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Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. The island is part of the Commonwealth of Australia. Together with two neighbouring islands, it forms one of Australia's external territories. It has around 1,800 inhabitants living on a total area of about 35 km2.

Currently there is only one 2G operator on the island:

  • Norfolk Telecom (NT)

Data are available only to roaming customers at high rates. The Australian Government looks into upgrading to 3G or 4G and to link the island by a fibre-optic submarine cable. This has however not yet been implemented. According to our rules this island is blacklisted.

Norfolk Telecom (NT)Edit


Norfolk Telecom is the state-owned telco and operates a 2G/GSM network. Local SIM cards provide no data. Data is available only for M2M and roaming customers.

WiFi hotspots Edit

Alternatively, Norfolk Telecom also operates a network of WiFi hotspots throughout the island for internet connections. To logon you need to buy a voucher. They are available from Norfolk Telecom and many independent shops, supermarkets, visitor centre, petrol stations and cafes. Available sizes are:

  • for 1 hour: AUD 5
  • for 5 hours: AUD 20
  • for 10 hours: AUD 35
  • 1 GB valid for 6 months: AUD 25
  • 2 GB valid for 6 months: AUD 40
  • 4 GB valid for 6 months: AUD 70

More info Edit

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