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Article in preparation

Basics Edit

Only one provider in Comores. Huri by Comores Telecom.

Logo ct

3G available.

You can buy sim card in airport after baggage zone, near money exchange.

4000 KMF for sim card with zero balance

Volume Price(KMF) Time
100 Mb 1.500 20 days
300 Mb 3.000 30 days
500 Mb 5.000 40 days
1 Gb 7.500 45 days
3 Gb 10.000 50 days
5 Gb 15.000 60 days
8 Gb 25.000 70 days
10 Gb 30.000 90 days
15 Gb 37.500 120 days

to activate call #124#

to check balance call #123#

APN: www


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