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There are 3 mobile networks in Latvia:

  • LMT
    • GSM 900 / 1800
    • UMTS 900 / 2100
    • LTE 1800 / 2600
  • Tele2
    • GSM 900 / 1800
    • UMTS 900 / 2100
    • LTE 1800
  • Bite
    • EGSM 900 operating only on the edges of the 900 MHz band, so some old phones might not be able to cover it
    • UMTS 900 / 2100
    • LTE 800 / 1800

They all offer prepaid voice and data plans under different brand names like BiFri, LMT Karte, and Zelta Zivtiņa. Network coverage and 3G availability is best with LMT and Tele2. LMT started 4G/LTE in 2011 on 1800 and 2600 MHz and covers already half of the population, Tele2 started in 2014 with LTE on 1800 MHz and covers less. For rural areas all providers use 800 MHz now too.

Starter packs and recharges are available at their shops, newsstands, kiosks, petrol stations, supermarkets and other places. You don't need to show an ID. Often no prepaid micro SIMs are avalaible, so bring along a cutting device.

LMT (LMT Karte) Edit


LMT for Latvijas Mobilais Telefons is owned by TeliaSonera and the state of Latvia. Its network has the best 3G and 4G coverage while its 4G/LTE reaches 90% of population in 2016, open for prepaid. 2-4G coverage map

LMT Karte Edit

Their LMT Karte prepaid SIM is available from LMT service centers locator, service stations, newspaper kiosks, post offices and some supermarkets. Starter kit costs 1 or 3 €. Refill vouchers available for 1.42, 2, 5, 10 and 20 €.

To activate the SIM call 29202010 and follow the instructions. You will be given an option to change the language into Latvian, Russian or English.

Internet service (with 50 MB per month) is offered as a free service. It's automatically activated for new users.For more data you need to choose one of these weekly data packages:

Volume Price Activation to 1626
25 MB 0.25 € 25MB
100 MB 1.00 € 100MB
1 GB 1.41 € S7
1.5 GB 2.00 € 1500MB

LMT plans to modify their packages soon. The 100 MB package will include unlimited calls and SMS to all Latvian networks, as well as 100 MB for a weekly 2 € rate. The 1 GB package will contain 1 GB and 10 minutes of calls to all Latvian networks for a 2 € weekly rate. They will also offer its new 'Internet Week+' package with ulimited internet traffic volume (FUP?) and 10 minutes of calls to all Latvian networks for 2.50 € per week.

For activation text SMS with code to 1626. Using more than the 50 MB/month or a weekly data pack, speed is throttled to 64 kbps for the rest oft the month. You can buy another weekly pack anytime. To check data balance, text the letter 'i' to 1626. Note that all texts for activation and checks are charged at 0.0213 €.

Mobile Broadband SIM Edit

Their data-only SIM is called "Priekšapmaksas mobilā interneta SIM karte" = prepaid mobile internet card. It is sold at their agencies or at Statoil or Narvesen outlets:

  • SIM-only, valid for 120 days, preloaded with 1 week of internet (max. 10 GB): 5.65 €
  • 4G USB dongle and SIM card, preloaded like above: 14.99 €

You can book these packages on this SIM:

  • daily = 24 hours: 1 GB: 1.40 €
  • weekly = 168 hours: 10 GB: 5.65 €

To activate, text DI for daily or NED for weekly to 29202010. SIM is for data only and not for calls. After having used up volume, speed will be reduced to 64/16 kbps. New packages can be booked ahead of time up to 1 GB per day or 10 GB per week.

Recharging Edit

You can recharge online using international credit card (Visa or MasterCard) online through this pageMost EU credit cards are accepted.

Account validity time varies. It depends on last recharge amount. When your credits lifetime expired, you can only receive calls and SMS messages. After some more time (number lifetime grace period) if not recharged, your number will be blocked without any way to restore it.





Number lifetime

(grace period)

1 € 10 days 70 days
2-4 € 30 days 90 days
5-9 € 60 days 120 days
10-19 € 120 days 180 days
>20 € 240 days 300 days

You can check your account balance and expiry date by dialing *120# (free).

More infos Edit

  • APN for LMT Karte:
  • APN for Mobile Broadband:
  • Website in Latvian and Russian:

Zelta Zivtiņa (ZZ by Tele2)Edit


Tele2 is on par with LMT on 2G and 3G covering 95% with 3G and 90% on 4G/LTE open for prepaid. They don't sell prepaid SIM cards under their own name Tele2 but through the brand "Zelta Zivtiņa" better known as ZZ meaning goldfish. For a 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE coverage map click on: šeit

ZZ (Zelta Zivtiņa)Edit

ZZ Sim Cards are available in their stores click: Kur iegādāties?, newsstands, kiosks, petrol stations and others for either 1.49 or 3.99 EUR. The SIM for calls, texts and data has a default rate of 0.36 EUR per day for 30 MB. Extra data is charged at 0.07 EUR per MB.

You can add these packages to the SIM:

Package Volume Time Price Activation
XS 50 MB 30 days 0.49 EUR XS
S 300 MB 30 days 1.49 EUR S
M 1 GB 30 days 3.49 EUR M
L 2 GB 30 days 5.99 EUR L
XL 10 GB 30 days 11.99 EUR XL

For activation, text code to 1616. Speed is up to 100 Mbit/s on 4G/LTE.

ZZ Data SIMEdit

Furthermore, they sell a data SIM starter pack for 4.99 EUR with 5 GB included valid for 10 days, which is on 4G/LTE too. The starter pack including an USB modem is for 11.99 EUR, which does not support Windows 10 (as of November 2016). Data volume can be checked by texting T to 1616 or in Mana ZZ selfcare or app. The following data packages can be added via refill bought in any kiosk, petrol station.

  • 5 GB for 2 days: 1.50 EUR
  • 5 GB for 7 days: 3 EUR
  • 5 GB for 14 days: 5 EUR
  • 5 GB for 20 days: 6 EUR
  • 15 GB for 30 days: 10 EUR
  • 25 GB for 60 days: 20 EUR

More info Edit

  • APN for voice and data SIM:
  • APN for data-only SIM:
  • Website in Latvian and Russian:

Bite (Bites karte) Edit


Bite is the smallest network in Latvia, but good coverage and speeds in 3G on 900 MHz which is not so common worldwide. It also has fast 4G speeds on 2600, 1800 and 800 MHz. 4G/LTE covers already 90% of population in 2016: coverage map. Bite is the local partner of Vodafone.

Bites karte Edit

Prepaid SIM cards called "Bites karte" are available in Bite stores (list), Rimi, Maxima, Narvesen and Statoil shops from 1-5 €, mostly with a balance of 2 €. Buy your refill vouchers for 1.42, 3, 5 or 8 EUR there.

After inserting a SIM card in your phone, use a PIN code written on the card. You should make a first call (does not need to complete) to activate the SIM card.

The first 5 MB per month are free. You don't need to book a package, as default rate is cummulative according to consumption:

  • up to 100 MB: 1.42 EUR
  • up to 500 MB: 3.56 EUR
  • up to 2 GB: 6.40 EUR
  • up to 6 GB: 9.96 EUR
  • up to 10 GB: 12.09 EUR

For social media you can add internet packages for 1 EUR per application for 30 days: Waze, Facebook, Viber and Draugiem. You need to text the name of the app to 1600.

Data-only SIM Edit

Their data-only SIM card for modems and tablets is called Priekšapmaksas internets or prepaid internet. Starter pack is sold at 6.40 EUR for the SIM card with the same credit loaded or 29 EUR including a 3G dongle. Credit will be valid for 3 months and the SIM for 6 months after the last top-up. All operations can be managed online on: 

They offer three rate plans for their data SIM:

  • MONO: unlimited data, 0.43 EUR per hour at max. speed: 0.5 Mbits
  • STEREO: unlimited data, 1 EUR per hour at max. speed: 21 Mbits
  • TAXI: 0.04 EUR per MB at max. speed: 21 Mbits

Default rate from start is STEREO. You can change plans online or by calling 1601. 1st change is free, further changes are for 2.85 EUR. On Mono and Stereo plans always remember to disconnect from the internet when you stop using it.

Settings Edit

  • APN: internet

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