To reach full coverage in the United States providers rely on so-called Domestic or National Roaming. In most countries with most providers you can only connect your phone to the network of the provider in question. If normal roaming is enabled, you can connect to other providers abroad, but still not to the competing providers while residing inland. -- Usually.

National or Domestic roaming is exactly that: having the possibility to connect to other inland providers. This is only possible if the two providers involved have an agreement and the roaming partner prepares its network to allow that.

The United States is a good example for a country with Domestic Roaming. It has a bunch of remote areas where no-one or smaller providers have networks. The more national providers have arrangements to allow their own customers to get acces: either for voice/sms only or for data as well. And either up to 4G, 3G or 2G.

Providers with Domestic Roaming Edit

AT&T Edit

On some (most?) AT&T sold devices you don't easily see that you roam domestically, because it's programmed to show "AT&T" nevertheless. Data-allotment is limited to the hundreds of megabytes per month for most plans. AT&T roams with Commnet including data(!) and others (I guess).

T-Mobile Edit

Voice/SMS roaming with Commnet without data!

Regions with limited coverage Edit

The following list is for touristy or otherwise interesting areas without coverage by all of the standard national carriers. Please confirm finding where indicated.

Listing a provider for an area does not mean the whole area is covered. Coverage might still be limited to visitor centers, towns, villages or other areas considered worth the effort or those areas catching stray signals from the aforementioned ones. But at least at some spots there is something. And yes, in the rest of the those areas there is nothing a mobile/cellular can grab on to.

West (California, Nevada, Arizona) Edit

Death Valley National Park (to confirm) Edit
  • CDMA unknown
  • Commnet
  • Verizon LTE
Yoshua Tree National Park (to confirm) Edit
  • CDMA unknown
  • no-one with GSM stack
Grand Canyon National Park south rim (to confirm) Edit
  • CDMA unknown
  • Commnet 2G, 3G
  • Verizon LTE

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