In Djibouti there is only one operator active:

  • Djibouti Telecom (Evatis)

Djibouti is one of the last countries in the world allowing its national telco Djibouti Telecom (DT) a monopoly on all telecom services, including fixed lines, mobile, internet and broadband. The lack of competition has meant that prices are not so cheap for African standards.

Their signal covers most parts of country and where 3G is available, reasonable speeds of up to 7 Mbps can be expected.

Djibouti Telecom (Evatis)Edit

Logo evatis-2

The company has both a CDMA and a GSM network. The CDMA Network is used to provide the users with a "fixed" line and their phone numbers start with a 2. The GSM network is marketed under the name Evatis and all mobile numbers start with 77.

The network operates on 900 MHz, for 2G and also for 3G, that has been available since 2012. 4G/LTE is being tested since March 2016, but not launched yet.


The standard, micro and nano SIM card costs 1000 DJF .  To get a SIM card, you need to bring a valid ID and visit a Djibouti Telecom or any electronics shop.

Top-up vouchers are available in the values between 500 DJF and 10,000 DJF, of which the higher values will give extra bonus credits. Type *168# to check the remaining balance.

Data packages Edit

The base rate is 15 DJF per MB. The following packages are available via *164# that contain data. The packages cannot be combined. Via *165# you can check the remaining balance of the packages you are using.

Package Volumes Validity Price
Express 50 MB 1 day 100 DJF
Avantage 250 MB 2 days 300 DJF
Confort 1 GB 3 days 500 DJF
Classic 30 dom. mins, 20 MB

20 SMS, 10 MMS

30 days 500 DJF


120 dom. mins, 100 MB

50 SMS, 20 MMS

30 days 2000 DJF


180 dom. mins, 500 MB

100 SMS, 50 MMS

30 days 5000 DJF

More informationEdit

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