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Cook island

Basics Edit

The Cook Islands are a small island nation in the South Pacific with political links to New Zealand. Its 15 islands are scattered over a vast area and the largest island is called Rarotonga.

They have only one mobile provider:

  • BlueSky Cook Islands

2G/GSM is on 900 MHz on all inhabited islands, 3G/UMTS started only recently on Rarotonga and Aitukaki islands. On all other islands, data is only up to EDGE speed.

Like in many small island nations too bandwidth for internet is limited and costly due to expensive satellite connections. A submarine cable linking the Cook Islands to New Zealand and Hawaii is currently under construction and scheduled to be finished in 2018.

BlueSky Cook Islands Edit


BlueSky by Telecom Cook Islands remains the only provider on the islands. They started with mobile services back in 2003, but their new brand BlueSky was launched in 2015.

Availability Edit

You can buy their prepaid SIM card in many locations, no registration needed. Visitors can buy a SIM right in the baggage area of RAR airport before customs. It's sold for NZD 25 including NZD 20 credit.

Top-ups in form of e-charges are sold from NZD 1 at their outlets (list). SIM card and top-up credit is valid for 6 months past any recharge. Check credit by calling 718.

Data feature packages Edit

Data default rate is NZD 0.20 per MB. You can buy these Value Data Packs:

Package Price Data Validity
24HR$3 NZD 3 100 MB 24 hours
3DAY$5 NZD 5 200 MB 3 days
7DAY$10 NZD 10 450 MB 7 days
10DAY$30 NZD 30 1.5 GB 10 days
14DAY$50 NZD 50 3 GB 14 days

To buy data packs, dial *888# and follow menu options to buy bundles. To check data balance, dial *888#.

More info Edit

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