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Basics Edit

Mayotte (French: La Mayotte) is an insular department and region of France located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique close to the Comoros. Mayotte became a French overseas department in 2011 and an outermost region of the European Union (and the Eurozone as well) in 2014. Around 220,000 inhabitants live on 374 km2 area.

Three providers operate in Mayotte:

  • SFR Mayotte
  • Orange Mayotte
  • Only (by Outremer Télécom, soon: Free mobile)

The French overseas departments are regulated by Arcep, the national French regulator. 2G is on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz. Arcep released licenses for 4G/LTE in 2016 to be started in 2017 on 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz. A 4th license was awarded to BJP Partners.

In 2016 Only was taken over by Iliad, owner of Free mobile in France and acquired a 4G/LTE license. A market entry of Free with rebranding is expected for 2017. The two other operators have started 4G/LTE already in 2017 on 800 MHz (band 20).

Like in France, SIM cards are not sold at the airport, but only in the shops and outlets ("boutigues") of the providers. You need to bring an ID card or passport for registration. Top-up vouchers are sold in many stores.

EU regulations Edit

The French Overseas Territories like Mayotte are considered to be ultraperiferic parts of the European Union. So EU/EEA roaming regulations apply there, if you are holding a SIM card issued in an EU country (see European Union). Because of the rather high prices for data on local SIM cards, you may think of using your home EU-issued SIM card for roaming or pick a cheap EU roaming SIM instead of a local SIM. Always check if Mayotte is really included within the offered roaming countries and mentioned specifially as a roaming destination by the provider.

Given the abolition of most roaming fees within the EU/EEA from June 2017 and quite high data prices on local SIM cards in Mayotte, this option may prove to be the cheaper alternative.

SFR Mayotte Edit


SFR Mayotte, operated by French SFR and owned by Numericable is the market leader in Mayotte having about 3/4 of all customers with the best coverage and speed at the highest rates. It has a 99% coverage in 2G and 70% in 3G: coverage map. 4G/LTE has started in 2017 and is open for prepaid. It has the highest prices on the island.

Availability Edit

Their prepaid SIM card dubbed La Carte is available in their stores throughout the island (locator) for 15 EUR. It comes with 5 EUR pre-loaded credit and another 10 EUR bonus for your first top-up within one month after activation.

Top-ups are available in many stores or credit card ranging from 3 to 40 EUR giving 7 to 60 days of validity. To check balance, call 950 for free.

Data option Edit

To activate data there is only one option called 24h/24. For 5 EUR you get 500 MB for 5 days. To activate you need to text 'WEB' to 976 for free. Data speed is up to 4G/LTE, but will be throttled to 2G with 128 kbps having reached the quota.

Data-only SIM Edit

For a better data rate SFR Mayotte has introduced La Carte 3G+ aimed at tablets and modems, but works in phones too. These recharges are available for the Carte 3G+ only:

  • 4 EUR: 1 hour within 1 day
  • 9 EUR: 2 hours within 15 days
  • 19 EUR: 6 hours within 30 days

Speed on this card is limited to 2G and 3G only.

More info Edit

Orange Mayotte Edit

Orange UK

Unlike in France, Orange is only no. 2 in Mayotte. Nevertheless they are on par with SRR in coverage and speed at slightly lower rates. 4G/LTE has started in 2017 and covers most areas: 2G/3G/4G coverage map

Availability Edit

Their prepaid SIM card is called Carte Ankili and available in their sales points (locator) for 10 EUR. It includes 5 EUR after activation and another bonus of 5 EUR for the first top-up. For their new 4G, you need a 4G-enabled SIM card.

To recharge you can log into your personal account online or buy one of the many vouchers sold all over the island. They are offered from 2 EUR to 30 EUR giving 6 to 62 days of validity. Check balance by #123#.

Data options Edit

Data stays at default rate of 0.10 EUR per MB on their prepaid card only. With some cards you need to open data by #111#. No options are offered for prepaid cards, only for contracts.

Forfaits Edit

Orange in Mayotte lets you buy forfaits too. These are rolling contracts that can be topped up by vouchers (or by French credit cards) and can be terminated any time. They include unlimited calls and SMS within Mayotte and to France and a data volume per month:

  • with 2 GB: 19 EUR
  • with 5 GB: 29 EUR
  • with 10 GB: 39 EUR

Using more, your speed will be throttled, but you can add 500 MB for 7 days at 2.99 EUR, 1 GB for 15 days at 4.99 EUR or 5 GB for 30 days at 9.99 EUR by typing #111#.

More info Edit

Only (by Outremer Telecom, soon: Free mobile) Edit


Only is the smallest provider in Mayotte. It was often sold and resold and in 2015 acquired by Iliad, mother of Free mobile in France. Together with a new 4G/LTE license it's expected that they relaunch and attack with lower prices in 2017 as their offers are not competitive right now. It has a lower coverage, but is still sufficient in the populated areas and without 4G/LTE so far: 2G/3G coverage maps.

Availability Edit

Their standard prepaid SIM card is simply called Card or Card Nafassi. It's available in their stores (locator) for 5 EUR only with 4 EUR credit and another 1 EUR bonus for the first top-up.

Top-up vouchers are sold in shops of 3, 5,10 and 20 EUR giving 7 to 60 days of validity. Check balance by calling #111#.

Data options Edit

As data stays always at the high default rate of 0.20 EUR per MB, this Card can't be recommended for data.

Data-only SIM Edit

They also offer a data-only SIM called Internet 3G+ en Mobilité. This starter costs 10 EUR and contains 25 MB for 30 days. Top-ups translate into data allowances:

  • 3 EUR: 30 MB for 7 days
  • 5 EUR: 50 MB for 15 days
  • 10 EUR: 100 MB for 30 days
  • 20 EUR: 220 MB for 60 days

More info Edit

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