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Basics Edit

There are 3 network providers in the Central American state of Honduras

  • Tigo (by Millicom)
  • Claro (by América Móvil)
  • Honducel (by Hondutel)

A forth provider Digicel Honduras ceased its operations in 2012 and merged customers with Claro.

The three networks use different frequencies: Tigo's 2G and 3G is on 850 MHz, Claro's is on 1900 MHz and Honducel's is on 1800 MHz. In 2014/5 Tigo and Claro both started with 4G/LTE on the 1700 MHz (AWS Band 4) frequency and have opened some of their 4G plans for prepaid.

In 2015 Tigo is the clear market leader in the country with a solid 60% share, followed by Claro with 39% and Honducel with 0.8%. Overall, 98.66% of municipalities in Honduras have 2G coverage and 48.66% have 3G coverage by any provider. So don't expect high speeds and data use especially in remote areas is still very slow.

In Honduras be ready to show your passport for registration, when purchasing a prepaid SIM in a store.

Tigo Edit


Tigo by internatl. Millicom group is the clear market leader in Honduras with the best network and a 60% customer share. 4G/LTE started in 2014 in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. For its license, Tigo is required to establish a 4G network in all major cities by 2016, equivalent to around 15% of the country’s territory.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card cost roughly L. 50, sometimes more with some credit or bonuses and is sold in their shops (locator). The most popular line is "triple saldo".

This means on certain days of the week, your top-up is tripled in face value. For numbers ending at 0 and 1 on Mondays, with 2 and 3 on Tuesdays, with 4 and 5 on Wednesdays, with 6 and 7 on Thursdays, with 8 on Fridays and 9 on Saturdays. This only applies to top-ups of L15 and more. Validity ranges from 5 days for a recharge of L5 to 30 days for L150 or more.

Data feature packages Edit

For internet, you need to add packages called pacetigos:

Time Volume Price Renewal
24 hours 100 MB L. 30 auto
2 days 200 MB L. 40 no
7 days 500 MB L.105 auto
2 GB L.200 no
30 days 1 GB L.400 auto
2.5 GB L.475 no
5.5 GB L.600 no

Activation is by typing #111# <call> and choosing the adequate package. Those packages that auto-renew can be stopped by texting 'SALIR' to 0101.

For 4G/LTE, you need to have coverage, a 1700 MHz AWS capable device, one of their new 4G-enabled SIM cards and one of the two LTE prepaid packages mentioned above.

More information Edit

Claro Edit


Claro by Mexican América Movil is the only viable competitor to Tigo in the country. It has a slightly lower coverage, but lower rates too.

Claro’s 4G/LTE network started in 2015 and was initially made available in major cities such as Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba.

Availability Edit

Like Tigo their SIM cards can be found in their shops (locator) for L50.

You can top-up with vouchers of L25, L50, L100, L200 and L300 sold in many supermarkets, pharmacies, service stations or by electronic top-up L5-300, giving 1-30 days of validity and service. Check balance by *120#.

Data featured packages Edit

For data you need to add one of these packages:

Time Volume Price Activation
1 day 100 MB L. 30 *777# option 4
"unlimited" L. 40 *777# option 3
1 GB L. 60 *777# option 4
2 days "unlimited" L. 70 *777# option 3
3 days 750 MB L. 50
5 days "unlimited" L. 190 *777# option 3
7 days 1 GB L. 100
2 GB L. 190 *777# option 3
10 days 1 GB L. 200 *777# option 4
3 GB L. 250
15 days 3 GB L. 350 *777# option 4
5 GB L. 450 *777# option 4
30 days 2 GB L. 380 *777# option 4
3 GB L .480 *777# option 4
5 GB L. 580 *777# option 4
10 GB L. 850 *777# option 4

To activate, type *777# <call> and choose a bundle. All packages auto-renew. To stop, text 'CANCELAR' to 5050. Claro applies certain "restrictions" on their "unlimited" plans, but doesn't specify them.

More information Edit

Honducel (by Hondutel) Edit


Honducel was established in 2013 as mobile branch of the state-owned telecom operator Empresa Hondurena de Telecomunicaciones (Hondutel). Generally because of almost non-existent 3G coverage and unreliable service, it can't be recommended for travellers. It hardly reaches 1% market share and survives as their state-owned parent company still controls the landline market. In 2017 Honducel, has reportedly suffered heavy subscriber losses over the last months and ended March 2017 with just 12,669 mobile subscribers.

It's notoriously cash-strippen and underfinanced and should be avoided, even if their starter packs charged at L. 31 are cheaper than those of its competitors. That's why no data rates and packages are listed for this provider at the moment.