The Czech Republic has 3 GSM-based network operators:

  • T-Mobile (owned by Deutsche Telekom)
  • O2 (owned by PPF)
  • Vodafone (UK-owned)

A fourth operator U:fon is on GSM-incompatible CDMA 450-MHz reaching 90% of the Czech population with up to 3.1 Mbps speed. This band is not compatible with usual CDMA-phones either and only works with devices specifically designed for CDMA 450. They aim to start 4G/LTE on 450 MHz which is also incompatible with all usual GSM or CDMA devices. That's why they aren't mentioned any further.

Since a few years already more than 50 MVNOs have started up: COOP mobile, TESCO mobile,, OpenCall, Kaktus,, SAZKA mobile and Vectone mobile are given as examples for good data rates, but there are still more on the market.

2G/GSM covers all of the country on 900 and 1800 MHz like in the rest of Europe. 3G/UMTS is on 2100 MHz in most of the areas. 4G/LTE is on 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz available to all users. The former LTE coverage on 900 MHz of Vodafone has migrated to 800 MHz now.

Vodafone has the best 4G/LTE coverage in 2017: 99% of population get Vodafone's LTE while O2 and T-Mobile build up their LTE together and reach 93%. O2 and T-Mobile also have network sharing agreements for 2G and 3G practically everywhere outside of Prague and Brno. That's why their footprint is almost the same out of these two towns.

SIM cards are available in the stores of the network operators or in many supermarkets without registration. Recharge vouchers can be bought at many kiosks, post offices and petrol stations.

Unlike in many other European countries, you will lose all credit on a Czech SIM card, if you don't top-up your balance periodically; periodic usage is not enough. A very effective way to use up surplus credit on a Czech SIM card is to spend it on premium SMS for tickets on public transport in Prague. Tickets purchased this way cost the network's standard SMS charge plus the price of the ticket.

EU flag
The Czech Republic is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Two major Czech operators apply rules without restrictions, but Vodafone and some smaller providers have opted out. For specifics about the new regulation check European Union chapter and every provider below.




Czech T-Mobile has good 2G and 3G coverage throughout the Czech Republic rivalling with O2 and Vodafone: coverage map. It's the market leader in the country with 40% share.

4G/LTE is now also open for prepaid on 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz with almost the same coverage like O2 at 93% in 2017.


Their prepaid line is called Twist and sold in T-mobile stores (store locator) and the markets of Mall, Alza, Comfor, CZC, Tesco, Space Electro and Electro World as well as online to be sent to a Czech adress. A Twist prepaid SIM card is sold for CZK 200 with CZK 200 credit,100 MB data and unlimited inter-network calls valid for 30 days. They also give out 'trial SIM cards' online for free with 10 CZK credit.

Both SIMs give unlimited inter-network calls and 100 MB data bonus valid for 30 days, if you text 'NASIM VSITI' to 4603 for free and top-up at least 300 CZK.

The card has a PIN that is printed on the card holder along with the other codes.

Recharges Edit

You can recharge in the stores of T-Mobile, Czech Post, Globus, Billa, Rossmann, Electron World and at CSS and Sazka terminals. You will get a bonus of CZK for your first top-up.

Credit stays valid for 12 months. You need to top-up at least 200 CZK every year. Check credit by calling *101#. SIM card has a cut-out lines suggesting that it can be converted to micro- and nano- format.

Data feature packagesEdit

These data packages are offered with roaming in the EU included:

Data Time Price Activation
25 MB 24 hours 24 CZK IDEN A
60 MB 1 week 49 CZK ITYDEN A
400 MB 1 month 99 CZK IMESIC400 A
1 GB 1 month 199 CZK IMESIC1 A
2 GB 1 month 299 CZK IMESIC2 A

For activation text code to 4603.

Data-only SIMEdit

T-Mobile offers a data-only SIM called "Twist Online" intended for tablets and laptops. It's sold at their stores and Electron World, Tesco, Makro, CSZ, Comfor, Alza as well as some Czech post offices.

  • SIM-only: 200 CZK with the same credit
  • Alcatel Onetouch 4G PLUS and SIM card: 1449 CZK with 200 CZK credit

This SIM doesn't have packages, but stays at the lowest default rate in the country of 0.40 CZK per MB.

EU roaming Edit

You can use all allowances while roaming in the EU at the same prices as in the Czech Republic without restrictions.

More infoEdit

  • Tethering: allowed


O2 has a good coverage in the country giving you good speed. 4G/LTE is on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz and available for prepaid: coverage map. Its 4G/LTE network provides coverage to 90% of the Czech population of the population and combined 3G/4G coverage at 99% and 93% for LTE in 2017.


O2 sells their starter packs in their stores (Locator) or online, sent to a Czech postal address. Standard SIM cards are available as well as mini or nano SIMs and come with these plans:

  • PředplaDENka for 199 CZK, with 200 CZK credit included in O2 stores
  • NA!DLOUHO for 199 CZK, with 200 CZK credit included in O2 stores
  • NA!VÝBĚR for 199 CZK with a 500 MB data package included valid for 30 days with auto-renew and CSK 50 preloaded.

You can change to NA!DLOUHO plan by texting 'TARIF NADLOUHO' or to NA!SÍTI plan by texting 'TARIF NAVYBER' to 999111.

Top-up vouchers can be found at O2 stores, kiosks, petrol stations and supermarkets in quantities of 200, 300 and 500 CZK. The credit on your SIM card is valid for up to one year, depending on the amount of recharge. Up to CZK 99 is valid for 45 days, CZK 100 to CZK 499 for 6 months, and CZK 500 for one year. To check credit type *124*#.

Data optionsEdit

For their PředplaDENka you can add their DEN VOLÁNÍ option with calling to all Czech networks and basic internet (unlimited @ 32 kbps) for messenging for CZK 20 per day (CZK 25 with SMS included).

There is only one data package for high speed available for this plan:

  • 500 MB for 30 days: CZK 150, activation: text 'INTERNET' to 999111. It can be booked several times.

The NA!VÝBĚR plan also has a 500 MB package included at CZK 150, that can will auto-renew every month or can be added by another 500 MB at CZK 99.

To all plans you can add these data packages in up 4G/LTE up to 185 Mbps:

  • S: 75 MB for 7 days: CZK 49, activation: PR DATA 2
  • M: 400 MB for 7 days: CZK 89, activation: PR DATA 3
  • L: 1.5 GB for 30 days: CZK 299, activation: PR DATA 4
  • XL: 5 GB for 30 days: CZK 549, activation PR DATA 5

For activation text code to 999111. Package will renew every week/month, if there is enough credit. To disenable text PR DATA # D (# = package size) to 999111.

The default rate outside of package is CZK 30 for 24 hours and 30 MB with the first hour charged a maximum of CZK 15. After reaching this or the package limit, data will be cut.

EU roaming Edit

All allowances like data packages can be used without surcharges all over the EU for roaming.

More infoEdit

  • APN: internet
  • O2 doesn't allow tethering and disenable it on iOS devices. On Android phones it's possible.
  • Website (partly in English):

Vodafone Edit


Vodafone is the smallest of the 3 nationwide network providers by customers numbers in the Czech Republic, but with the best coverage of 4G/LTE right now.

4G/LTE runs on 5 different frequencies on 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz. Their LTE on 900 MHz has now migrated to 800 MHz. 2100 MHz is used in some cities but supported by few phones sold in Europe. For coverage map see here. Vodafone's 4G/LTE is called "Turbo Internet" and they claim a 99% coverage in 2017.

Availability Edit

A prepaid Czech Vodafone start-up SIM card costs 200 CZK and comes with an equal amount of credit. It comes as flexi SIM in all three sizes. The default PIN is 1234 and the SIM is automatically activated when placed in your phone. The SIM is available in Vodafone stores (store locator) and kiosks. If you buy a SIM at the Vodafone store, you may activate any special service such as data right away. It doesn't matter which prepaid line from Vodafone you buy, as long as your are using data-only as the packages are all the same for prepaid.

Top-ups are not possible online with a non-Czech credit card, but you may pay with credit card at some shops or ATMs. Vouchers are sold by post offices, kiosks, supermarkets, betting halls etc. for CZK 250, 500 and 1200. Check balance by entering *22#.

Data feature packages Edit

You can sign up for a data option when you buy the SIM, but be sure not to use data until you get a confirmation SMS. The best way for signing up is at the store when you buy the SIM or online on the Self Care Center (which is available in English) here: Volume-based offers valid for a month:

dom. Data Price Activation
150 MB CZK 99 DATA 150 FIX
500 MB CZK 199 DATA 500 FIX

For activation text code to 7700. Packages come with unlimited SMS within the Vodafone CZ network. When data volume is used up and sufficient balance is available, data FUP is extended. Once a data plan is activated, it remains in effect for one month (till the end of a month with prepaid cards) and is renewed automatically until you cancel it yourself (if you have a credit balance). If you do not have enough credit at the time of renewal, your rate will automatically changed to the daily default rate. Data allowances are domestic only, nor for EU roaming which is on the default rate.

EU roaming Edit

Vodafone is the only major provider that has implemented restrictions to "roam like at home" in EU countries. According to their new pricelist their data packages are valid in the Czech Rep. only and are not given out for EU roaming. Their basic roaming tariff for all prepaid cards is Vodafone World Roaming which is their default per MB-rate. You can change to Daily Roaming at CZK 19 for 10 MB per day or Vodafone Roaming Daily at CZK 199 with 100 MB per day, but you can't use data like in the CR.

Offers for visitors Edit

Vodafone, as the only provider in Czech, has special prepaid solutions specifically for the needs of the visitors of the Czech Republic. If you want to use internet in the Czech Republic and you fly to Prague, it is the best choice for you to stop by the Vodafone store at the Vaclav Havel Airport at Terminal 2, which is only a 3-minute walk from Terminal 1. Ask the information desk for directions. It is opened 7am-9pm every day (except holidays) and English is spoken. Special stores for the Visitors SIM.

  • Data SIM for Visitors: 10 GB within 30 days for CZK 800. Unlimited calls to the Vodafone CZ network are included.
  • Hotspot for Visitors: "Unlimited" browsing on a MiFi with up to 8 devices for 2 weeks 800 CZK, 4 weeks 1000 CZK or 8 weeks 1500 CZK. This offer is available at Prague Airport store and two shops downtown Prague (Wenceslas square and Palladium store - not kiosk). You have to pay a refundable deposit of 1500 CZK for the device. There is a Fair Use Policy of 20 GB in place for the rental.

More promotional offers can be found here but may be available only in selected shops.

More info Edit

  • APN: internet
  • tethering: yes, allowed
  • dedicated English line (open on weekdays): +420 776 975 324
  • Website in English (not all offers):

COOP MobilEdit

COOP Mobil is a MVNO operating on the Czech Vodafone network on 2G and 3G, no 4G/LTE. It's sold exclusively at the COOP supermarkets throughout the Czech Republic (store locator).


The prepaid SIM card is sold for CZK 200 with the same balance on it. SIM stays active outgoing for 3 months and incoming for 6 months after the last top-up. Start-up credit is valid for 3 months.

Top-ups can be made at COOP too and in some kiosks. Vouchers are available for CZK 150, 250 and 400.

Data feature packagesEdit

The default tariff is CZK 20 for 25 MB per day (= 24 hours). After data is used up the speed will be reduced to 32 kbps. Further 25 MB packs can be bought online for 20 CZK.

  • 300 MB for 159 CZK, upsize: 100 MB for 60 CZK
  • 1 GB for 399 CZK, no upsize

All the add-ons and monthly packages must be booked by calling costumer service *55 free of charge which may be tricky in English.

More infoEdit

  • it's not clear, if data packages can be used at domestic rates in EU roaming
  • APN: internet
  • Website in Czech:

TESCO MobilEdit

TESCO Mobil is the MVNO from Czech's leading cash'n'carry supermarket chain. It's operating on the O2 network in 2G, 3G and recently also 4G/LTE.

Availability SIM cards are sold exclusively at the supermarkets throughout the Czech Republic: TESCO store locator. The prepaid SIM card is sold for CZK 150 with the same credit on it in their stores or online to be sent to Czech address. The start-up credit is valid for 3 months and SIM stays valid for 1 year after the last top-up

Top ups can be made there and in kiosks, petrol stations or the drugstore chain Rossmann.

Data feature packagesEdit

The default tariff is the daily tariff. After data is used up the speed will be reduced to 200 kbps and heavily throttled. These packs are for roaming in CZ and EU are available:

  • 50 MB per calendar day: 19 CZK, default rate
  • 100 MB for 30 days: 99 CZK, activation: MINI A
  • 300 MB for 30 days: 199 CZK, activation: MIDI A
  • 1 GB for 30 days: 299 CZK, activation: MAXI A

Speed is capped for the two small packs at 8 Mbps, for the large packs at 20 Mbps. To activate text code to 999346. The bundle will renew automatically every month if you have credit. To deactivate auto-renew, text code with D instead of A. When volume is used up, you can reset the volume for 79 CZK by texting INTERNET R to 999346.

More info Edit

SAZKAmobil Edit


SAZKAmobil of the betting agency SAZKA started in 2014 as MVNO. It operates on the Vodafone network in 2G and 3G only and 4G/LTE is announced to be opened in 2017.

Availability Edit

The prepaid SIM card is available for CZK 150 in many stores shown here: tick the shopping basket or online to be sent to a Czech postal address. It comes with the same credit of CZK 150 and 200 MB preloaded.

You need to place a call to activate the SIM card after having put it in your device.

Data feature packages Edit

If you top-up for CZK 300 or more, you get lower call and SMS rates, 1000 Sazka mins and 300 MB data for one month as bonus. For more data, they offer these monthly packages, valid from 15 June 2017 in the CZ and EU too:

  • 100 MB: CZK 60 - activation: R1
  • 200 MB: CZK 90 - activation: R7
  • 300 MB: CZK 130 - activation: R8
  • 500 MB: CZK 190 - activation: R9
  • 1 GB: CZK 290 - activation; R10
  • 2 GB: CZK 390 - activation: R11

To book a package, text code to 8866. For overuse, data will be throttled to 32 Kbps.

More info Edit Edit is a MVNO owned by the Czech media group MAFRA. It operates on the T-Mobile network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE with speeds up to 10 Mbit/s (for coverage see T-Mobile).

Availability Edit

The prepaid SIM card is available for CZK 200 at many newsagents like Relay or Valmont in the country(locator) or online to be sent to a Czech postal address. You'll get a triple hybrid card with all three sizes perforated. It comes with a credit of CZK 200 and 200 MB data preloaded valid for one month.

You need to make a paid call to activate the SIM card after having put it in your device. It may take some minutes to hours until the internet connection is established thereafter.

You can top up online by credit card, at SAZKA terminals, at ATMs (holding a Czech bank account) or by vouchers sold at newsagents. Minimum recharge amount is CZK 200. Credit stays valid for 6 months and SIM card needs to be loaded at least every year to stay alive. To check credit, type *146# on your device.

Data feature packages Edit advertises with 'free internet'. This means that you get up to 200 MB in high speed valid for 30 days for free in the CZ (and from June 17 in the EU), every time you top-up. Exceeding this quota, you can again recharge, buy a data package or will be throttled to 32 kbit/s. From 11 June 2017 a top-up of min. CZK 200 is required every 30 days or internet service stops completely

Alternatively, you can purchase one of their data packages for CZ and EU:

  • 80 MB: 60 CZK for 10 days
  • 1 GB: 300 CZK for 30 days - max. speed is increased to 20 Mbit/s.

To check data consumption and activate packages type *145# or online on your account.

More info Edit

Kaktus Edit


Kaktus is a MVNO on T-Mobile's network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE (see coverage at T-Mobile above) with speeds up to 20 Mbps. They started in 2012 and are directed mainly to the urban youth.

Availability Edit

The prepaid SIM card is available for free with CZK 100 credit online to be sent to Czech postal address. If you charge from CZK 200, you will get 100% bonus credit for first charging. SIM card is aslo available at many newsagents and branded T-Mobile and Žabka stores (Google Maps Viewer) for CZK 100 with CZK 100 credit for a start. First charging bonus is available on SIM cards with CZK 10 starting credit only and bonus credit stay valid for month. SIM card has a cut-out lines suggesting that it can be converted to micro- and nano- format.

SIM card needs to be activated by texting 'AKTIVOVAT' to 7350 or online on their website.

Kaktus cards can be topped up in T-Mobile stores, at ATMs and Sazka betting terminals from CZK 50. Credit and SIM card stay valid for one year. Check credit by *103#.

Data feature packages Edit

Default data rate is CZK 1 per MB. You can add these packages valid for 30 days by sending the activation text to 7350:

  • 80 MB: CZK 50, activation: BALICEK 80 MB
  • 200 MB: CZK 100, activation: BALICEK 200 MB
  • 500 MB: CZK 200, activation: BALICEK 500 MB
  • 1 GB: CZK 300, activation: BALICEK 1000 MB

For check state of package text to 7350: 'BALICEK STAV'. Once the data allowance is consumed, the speed will be reduced to 64 kbs.

Activation is online on your account (in Czech only), by app or by texting the code above to 7350. You can choose, if your pack shall be once-off or recurrent. Unlimited Facebook is included and not debited from the data allowance. When data is used up, you'll get a message and can choose to buy a new pack, be throttled to slower speed or run on the default data rate.

EU roaming Edit

Data roaming is charged at CZK 1 per MB in the EU, not according to roam like at home.

Additional info Edit

  • APN:
  • Website in Czech: Muj Kaktus

OpenCall Mobile Edit


OpenCall is a favourite among expatriates in the Czech Republic since it started in 2013. It's known for having the lowest interntl. call rates. This MVNO by DH Telecom used to run on the network of Vodafone. In 2016 they've changed partners: now they are on O2's network, but still without LTE support. 4G/LTE is announced to be opened from 2017. From mid 2016 only new SIM cards on O2 are sold.

Availability Edit

Their new prepaid SIM card 'powered by O2' is available for free online to be sent to a Czech postal address or from retailers all around the country (list) for CZK 200 with an initial credit of CZK 200.

The new SIM "powered by O2" is widespread rechargeable: every O2 voucher or top-up location works for it. Minimum recharge amount is CZK 200. SIM card needs to be loaded at least every six months to stay alive. On the new packs OpenCall EASY is their default tariff.

Data packs Edit

Default rate is the daily pack. Furthermore, they offer these monthly bundles on their new SIM cards 'powered by O2' with 4G/LTE included valid for CZ and EU:

  • 25 MB for 24 hours: 25 CZK - default rate
  • 150 MB for 1 month: 99 CZK, activation: 150MB A
  • 500 MB for 1 month: 199 CZK, activation: 500MB A
  • 1.5 GB for 1 month: 299 CZK, activation: 1,5GB A
  • 3 GB for 1 month: 449 CZK, activation: 3GB A

Monthly data packages are activated with automatic data renew. Packages need to be activated by texting the code to 999348. As they auto-renew, to deactivate text code and replace 'A' by 'D'. When data quota is used up, there will be an automatic increase of data volume of 20 or 60 MB for 12 CZK. You can also get a data reset with the same quota for the monthly packs at 50% of their original price by texting 'INTERNET R' to 999348.

EU roaming Edit

Roam like at home is implemented for EU roaming at the same rates as in the Czech Rep.

More info Edit Edit

Odorik-logo-210x76 is a prepaid VoIP provider and since 2013 MVNO too on the T-Mobile network in 2G and 3G and optional 4G/LTE. Their novelty is that more than one SIM card or mobile number can share the same prepaid account and balance. But this leads to rather complicated procedures.

Availability Edit

A new SIM card is sold at 80 CZK without credit plus a refundable deposit for a phone number of 50 CZK. This deposit is given back, when you terminate your number. They send it out all over the world: postage is 15 CZK within Czech Rep., 30 CZK to Europe and 40 CZK to other continents. You need to register and top up your balance online. You can activate the SIM card anytime online, when you need it. If you are in Prague, visit their office located in centre, 80m from the metro station Národní třída near OC Quadrio, open weekdays 9 AM - 7 PM incl. hol. Another office is located in Brno. You can check your balance by dialing 4489. You can top-up online by credit card, internatl. wire transfer to a bank account, at Europay and SAZKA terminals (at 6,800 places in Czech. Rep.) or post offices in the Czech Rep. showing a special bar code given to you.

Data feature packages Edit

Data is active by default: 1 CZK for 1 MB, billing by 1 kB, max. speed throttled to 128/128 kbit/s after first downloaded MB within the day. It's possible to activate one of the following data packages online or by calling 4488 valid in the Czech Republic and all over the EU:

  • 25 MB: 20 CZK (additional 100 MB is 40 CZK)
  • 150 MB: 69 CZK – max. speed 5 Mbit/s
  • 500 MB: 190 CZK – max. speed 10 Mbit/s
  • 1 GB: 290 CZK – max. speed 20 Mbit/s
  • 1.5 GB: 390 CZK – max. speed 20 Mbit/s
  • 2 GB: 450 CZK – max. speed 20 Mbit/s
  • 3 GB: 490 CZK – max. speed 20 Mbit/s
  • 10 GB: 690 CZK – max. speed 20 Mbit/s

Each data package is valid only till the end of the current calendar month. So avoid purchasing a large package at the end of the month if you don't use it up in few days. Data on up to 3G speeds only.

  • LTE speed is available for an extra fee 10 CZK/month

Further fees Edit

If you spent less then 100 CZK during the last 30 days on your SIM card line (not your account), you will be charged 0.70 CZK fee per day for your active SIM card. However, you may suspend/resume the SIM card online to avoid this fee. The balance, phone number or SIM card doesn't expire, so it can be good option if you visit Czech Rep. from time to time.

Two years after last recharge to your account, another fee will be imposed: 2 CZK per month are charged for inactive accounts.

EU roaming Edit

International roaming is blocked by default. You will need to sign this amendment to contract, where you undertake to pay in 30 days any debit that could occur on your account due to roaming services or premium SMS services. You can sign in their office (Prague or Brno) or verify your signature at any post office (fee: 30 Kč) and send it to them by post. Only then, roaming is opened and "roam like at home" rules apply.

More info Edit

Vectone mobile Edit


Vectone mobile is an international MVNO created by the UK-based Mundio Group. It started with low IDD call rates and a prepaid offer in the Czech Republic in 2016 on T-Mobile on 2G and 3G, no 4G/LTE yet.

Availability Edit

The prepaid SIM card is available for free in their stores which are no listed but look for their logo or online to be sent to a Czech postal address. As a special service customers in countries where Vectone operates can get a Czech SIM in their mail too: Austria, France, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the UK.

You can top-up online 200, 500 or 1000 CZK using an internatl. 3D secured Visa or MasterCard. Alternatively, you can purchase multifunctional top-up vouchers from shops displaying the Vectone mobile sign. Type *105# to check your number and *5003# to check your balance.

Data packs Edit

Default rate for data is 0.80 CZK per MB. For data, they offer these monthly packages valid in CZ only:

  • 300 MB: CZK 99 valid for 30 days - activation: *9017#
  • 1 GB: CZK 199 valid for 30 days - activation: *9016#
  • 3 GB: CZK 299 valid for 30 days - activation: *9017#
  • 6 GB: CZK 499 valid for 30 days - activation: *9018#

To check the remaining allowance of the data pack, type *9002#. All packages auto-renew after 30 days. To stop, type *9003# before.

EU roaming Edit

Roam like at home is not taking place as data packages remain domestic only. However, the same base rate of 0.80 CZK per MB is applied in both CZ and EU roaming.

More info Edit

  • APN:
  • They have a free Vectone Mobile app on iStore and Play Store to manage your SIM card that can be switched to English.
  • Website in English:

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