaming. They offer the same 'Travel & Surf' packages as T-Mobile (see above) instead.

More info Edit

Virgin Mobile Edit


Virgin Mobile started as MVNO in Poland in 2012. It uses the Play network on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE (included 4G LTE ULTRA) where available (with roaming with the same rules as Play).

Availability Edit

Their starter packs are available online or in a lot of stores: Virgin mobile Store Locator for 5 PLN. Better go to a store, where they can register it on your name.

Top-ups can be made online after registration by international credit card or PayPal too. Special Virgin mobile top-up vouchers (called Telekod) are available at supermarkets. Play vouchers don't work for Virgin, even though the top-up command *100*<code># looks the same. Credit stays alive for one year. Check balance by *101#.

#FREEMIUM plan Edit

On the Freemium offer you get 30 domestic minutes, 30 domestic SMS and 300 MB each month for free. This offer can be activated on every Virgin Mobile SIM card by code *222*000#. Free packages renew automatically after 30 days, but unused packages don't roll forward into next period. After 6 months the offer automatically deactivates, but then it can be activated again. When data volume is used up, speed will be throttled to 32 kbps. Existing customers can switch to this plan by typing *222*000#. On Freemium the following data packs are available for more data:

Volume Price Activation Code
300 MB 4 PLN *222*300#
500 MB 5 PLN *222*500#
1 GB 2 PLN* *222*000*3*1#
3 GB 15 PLN *222*3072#
10 GB 10 PLN* *222*000*3*10#

*- promotion prices

Validity is the same as free base plan. Eg. you activated your Freemium offer on Oct, 15th and you have bought an extra data pack on 25th Oct. On Nov,15th all unused data will be cleared and then another free 300 MB package will be given. Balance of free and paid packages can be checked by *222#.

#WAKACYJNY_WYPAS promotion Edit

In promotion, you can get 10 GB of data cost 9 PLN. Activation: *222*1#

Other tariff plans Edit

Virgin mobile offers other tariffs valid for 30 days too. They all include unlimited domestic calls and text. Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Gadu Gadu and are not debited from your allowance. Only the monthly data allowance differs:

  • PEŁENLUZ (Full play): 2+3* GB: 19 PLN - activation: *222*19#
  • BEZLIMITU (Unlimited): 4+6* GB: 29 PLN - activation: *222*29#
  • NAJLEPIEJ (The Best): 8+10* GB: 39 PLN - activation: *222*39#
  • DLAMNIESUPER (Super for me): 10+10* GB (EU cap: 2.46 GB): 49 PLN - activation: *222*49#
  • Activate more GB, using code:*222*333#. It's free.

You can double of your data in tarrif plans. If you want more data, call *222*555#. 5 PLN/30 days.

EU roaming surcharge Edit

Virgin Mobile in Poland applies "roam like at home" only in the most expensive plan ("DLAMNIESUPER"). In other plans applies a surcharge of 0.12 PLN per MB and throttles roaming speed to 32 kbps.

More info Edit

Fakt mobile Edit

Fakt mobil

Fakt Mobile is a new joint venture between Fakt, the leading tabloid newspaper in the country and P4, owner of Play. That's why it started in 2015 on the network of Play in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

Availability Edit

Starter packs are available in many newspaper kiosks. They used to be given out for free, but since registration is enforced in Poland, you'll need to register to activate. Ask, if they can register there or go to any Play registration point instead (Play stores, Ruch kiosks or postal offices). Starter kit is sold for 5 PLN with the same credit included valid for 30 days.

When you text 'BONUS1GB' to 4949, they'll give you 1 GB valid for 31 days as a starter bonus.

To top-up, you can use any Play scratch card of 5, 10, 30 or 50 PLN all valid for 12 months. SIM plan stays valid for 14 months. Check balance by *101#.

Data feature packages Edit

No data are given out without packages. All of their packages are valid for 31 days:

Data Price Activation
500 MB 4 PLN *111*831*1
1 GB 5 PLN *111*832*1
2 GB 9 PLN *111*835*1
4 GB 15 PLN *111*833*1
10 GB 25 PLN *111*834*1

To check data balance within packages, type activation code ending with *3 instead of *1. Using more data, speed will be throttled to 32 kbps. Packages are not auto-renewed. You can book multiple packages, even at the same time.

More info Edit

PolishWiFi Edit

Logo polishwifi

PolishWiFi rents pocket WiFi routers which allow travellers to stay connected in Poland. PolishWiFi using Play infrastructure.

Clients can book online and their hotspot can be delivered everywhere in Poland in 24 hours. Standard delivery in Poland to a post box is 3 €, to a private address, hotel, B&B or airport is 4 €.

The 3G and 4G hotspots can be shared by up to 10 devices and battery lasts for 6 hours.

A prepaid envelope is given for the return and can be used from everywhere in Poland. 45 € for a 3G device and 100 € for a 4G device is charged from your credit card, if you don't return or damage the device. The rental rates:



3G Hotspot with

"unlimited" data

4G Hotspot with

"unlimited" data

Device Huawei E5330 Huawei E3573
3 days 7.90 €/day 8.90 €/day
4-6 days 7.50 €/day 8.50 €/day
7-10 days 6.50 €/day 7.50 €/day
11-14 days 5.50 €/day 6.50 €/day
15-30 days 5.00 €/day 6.00 €/day
31-60 days 3.00 €/day 5.50 €/day

FUP for the "unlimited" plan in Poland is 100 GB for rentals below 30 days. Speed will be throttled beyond.