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Basics Edit

The Kingdom of Jordan has three network providers:

  • Zain
  • Umniah
  • Orange

2G/GSM is on 900 MHz on Zain and Umniah and 1800 MHz on Orange, 3G/UMTS on 2100 MHz on all three operators. 4G/LTE has started on all providers in 2015 on 1800 MHz mainly in Amman only.

One of the few MVNOs FRiENDi Jordan has announced it will suspend its operations in the Kingdom as of 7 March 2017, due to ‘continued financial losses’, which it blames on the high cost of operating in Jordan.

You can buy a prepaid SIM card in the shops of the operators or at resellers for a surcharge. You only need to show your passport for purchasing a starter pack. Have in mind, that 16% tax is added in some areas like Amman, which is skipped in tax-free zones like Aqaba.

There are shops at Queen Alia International Airport arrival halls (only Zain and Umniah, no Orange). Both Zain and Umniah shops open early around 6am.

Zain Edit


Zain from Kuwait is the market leader in Jordan having the most customers and giving out the best coverage and speeds in the country. 4G/LTE is has stared in 2015 on 1800 MHz, open for a surcharge to prepaid.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card is available for 5 JOD (plus tax).at their stores (Store locator) and outlets. They have a shop at Amman airport if you arrive by plane. Try to get a prepaid plan without a base rate like "Al Kul", what 's the name of their standard pack.

Alternatively, you can switch to a combo plan "Mish Tabee3i" by typing *500# with 3 GB and lots of domestic voice and text for JOD 8.82. In their "Turbo" version, you get 5 GB for a monthly 12.59 JOD. In the "Nitro" version you get 7 GB for monthly 18.89 JOD.

Data feature packs Edit

Internet pay as you go prices are 0.21 JD/MB. All SIM plans can be added by these monthly 3G packs Zain calls Mobile Internet Plans:
Zain chart

Type *240# to subscribe to one of the following special internet plans that they offer. To find out the remaining balance type *121*2#. You can add 4G/LTE for JOD 5 per month.

Data-only SIM Edit

Furthermore, they sell a data-only starter pack including an 3G USB dongle for 15 JOD (+16% tax) including 3.5 GB for a month. This monthly offer is called "EzNet".

  • 6 JOD: 3 GB daytime + 3 GB nighttime
  • 10 JOD: 6 GB daytime + 6 GB nighttime
  • 20 JOD: 32 GB anytime

8% tax to be added to the above prices. Pay As You Go rate outside of packs is 8.7JOD per GB. Night capacity can be used between 2:00am and 10:00am. Activation is by

4G Plans Edit

For the introduction of 4G/LTE they have released special plans. For voice & data they have a special 4G/LTE line with 3 GB, 5000 intranet and 50 crossnet mins and 50 domestic SMS for 12 JOD per month. Or add a 4G booster for JOD 5 per month to any package shown above.

For data-only SIMs special Broadband 4G/LTE prepaid packages are offered:

  • 10 JOD: 2 GB
  • 25 JOD: 30 GB
  • 35 JOD: 100 GB
  • 50 JOD: 200 GB

Add 8% taxes. All packages are valid for 30 days and auto-renew. If data is used up before, you can renew ahead of time or you'll surf on the default rate of 8.7 JOD per GB.

More info Edit

  • APN: internet /or/ zain
  • Website in English

Umniah Edit


Umniah is the second provider in the country giving a good coverage: Coverage checker.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card is available for around 5 JOD (plus tax) at their stores, franchises and authorized dealers: store locator (middle of page right). Top-ups are sold for 1, 3, 5 , 6, 10 and 15 JOD.

They have very different prepaid lines for voice and data:

  • Kul Bil Kul : standard plan
  • 100% Line: no base rate, free 250 MB every month
  • Zarqa plus: 1 GB included for JOD 5 every month
  • Khaleek Tabi3i Extra: 2 GB included for JOD 5 every month
  • Golden Line: with 7 GB for 7 JOD, 14 GB for 9 JOD or 21 GB for 12 JOD included per month

Data feature packs Edit

All voice SIM cards can be added by these packs called "evo mobile prepaid":

  • 1 minute: unlimited data in 60 seconds: 0.01 JOD per minute
  • Happy Hour: 10-11am, 3-4pm: 0.1 JOD per hour
  • 24 hours: 130 MB, 0.35 JOD
  • 24 hours: 500 MB, 0.50 JOD
  • Week: 200 MB, 1 JOD
  • Week: 400 MB, 1.5 JOD
  • Week: 500 MB, 2 JOD
  • Month: 500 MB, 3 JOD
  • Month: 1 GB, 5 JOD
  • Month: 2 GB, 7 JOD
  • Month: 2.5 GB + 1 GB for Skype only, 10 JOD

To subscribe dial *888#. Pay as you go rate within the bundle validity is 1 Fils/100 KB, pay as you go rate outside of the bundle is 1 Fils/5 KB.

Data-only SIM Edit

Furthermore, they sell a data-only starter packs the call "evo mobile prepaid"

  • including a 3G USB dongle and 3.5 GB valid for a month for 15 JOD (+ 8% tax)
  • as a SIM-only stand-alone line with 1.5 GB for a month for 5 JOD.

These bundles are available for the 3G data-only SIM:

Umniah chart

Night Capacity is valid from 2:00am - 10:00am. Initial balance is valid for one month only. Pay as you go rate within the bundle validity is 1 Fils/200 KB after consuming the capacity. Pay as you go rate out of the bundle is 1 Fils/150 KB.

4G Plans Edit

Umniah released these monthly plans on 4G/LTE for their launch:

  • 10 JOD: 9 GB
  • 12 JOD: 20 GB
  • 15 JOD: 30 GB
  • 28 JOD: 60 GB for 60 days

You can add 2 GB per day for 2 JOD or 5 GB per week for 5 JOD for extra data.

More info Edit

  • APN for mobile phones: net
  • APN for routers and dongles: Umniah
  • Website in English


Orange logo

Orange has the smallest network in the Kingdom. 3G data is very slow and inconsistent, even in Amman downtown. Also due to the sparse population in most of the country, the signal coverage is very patchy. However, 4G/LTE has started too in 2015.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card is available at their stores (see store locator) for 1.72 JOD (+ tax) and the subscription price for one month in different prepaid base plans:

  • Orange Basic: base plan without monthly rate, data at 20 piasters per MB
  • Orange 2: 1 GB, 60 mins, 60 SMS for 1 week: JOD 2
  • Orange 6: 2 GB, 150 mins, 150 SMS for 1 month: JOD 6
  • Orange 7: 4 GB, free Facebook and Twitter, 400 mins, unlimited SMS for 1 month: JOD 7
  • Orange 9: 5 GB, free Facebook and Twitter, 500 mins, unlimited SMS for 1 month: JOD 9
  • Orange 11: 7 GB, free Facebook and Twitter, 700 mins, unlmimited SMS for 1 month: JOD 11

Unused data on the 7, 9 and 11 plans rolls over, if you renew your subscription 5 days befor expiry.

Data feature packs Edit

These data packs are available for the voice and data SIMs mentioned above:

  • daily:
    • 50 MB: 0.5 JOD
  • weekly:
    • 75 MB: 0.99 JOD
    • 200 MB: 1.99 JOD
  • monthly:
    • 250 MB: 2.99 JOD
    • 500 MB: 4.99 JOD
    • 1 GB: 6.99 JOD
    • 3 GB: 14.99 JOD
    • 6 GB: 19.99 JOD

You can subscribe by typing *777# and choosing the Orange bundles. 155# to check your credit and data balance.

Data-only SIM Edit

Their data-only SIM is called "3akaifak 2" and comes as starter pack with a 3G USB dongle including 3.5 GB for 15 JOD in their stores. Existing prepaid customers can benefit from this offer by sending *201# to 99555.

Each recharge voucher leads to a certain data volume loaded:

Orange jordan chart

To check your data balance, send the number *155# in an SMS to 99555 or through the "my account"  on the tab of the Internet Everywhere application. To recharge your balance, send *150*<14-digit code># to 99555 or though the "my account" tab of the Internet Everywhere application.

4G plans Edit

For their new 4G/LTE, they have added 3 new packages on 4G:

  • 4G 1 Month 16GB: including a 4G USB dongle and 16 GB for a month: 27.3 JOD
  • 4G 6 Months 100GB: including a 4G Mifi router and 100 GB for 6 months: 100 JOD
  • 4G IEW 1 Year 600GB: including a 4G router and 600 GB for 1 year: 300 JOD

These 4G plans can be topped up with these scratch cards:

  • 10 JOD: 12 GB for 1 month
  • 12 JOD: 25 GB for 1 month
  • 22 JOD: 60 GB for 2 months
  • 32 JOD: 160 GB for 6 months

More info Edit

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