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Basics Edit

Denmark has 4 physical network operators:

  • TDC
  • Telenor (network sharing with Telia)
  • Telia (network sharing with Telenor)
  • 3 (= Tre) (on 3G and 4G only)

and about 50 MVNOs operating of these networks.

2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 Mhz, 3G/UMTS on 2100 Mhz and 4G/LTE has been started on the 800, 1800 and 2600 Mhz frequencies on all networks like in most of Europe.


All networks have nationwide 2G coverage, but Tre is a 3G/4G network only with national roaming on TDC for 2G. In early 2016 Tre moves over to Telia for roaming for 2G and 3G with data too, where it doesn't have own coverage.

Telia and Telenor want to merge their networks into a joint venture which is still pending due to EU regulator's approval. Right now, they have a national network sharing agreement with each other. The combined Telia/Telenor networks cover 99.9% with 2G and 3G and more than 95% with 4G/LTE.

To check out a certain place, it's best to take a look on the coverage maps: TDC coverage , 3 Coverage, Telia Coverage = Telenor coverage.


While 3-4 networks and over 50 operators sound a lot of competition, prepaid offers are rare, as most of the providers are geared to contract customers. Tre for example stopped all prepaid activities and sells only contracts which require a Danish personal security number. So unlike other countries, it's no use to go to a 3 shop anymore for a Danish prepaid card. TDC only sells voice SIMs with unfavorable data rates. Many MVNOs still offer prepaid, but have no offline outlets to buy or top up. So the choice is rather limited.

Telenor Edit


Telenor has a network sharing agreement with Telia in Denmark and thus one of the best coverages in the country. While they focus on contracts, they still offer prepaid cards called Taletidskort with a very interesting flat rate for data, but not open to 4G/LTE.

Availability Edit

Their Taletidskort is sold online to be sent to a Danish postal address. Offline you can purchase it as Startkit in their stores (locator) or more than 3000 outlets within the country. Price is 99 DKK including 29 DKK credit valid for 12 months.

Top-up vouchers are available there or online for a big discount. You will get two PIN codes: one 8 digits from the card and another 6 digits scratched off. To top up, dial 80 333 444, select menu 2 and enter both PIN codes followed by #.

Default data rate Edit

Telenor has only a flat rate for data on their Taletidskort: 99 øre (that's 0.99 DKK) per MB. This is up to maximum of 10 DKK. Data don't stops at 10 MB, but all data usage for the rest of the day is free, but speed may be reduced. No other packages for data are offered on prepaid.

More info Edit

Oister Edit

Oister is a MVNO on the Tre network. After 3 has ceased all prepaid activities in 2011, it's your only option for a prepaid SIM card on this network. It has the best 3G coverage in the country, 2G is by roaming on TDC changing to Telia for roaming in 2016 on 2G and 3G. 4G is not available for Oister prepaid yet. Their new prepaid line is called Oister Go!

Oister Go!Edit

SIM Cards are sold at various outlets that can be found here: Oister resellers  They have 2 different types of packages: One with voice only, and one with data only. For data, ask for "Oister Go! Mobilt bredbånd". Their new starter pack is 39 DKK with 300 MB preloaded.

Default data rate outside packages is 0.5 DKK per MB. These packs can be loaded on the data SIM:

  • 5 GB, 100 DKK
  • 10 GB, 200 DKK
  • 25 GB, 300 DKK

Packs are valid for 12 months and must be bought online on giving your mobile number.

Data-only SIM Edit

The starter pack "OiSTER Mobilt Bredbånd Tank Selv" as SIM card only is 99 DKK and with a 3G modem is 499 DKK. Both come with a 7 days activation (and max. 50 GB data). At the end of this time, you can buy extra time/data. All their packs are time-based:

  • 1 day: 29 kr
  • 7 days: 79 kr
  • 30 days: 199 kr
  • 90 days: 499 kr

These packages must be bought online following this procedure:

Select your time period: 1, 7, 30 or 90 days, press "Gå til betaling", put in your credit card information, copy your activation code, go back to, put in your "Kundenummer" (= Customer ID) and paste your activation code into "Aktiveringskode", press "Aktivér Mobilt Bredbånd".

The activation process should take around 10 mins. Your SIM card is active for the purchased time. The volume limit is 50 GB per period. So each activation code represents a period, thus 1 day has the same 50 GB limit as 90 days have.

More infoEdit

  • you need to make a recharge at least once a year
  • APN:
  • basic info in English

Telia Edit

Telia has a good 2G/3G coverage in the country through the network sharing with Telenor. Their combined 4G is the most advanced, but not yet available for prepaid.

Availability and start up costsEdit

Telia offers a "Telia Talk" prepaid SIM for voice, text and data. It's available in many 7/11 shops in the country: Store locator and in Telia outlets. Top up vouchers called Taleditskort can be purchased there and in many other locations.

The SIM Card is 29 DKK with the same credit and default data rate is 10 DKK per MB.

For top-up online you seem to need to have a danish bank account or credit card including the personsnummer, so keeping your number alive will be difficult

Data feature packages Edit

The following packs can be added to get better data rates:

These packs are sold as separate top-up vouchers called Datakort. Unfortunately not all outlets selling the taletidskort seem to be able to sell them (711 and Shell for instance do not sell them, but the telia shops as well as the customer service of some supermarkets do).

  • 1 GB, 1 week, 49 DKK
  • 3 GB, 1 month, 79 DKK
  • 10 GB, 1 month, 179 DKK
  • 30 GB, 3 months, 399 DKK

More infoEdit

  • APN:
  • SIM sizes: newer package are sold with micro SIM, but e.g. some 7/11 still sells standard SIM only
  • tethering: yes
  • online in Danish only

One Mobile Edit

One Mobile is a prepaid MVNO in the country on the Telenor network which has a very good 2G and 3G covering thanks to the network sharing with Telia network.

Availability and costsEdit

It is sold in 4500 outlets in the country (list) like Bilka, Spar, Shell, Statoil, 7-Eleven. Top up vouchers can be found there too for 50, 100 and 200 DKK. The SIM card is 49 DKK and includes 10 DKK of credit. Data is charged at 0.99 DKK per MB.

Data is given out as a "reward" for reloading:

  • for a reload of 50 DKK, you get 1 GB free
  • for a reload of 100 DKK, you get 4 GB free
  • for a reload of 200 DKK, you get 6 GB free

Overuse is charged by the default rate of 0.99 DKK/MB.


- At the kiosks that have this operator as option (30% of the places)

- Recharge online: Not possible


Not supported

More infoEdit

  • SIM size: standard SIM cards only.
  • Tethering: no apparent problem.
  • APN: internet
  • online in Danish only

Lebara mobileEdit

The British Lebara Group sells its products in Denmark too. It acts as a MVNO on the Telenor network (network sharing with Telia) giving good coverage in 2G and 3G.

Start up costs and availabilityEdit

The starter pack (with 10 DKK credit) is sold for free in their outlets (survey) or you can buy it for 98 DKK at the automatic machine seller in the Airport of Copenhagen.

Default data rate is 0.39 DKK/MB.

Online top ups can be tricky, as you need to have a Danish address and registration. So you better stick to top up vouchers available in the shops shown above.

Data feature packsEdit

The following bundles can be booked:

  • 2 GB: 49 DKK - for activation text 2GB to 5010
  • 4 GB: 79 DKK - for activation text 4GB to 5010
  • 5 GB: 99 DKK - for activation text 5GB to 5010

Bundles are valid for 30 days, wll renew automatically if there is enought credit plus 5 DKK and can be stopped by texing <bundle size>*stop to 5010 e.g. 1GB*stop. Overuse is charged by the default rate.

More infoEdit

  • APN: Internet
  • website available in English

Lycamobile Edit

Where there is Lebara, there is Lyca too. Lycamobile from Britain is the main competitor of Lebara on the ethno market. In Denmark it is operating a MVNO on the good TDC network in 2G, 3G, and LTE.

Their SIM card is sold online for free to be sent to a Danish postal address or offline at many outlets (store locator) for free.

Default Data RateEdit

0.39 DKK per MB charged if no data bundle is booked or used up.

Data feature packsEdit

These monthly data bundles are available:

  • 1 GB: 25 DKK, activation: 4510
  • 3 GB: 35 DKK, activation: 4520
  • 5 GB: 49 DKK, activation: 4530
  • 10 GB: 69 DKK, activation: 4535
  • 18 GB: 99 DKK, activation: 4540

For activation text code to 3535. They will auto-renew, if not stopped by calling customer service 3332 from Lycamobile. All excess data will be charged with the default rate or you can add one of these data bold-ons for the remainder of the running time of the base package:

  • 500 MB: 25 DKK, activation: 601
  • 1 GB: 45 DKK, activation: 602

For activation of the add-ons, text code to 3535. They will not auto-renew.


  • APN:
  • Username: lmdk (that's lowcase L, not capital I)
  • Password: plus

More informationEdit

  • tethering seems to be prohibited and blocked
  • Website in English

CBB Mobile Edit

CBB mobil

CBB Mobile as a MVNO uses Telenor and (via network sharing) Telia networks and sells prepaid, pre-activated packages. They sell subscriptions that are prepaid and valid for up to 6 months. So if you visit Denmark more often, this can be a good option.

Availability Edit

Available online (only sent to Danish postal adresses) and offline in kiosks like 7-Eleven and other stores. The SIM card is for 1 DKK online plus the first package that you purchase. Offline, you will often only find their starter pack Startpakke for 99 DKK with 50 DKK credit preloaded.

You can top up online after registration and linked to a credit card or better buy reload vouchers called tank up kort in their outlets.

Default data rate Edit

Their default rate when no package is booked is called CBB Basis: 1 DKK per MB on 2G and 3G. There is a minimal monthly consumption charge of 10 DKK in place. If you don't have enough balance, they will close your SIM card.

Data-only packages Edit

They offer these data-only packages called Mobilt bredbånd in up to 3G speed:

Data Volume Validity Price
1 GB 7 days 79 DKK
15 GB 45 days 199 DKK
50 GB 6 months 499 DKK

Voice and texts will be charged according to the default rate. Overuse of data too.

Combined packages Edit

Furthermore, they offer combined packages called Talepakker with domestic voice, text and data, all valid for one month (30 days):

Data Volume max. Speed dom. Voice Price
500 MB 3G 1 hour 49 DKK
3 GB 3G 5 hours 79 DKK
12 GB 4G/LTE 12 hours 99 DKK
15 GB 4G/LTE 15 hours 109 DKK
8 GB 4G/LTE unlimited 129 DKK
12 GB 3G unlimited 149 DKK

All plans include free Facebook, free unlimited domestic SMS and MMS and calls within CBB. They will auto-renew every month, but can be ended after 1 month only. If you don't have enough balance, rate will fall to CBB Basis.

Max. speed on 3G is 4-20 Mbps download and 1-4 Mbps upload, on 4G/LTE 17-71 Mbps download and 5-43 Mbps upload. You can speed up 3G bundles to 4G/LTE by an 4G add-on for 20 DKK per month.

You can upsized data by add-ons:

  • 1 GB: 19 DKK
  • 5 GB: 49 DKK

More info Edit

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