Basics Edit

In Mauritania three operators are present and ranked by number of users as following:

  • Mauritel
  • Chinguitel, by Sudatel
  • Mattel, by Mauritano-Tunisienne des Télécommunications

Allthough the three operators have rolled out 2G and 3G networks, speeds higher than around 1 Mbps cannot be expected.

Quality of service Edit

The operators are said to cover most population centres, but users face severe quality of service (QoS) problems. In June 2017 the national regulator ARE fined the three mobile operators a total of MRO 451 million (US$1.2 million) for continued QoS issues.

Later Mauritania’s three cellular network operators, Mauritel, Mattel and Chinguitel, have once again been warned by the country’s telecoms watchdog about poor QoS. Following testing all three providers have been warned for its poor voice and data service at different locations. The cellcos have been given one month to correct the problems or they will face fines again.

Registration Edit

As of the law issued in 2013 and enforced since July 1st 2016, SIM cards have to be registered when being activated and the three operators have been fined in February 2017 for not having this implemented. Expect to show your passport when buying a SIM card.

Mauritel Edit

Mauritel is partially owned by Maroc Telecom and the largest operator in Mauritania.

The network broadcasts 2G and 3G on 900 MHz and is available in the list of cities provided by Mauritel.


Their prepaid offer is called El-Jawal and available from their shops. A SIM card will cost 2000 UM. Recharge vouchers are available in values between 500 and 10,000 UM. To recharge send a message with the voucher number to 158.

Data packagesEdit

Mauritel has the following options available to surf the net. Activation is done by calling customer service on 154.

  • JAWALY: 3 hours of domestic calls, 180 text messages and 180 MB of data valid for 30 days: 1500 UM.
  • PASS 300 MO: 300 MB of data for 1 day: 300 UM
  • PASS 1,5 GO: 1.5 GB of data for 1 week: 1500 UM
  • PASS 5 GO: 5 GB of data for 30 days: 5000 UM

​USB modem packagesEdit

For access via USB modem, the offer is called JawalNet, and gives unlimited 3G access.

  • 1 day for 500 UM
  • 2 days for 1000 UM
  • 7 days for 3000 UM
  • 30 days for 10000 UM

The number of days added depends on the top-up voucher used.

More infomationEdit

  • APN: web.mauritel


Chinguitel, owned by Sudatel, is the youngest operator in Mauritania, and operates 2G on 900 and 1800 MHz and 3G on 2100 MHz bands. The company also operates a CDMA network.


The prepaid plan for GSM's is called "Mauritani". A SIM card ('puce'), costs 500 UM and includes 1000 UM of credit. To check your balance use *222#, and use *222*<recharge code># to recharge the account. Any recharge is valid for 3 months.

Data packages Edit

Chinguitel offers data packages including access to 3G network. For their unlimited packages, their fair-use-policy is not advertised. There is no default rate, you will need to subscribe to a package. Check remaining volume with *590#.

Volume Price Validity Activation
150 MB 300 UM 1 day *590*3303#
700 MB 2000 UM 1 week *590*3302#
unlimited 400 UM 1 day *590*24#
unlimited 2400 UM 1 week *590*724#
unlimited 9400 UM 30 days *590*3310#

More informationEdit

Mattel Edit

Mattel, owned by Mauritano-Tunisienne des Télécommunications, is the oldest network in Mauritania, commercialising their offfer under the name Mattel. The company was set up in 2000 in co-operation with Tunisie Télécom who has been trying to sell its shares since 2012.


The prepaid offer is called "Alèze" and available from the Mattel stores . A SIM card will set you back 2000 UM.

To check your balance type *130#, to reload type *133*<voucher code>#. Every recharge worth more than 50 UM is rewarded with additional 100 % of credit valid for 14 days.

Data feature packagesEdit

Mattel provides both data-only packages called "forfaits Internet" as well as packages containing calls, texts and data called "forfaits Max Plus".

The following forfaits Internet are available. You can check the remaining balance with *160*0#.

Volume Price Validity Activation
100 MB 100 UM until midnight *160*1#
300 MB 300 UM 1 day *160*2#
500 MB 500 UM 3 days *160*3#
1 GB 1000 UM 7 days *160*4#
3 GB 3000 UM 30 days *160*5#
10 GB 10000 UM 30 days *160*6#

The "forfaits Max Plus" give a number of domestic minutes, text messages and MB, of each the same amount. To check the remaining balance type *167*0#. The following packages are available:

  • 20 minutes, 20 messages and 20 MB valid for 1 day: 200 UM. Activation *167*1#
  • 40 minutes, 40 messages and 40 MB valid for 2 days: 300 UM. Activation *167*2#
  • 60 minutes, 60 messages and 60 MB valid for 3 days: 500 UM. Activation *167*3#

More infomationEdit

  • APN:
  • Website in French and Arab:

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