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Basics Edit

The Comoros, officially the Union of the Comoros, is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean located off the eastern coast of Africa between northeastern Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar. At 1,660 km2, the population is estimated at around 800,000.

Since 2016 two networks operate on the Comoros:

  • Huri (by Comores Telecom, Comtel)
  • Telma (by Telecom Malagasy)

Comoros Telecom is the incumbent provider with 2G and 3G on 900 MHz MHz. Telma started in 2016 with 2G/3G on 900 MHz and 4G/LTE on 800 MHz (band 20).

VoIP block Edit

In 2013 Comtel started the first 3G network on the islands and began to block all VoIP services through apps like Skype and WhatsApp as they saw their earnings twindle. You need to employ a VPN to circumvent the blackout. This block is not imposed by the new provider Telma.

Huri (by Comoros Telecom, Comtel) Edit

Until 2016 Comores Telecom (Comtel) was the sole provider of wireless, broadband and fixed line services on Comoros. Mobile services started in 2003 when Comtel launched a GSM-900 network under the brand name HURI.
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2G started as late as 2002 and SIM cards were $100 at the beginning. 3G services started in 2013. Mobile penetration remained low in the Comoros. Many users were dissatisfied with Comtel's bad service and high prices while it had a monopoly. VoIP calls are still blocked and no 4G/LTE in sight.

Availability Edit

You can buy their SIM card in the airport after baggage zone, near money exchange or in shops in town. To activate dial 333.

The SIM is 4000 KMF without credit. Top-ups are widely available. Check balance by #123#.

Data feature packages Edit

Data Time Price Activation
20 MB 7 days 350 KMF *124*1#
50 MB 10 days 700 KMF *124*2#
100 MB 15 days 1050 KMF *124*3#
300 MB 20 days 2100 KMF *124*4#
500 MB 25 days 3750 KMF *124*5#
1 GB 30 days 5250 KMF *124*6#
3 GB 40 days 7000 KMF *124*7#
5 GB 45 days 11250 KMF *124*8#
8 GB 50 days 18750 KMF *124*9#
10 GB 60 days 22500 KMF *124*10#

Check data credit by #123#

More info Edit

Telma (by Telecom Malagasy) Edit


The government decided to release a second license in 2015 to improve competition in the mobile sector. This was won by Telma from Madagascar. They began to roll out their mobile network in 2016 with 4G/LTE from the start. By the end of 2016 60% were covered by 4G and they promised to cover all islands by the end of 2017.

Telma doesn't block VoIP providers like Skype or WhatsApp calls. They also feature very cheap calls to neighbouring French Mayotte. They might be the smarter alternative, once they have full coverage.

Availability Edit

The SIM is 4000 KMF without credit. Top-ups are widely available.

Data feature packages Edit

They sell one combo bundle called Karibu. It contains 60 minutes to Telma, Mayotte, India, China, Réunion, Saudia Arabia, US and Canada plus 100 SMS and 1 GB in Comoros. It valid for 1 month and sold for 4000 KMF. Activation is by *445*50#.

These data packages called TelmaNet are offered and can be added:

Data Time Price Activation Overuse
50 MB 1 day 500 KMF *445*71# 10 KMF/MB
120 MB 7 days 1000 KMF *445*72# 8.33 KMF/MB
300 MB 7 days 2000 KMF *445*73# 6.67 KMF/MB
4 GB 30 days 10,000 KMF *445*74# 2.44 KMF/MB
20 GB 30 days 50,000 KMF *445*75# 2.44 KMF/MB
100 GB 30 days 200,000 KMF *445*76# 1.85 KMF/MB

More info Edit

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