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Basics Edit

Nauru is a small island country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There is only one operator on the island:

  • Digicel Nauru

Digicel uses 900 MHz for 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS/HSPA+. 900 MHz is common for 2G but not so usual for 3G, so check your phone support. 4G/LTE has started in December 2016 on band 3. The whole island is covered but the map is no longer published by Digicel.

Digicel Nauru Edit

Digicel nauru

Digicel Nauru is part of Digicel Pacific and the only provider on the island.

Availability Edit

SIM cards can be purchased from their shops. Arriving at the International Airport of Nauru (INU) they have an airport kiosk at the location. Later in town you can go to the main store in Civic Center in Aiwo district open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm and on Sat 9:30am-2pm.

Prepaid SIM costs AUD 10 and comes with AUD 5 credit.

The SIM can be topped up by credit card on their official website or it can be electronically topped up any amount from AUD 0.50 to 100 at either the Digicel office or agents throughout the island.

Data feature packages Edit

Digicel Nauru offers the following data packages:

Data Day Pass AUD    3.14 75 MB 24 hours
Data Week Pass AUD  10.50 500 MB 7 days
Data Month Pass AUD  31 1800 MB 30 days
Super-Size Data Day Pass AUD    4.70 150 MB 24 hours
Super-Size Data Week Pass AUD  16 1000 MB 7 days
Super-Size Data Month Pass AUD  47 3600 MB 30 days

They also offer a night data package for AUD 2.10 with 200MB data valid from 12 am till 6 am.

To book a package dial *141# and follow the prompt. There seems to be no data outside of packages.

Roaming packages Edit

For discounted roaming in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, they offer these combo packages:

  • AUD 5.25: 10 mins, 5 texts and 100 MB for 3 days
  • AUD 10.50: 20 mins, 10 texts and 200 MB for 5 days
  • AUD 21: 30 mins, 20 texts and 500 MB for 14 days
  • AUD 31: 60 mins, 30 texts and 1 GB for 14 days

To book a roaming package dial *151# and follow the prompt. Out of bundle roaming charges are AUD 0.20 per MB.

More info Edit

  • APN:

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