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In early 2014, the Crimean Peninsula or Crimea became de facto part of the Russian Federation, although United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262 states that it remains de jure part of Ukraine. Crimea is now integrated into the Russian telephone system. The Ukrainian networks ceased their operations there and left the peninsula at the end of 2014, even though two of them are Russian-owned. Any network or brand operating in Crimea faces international sanctions; therefore the Russian-owned networks now operating in Crimea use neither their former Ukrainian nor their Russian brand names.

This status of Crimea is still seen very differently by various people. Some see it as an annexion or occupation, others as a separation determined democratically in a referendum by the population. Please understand: This is not a forum to state your personal political point of view about it. However, the Ukraine page was frequently changed one or the other way.

Irrespective of one's view of the status of Crimea, this page is concerned only with telephony. From a mobile telephony point of view, Crimea is de facto a separate entity with its own local mobile networks, similar to Hong Kong, Macau, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Therefore like these other territories, it was decided to cover Crimea under its own page. This has the added benefit of avoiding any indication that Crimea might be part of either Ukraine or Russia.

These new regional operators were appointed by the Russian regulator, but deployment has been slowed down because of international sanctions:

  • Win Mobile (by K-Telecom)
  • Volna Mobile (Волна мобайл by KTK Telecom)
  • Crimeatelecom (Крымтелеком)
  • Sevmobile (СевМобайл)
  • Intertelecom (for CDMA-compatible phones only)

Note, that there is currently no calling or texting from Crimea to Ukrainian +380 numbers. Furthermore no Ukrainian provider can roam on Crimean networks. All mobile numbers come with a Russian prefix +7 and the system is connected to Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media has announced that mobile network coverage has reached 97% of the area in the Crimea region and in the federal city of Sebastopol which forms a separate administrative unit, but 4G/LTE coverage is still pachy.

Because of the international boycott, most providers outside Russia don't offer international roaming on a Crimean operator. You will need to buy a SIM card from a Russian or Crimean operator to have connection on the Crimea.

Win Mobile (by K-Telecom)

Win mobile
After MTS Ukraine left the region, Win Mobile took over in 2014 and started to provide a 2G-only network on 900 and 1800 MHz. In summer 2015 they started 3G on 2100 MHz in a few places (2G 3G coverage map) and cover most of the peninsula now. They started with 4G/LTE on 800 and 2600 MHz in the city of Simferopol in 2016. Win mobile has the best coverage in 2017 on the peninsula,


Their regular prepaid SIM card called "Свобода общения" (Freedom of Communication) can be bought in their stores (list in Russian).

You can top-up at payment terminals shown here.

Data feature packages

Default rate is 10 Rub. per MB and these data bundles can be added:

  • Online Day: 10 MB per day: 15 Rub., activation: *805#, deactivation: *796#
  • Online Freedom: 50 MB per day: 3 Rub. + 30 Rub. for connection, activation: *809#, deactivation: *792#
  • Online Month: 1.5 GB per month: 150 Rub., activation: *806#, deactivation: *798#
  • Online Maxi: 4 GB per month: 200 Rub., activation: *818#, deactivation: *797#

Beyond these limits data speed is reduced to 32 kbps. Packages auto-renew if not deactivated.

Other plans

They have introduced the new data-focused tariff line called "Форсаж" (Fast and Furious) containing 15 GB data per month for 400 Rub.

Recently they issued a third plan called "На море" (on sea). Data is debited in 100 MB chunks for 10 Rub. each without packages offered.

More information

  • Data can be used on roaming all over the Russian Federation (on MTS network) on the default rate of 10 Rub. per MB. Calls or texts to Ukraine are not possible.
  • Win Mobile is connected to MTS Russia and SIM cards from MTS Krasnodar and Win Mobile can be used identically.
  • APN: internet
  • Website in Russian:

Volna Mobile (Волна мобайл)


Mobile operator KTK Telecom, working under the Volna Mobile brand, started providing services in the Crimea region in 2016. The operator covers several cities on the peninsula: Sevastopol, Simferopol and Yalta and most of the region by now (coverage map) with 3G, some with 4G/LTE. In 2017 they started to cooperate with MTS for roaming in Russia.


Their SIM cards are avaiable at all points of sale (shop locator) and top-ups at their payment terminals (locator). Check credit by *101#.


They offer three monthly plans for prepaid:

  • Sun (Солнце): no subscription price, data: 5 RUB per MB or 2 GB for 90 Rub.
  • Sea (Mope): 150 RUB - including basic internet at 32 kbps and 1 GB high speed for 50 Rub.
  • Wind (Ветер): 300 RUB - including 10 GB high speed intenet

Outside data rate is 5 RUB per GB. On all plans the "prolong speed" add-on can be added with 1 GB for 50 RUB by typing *502*1#.

More info

Crimeatelecom (Крымтелеком)


This provider, owned by the regional government, controls some of the landline communication as it's building a link from Russia to the Crimea by a fibre optic cable. In the mobile sector, they received assets of Ukrainian providers that have been nationalized. In 2015 they were awarded licences by the Russian regulator for a 2G and 3G network in the region. They launched commercial mobile services in the Crimea region in 2016. The operator provides services over 3G/UMTS base stations based in the main cities across the region on 2100 MHz at up to 14.4 Mbps. A 2G/GSM network is also launched on the 900 and 1800 MHz bands.

SIM plan

Prepaid SIM cards have been given out for 200 Rub. with one monthly package included in their stores (list). Their standard plan is called Мой Крым (My Crimea) can be activated by *111*129#. Mobile internet is 5 Rub. per MB.

Data feature packages

These data packages have been introduced to be added to a plan:

  • Интернет S: 100 MB for 1 (calendar) day: 5 Rub., activation: *111*003#
  • Интернет M: 15 GB for 1 month: 300 Rub., activation:*111*004#
  • Интернет L: 25 GB for 1 month: 500 Rub., activation: *111*005#
  • Интернет XL: 50 GB for 1 month: 650 Rub., activation: *111*006#

Using more than the package volume, your speed will be throttled to 64 kbit/s.

More information

  • APN:

SevMobile (СевМобайл)


Sevmobile is a joint venture of the company ITProgress and Sevtelecom. In 2016 SevMobile launched a 2G/3G network in the city of Sevastopol only using old 3Mob infrastructure on 2100 MHz (coverage map).

Start offer

You can buy starters in their stores (locator) in Sevastopol for around 80 Rub. Coverage is mainly in and round the city (map) so far.

Data packages

They sell these monthly packages with data:

  • my choice: 50 MB/day data, 300 mins and 100 SMS within the network: 100 Rub.
  • my internet 5: 5 GB data: 200 Rub.
  • my internet 15: 15 GB data: 400 Rub.
  • my internet unlimited: unlimited data: 900 Rub.

Overuse is 100 Rub. for each additional 2 GB.

More info