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Basics Edit

This article is about Guyana, officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana in South America, not French Guyana or Guyane which is covered in our French West Indies chapter.

In Guyana there are two mobile operators:

  • GTT+ (formerly Cellink plus, by GT&T)
  • Digicel Guyana

2G is on GSM 900 MHz. 3G/HSPA+ has started on 850 MHz in May 2016, but it's branded as "4G" by both operators. Check that your phone supports 3G on 850 MHz or you'll be limited to EDGE speeds. Real 4G/LTE has been started in March 2017 by GTT+ in Essequibo so far only to be spread to more towns later on 700 MHz (band 28).

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) is the incumbent provider in the country. Digicel arrived in 2006 as second provider for much needed competiton in the mobile sector. In 2016 the government decided to break up this duopoly and may admit more players soon.

Mobile coverage is present only along the coast and in some river valleys up to Linden and Bartica. Most inland areas are not covered by the networks and a satellite telephone is required. Speeds are reasonable according to OpenSignal on 3G with 1-2 Mbit/s, but latency is rather high.

GTT+ (formerly Cellink plus, by GT&T)Edit


The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) is the incumbent provider in the country. The US-owned company is the only landline operator, the biggest internet provider, has still a monopoly on international lines and operates the only fibre optic submarine cables.

It's mobile network was rebranded from Cellink plus to GTT+ in 2015. They have a slightly better mobile coverage compared with Digicel.

2G is on GSM 900 MHz. 3G/HSPA+ has started on 850 MHz in May 2016. It's branded as "4G". 4G/LTE has started on 700 MHz (band 28) in some major towns.


Available from GT&T shops and independent vendors. Store locator. Doesn't include independent vendors. SIM is GYD 2000 without any credit.

Top-ups are available in GT&T shops and independent vendors or Online

Data feature packagesEdit

Out-of bundle data is GYD 10 per MB (= GYD 10000 per GB). So buy packages:

Combo plans
Name Price Voice Data SMS
Daily+ GYD 449 15 mins 200 MB 30
3 Days GYD 749 25 mins 500 MB 50
Weekly GYD 1499 40 mins 1000 MB 80
Monthly GYD 3499 100 mins 3000 MB 200
Monthly+ GYD 5199 150 mins 4200 MB 250

Calls to the USA and Canada are included in mobile bundles.

Data plans 2G/3G/4G
Name Price Volume
Daily Plan GYD 249 80 MB
Daily Plan Extended GYD 349 140 MB
3 Day Plan GYD 569 300 MB
Weekly Plan GYD 1149 800 MB
Monthly Plan GYD 2629 2048 MB
Monthly Plan Extended GYD 3419 3072 MB

To buy bundles dial *100#. All data plans include data roll-over and from $ 569 free Facebook and WhatsApp use.

More info Edit

  • APN:
  • Username and Password: gtt
  • Query balance: *100*1*1#
  • Website:

Digicel GuyanaEdit


Digicel Guyana is part of the international Digicel Group. They started in 2006 as second provider and are not fully on par with GTT yet.

2G is on GSM 900 Mhz. 3G/HSPA+ has started on 850 MHz in May 2016. It's branded as "4G". There is no real 4G/LTE yet with Digicel: coverage map


SIM cards are available from official store: (locator). There is one in Cheddi Jagan International Airport open Mon-Sat: 7am to 11pm. SIM is GYD 2000 without any credit.

Top-up cards are sold in many independent stores and Digicel stores. Just look for Digicel logo. Sometimes they will top-up your number electronically directly instead. Top-ups can also be made online. You can get there bundles as well and from abroad at participating independent stores which are common in countries with sizeable immigrant population.

One customer can send money to another customer​. It's called "Credit U". More details and instructions are on their website

Data featured bundlesEdit

2G-only data bundles with speeds up to EDGE only:

Name Price Size Validity
1 Day GYD 280 120 MB 1 day
2 Days GYD 570 300 MB 2 days
1 Week GYD 1250 900 MB 7 days
1 Month GYD 3200 2355 MB 30 days
Quarterly GYD 9100 6144 MB 90 days

To buy data bundles use USSD *136# or *100# and follow the prompts. To check remaining data dial *123#. You can upsize the 2G bundles:

  • 15 MB: GYD 110
  • 50 MB: GYD 340
  • 100 MB: GYD 570

To buy an upsize use USSD *136#

"4G" data bundles (for 3G/HSPA+):

Name Price Volume mins, SMS Validity
Daily GYD 370 150 MB 0, 0 1 day
Daily plus GYD 450 250 MB 10, 10 1 day
3 Days GYD 770 550 MB 20, 20 3 days
Weekly GYD 1600 1300 MB 30, 30 7 days
Monthly GYD 3800 3584 MB 80, 80 30 days
Monthly Plus GYD 5500 4608 MB 150, 150 30 days

To buy data bundles use USSD *136# or *100# and follow the prompts. Bundled minutes and SMS are domestic to Digicel and GTT+ plus networks. To check remaining data dial *123#. These upsizes for "4G" bundles are offered:

  • 50 MB: GYD 230
  • 200 MB: GYD 560
  • 500 MB: GYD 1200
  • 1 GB: GYD 1700

To buy an upsize use USSD *136#.

More info Edit

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