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Basics Edit

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has three network providers coming down to two soon:

  • Telekom (T-Mobile, by Makedonski Telekom, owned by Magyar Telekom and Deutsche Telekom)
  • (owned by Telekom Austria and Telekom Slovenije by merging the two networks of one and vip)

In 2016 Lycamobile made the 3rd attempt to establish a MVNO in this country after two other trials have failed before.

2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz. 4G/LTE has started on 800 and 1800 MHz on all networks.

The combined vip network is the new market leader with 52% share. In 2014 one and vip networks agreed to a merger. The new company started commercial operations in 2015. The full integration of all operational and technical systems is expected to be finalised by the end of 2016. The sale of old one network products have been discontinued in May 2016.

You can get SIM cards in all of the operator's stores and sales points. The registration of the prepaid subscribers is a legal obligation (Law on Electronic Communications) to use mobile services. That's why you should bring along your photo ID for purchase.

No roaming
Be aware that Macedonia is not part of the EU, nor the EEA, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. So roaming rates on European SIM cards are not capped or regulated in the country and can be much higher. Better buy a local SIM card instead.
Instead, Macedonia is part of an own Balkan roaming zone with Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, where international data roaming is capped at 0.20 € per MB from July 2017.

Makedonski Telekom (Македонски Телеком, T-Mobile)Edit



Telekom also called T-Mobile (by Makedonski Telecom) used to be market leader in Macedonia with about 1/2 of the customers and has still the best network and around 48% of customers. 4G/LTE is open on some tariffs and covers around 70% of population on 45% of territory in 2015. 2G 3G 4G coverage map. 3G is available to 98% of the people on 93% of the area in 2016.


SIM card is sold for 295 MKD with 195-250 MKD credit in their stores (store locator). Top-up vouchers are available from 100 MKD.

Data feature packsEdit

Default internet is 20 MKD per MB. For Internet usage, a minimum of 50 MKD is needed on your prepaid account. Or you can change any prepaid SIM card to the "Easy Internet" tariff line on which a MB is charged at 3 MKD only. To all lines these packages can be added:

  • daily package: 300 MB - 29 MKD, activation: DEVEN

Furthermore, these monthly packs can be booked on their SIM cards:

Data package Price Volume Period Activation
Mobile Surf Basic 99 MKD 100 MB 30 days Basic
Mobile Surf Start 199 MKD 300 MB 30 days Start
Mobile Surf Medium 299 MKD 1 GB 30 days Medium
Mobile Surf Comfort 449 MKD 3 GB 30 days Comfort
Mobile Surf Premium 799 MKD 10 GB 30 days Premium

Only the Premium package includes 4G/LTE, all others only 3G. For activation, text code to 140140.

Whenever you reach the 80% utilization in prepaid you send SMS notification. Even Fix included traffic, additional Internet traffic will be charged - will only reduce the speed of mobile internet of 64/64 Kbps - speed sufficient for checking e-mail or weather.

If you want to check the status of the spent internet, you can send an SMS at any time at the free of charge number 140 140 with text MB or Internet. If you want to deactivate Mobile Surf, you need to call the IVR 140 140 again.

Internet settingsEdit

  • APN: internet
  • Username: internet
  • Password: t-mobile

More informationEdit

vip ( Edit


The two vip and One networks have been completely merged in 2017. The new network is marketed as vip by Vip has a reasonable coverage and started 4G/LTE in 2014 in key cities: Vip 2G 3G 4G coverage map . Note, that 4G/LTE is only available to postpaid customers so far.

Availability Edit

The SIM card is sold in their stores: Store locator. With vip Prepaid SIM card, for a price of 299 MKD you get a SIM card with credit of 300 MKD that can be used for calls, text messages or web surfing. With vip 2SIM, for a price of 300 MKD you get 2 SIM cards with credit of 150 MKD each, which you can use according to your needs for talks, text messages or internet browsing.

Free Facebook option is automatically available to all the new Vip Prepaid users. The existing users that have topped-up their prepaid account in the last 24 hours can activate it for free by sending an SMS with the text START FB to 1460. Validity of this option is 30 days and it is extended for another 30 days after every recharge. For deactivation, send an SMS with the text "STOP" to 1460. 

Vip promotes top ups heavily: For top ups of 100-149 MKD, you get 100 MB for a day; of 150-299 MKD, you get 300 MB for 3 days and for 300 MKD or more, you get 1 GB for 30 days as bonus. To be eligible for this promo, you need to text "START" to 1460 before. Credit stays vaild for 12 months after top up and SIM card for 15 months. 

Data feature packsEdit

Default internet depends on the tariff line you are on: 2.9 MKD per MB up to 5.9 MKD per MB. On all prepaid SIM cards these data options can be booked:

Price Volume Period Activation
19 MKD 100 MB 24 hours 'START DEN' to 144203
39 MKD 150 MB 7 days 'START 150MB' to 1452
49 MKD 200 MB 'START 200MB' to 1452
99 MKD 1 GB 'START 1GB' to 1452
199 MKD 1 GB 30 days 'START 1GB' to 1451
379 MKD 3 GB 'START 3GB' to 1451

For activation, text code to the given number. After the included data traffic is exceeded, you can continue surfing until the validity of the package ends, whereby the speed is automatically lowered to 32 Kbps, and the spent data traffic is not additionally charged. The activated Internet package is automatically renewed after its validity ends, until you deactivate it by texting "STOP" to 144203 or 1452. The included internet has 3G speed.

Tourist SIM Edit

For visitors Vip sells a tourist SIM card for 499 MKD. It includes 5 GB data and reduced call rates ranging from 3.9 MKD/min domestic, 7.9 MKD/min in neighbouring countries to 9.9 MKD/min to major European countries and North America.

For more data, you can activate another 5 GB in 30 days for 249 MKD by texting "START" to 144205, .

Technical settingsEdit

  • APN, username and password: vipoperator

More informationEdit

Lycamobile Edit


In June 2016 Lycamobile soft-launched in Macedonia as first MVNO and their 21st country after two previous attempts by different companies have failed. The network has not been disclosed yet, but users reported it's working on the newly merged networks of one.Vip.

Availability Edit

Their SIM cards are as usually available for free in their shops. For a start, it might be hard to find them. So watch for their logo. You are supposed to make a top-up rightaway to have credit. For all online recharges Lycamobile gives 10% bonus.

For activation dial *132# to find your number. Locals can use an online form but if you are a foreign national then contact customer service or go to a local authorised retailer to complete registration.

Data feature packages Edit

With every recharge of your accout of at least 100 MKD you'll be for 30 days on the Lyca Plus plan with data at 0.79 MKD per MB. Otherwise you'll be on the Standard plan at 0.99 MKD per MB. These monthly bundles are offered:

Package Volume Price Activation
XS 1 GB 59 MKD *139*1001#
S 2 GB 99 MKD *139*1002#
M 3 GB 129 MKD *139*1003#
L 5 GB 229 MKD *139*1004#
XL 7 GB 249 MKD *139*1005#

All packages auto-renew after 30 days, if you have loaded enough credit before.

Technical settings Edit

  • APN:
  • Username: lmde (as mentioned on their website, but this may be wrong, try 'lmmk' too)
  • Password: plus

More info Edit

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