Basics Edit

There are 2 network operators in Brunei Darussalam:

  • DST Communications
  • Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd (formerly b-mobile)

Coverage is better on DST. It has 2G on 900 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz and started in 2014 with 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz. Progresif has a smaller 3G network only on 2100 MHz, but lower rates than DST.

You can buy a prepaid SIM card in every store of the operator showing your passport. Every SIM card containes an annual license fee of B$ 25 payable to His Majesty’s Government included in the starter pack (tourist SIM is discounted). You need to register the SIM on your name at the point of purchase. An unregistered SIM will stop working after 7 days

DST Communications Edit


DST is the market leader in Brunei on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE. But this comes at a price. 4G/LTE is open for prepaid without surcharges.

Availablity Edit

SIM cards are available at their stores: branches locator. When you arrive at the internatl. airport, they have a handy store on the ground floor of the airport mall, open 10am-5pm, closing Friday noon for prayer.

Recharge cards called EasiLOAD are available at many more places at B$ 2-100 giving 2-300 days of validity and some extra bonus credit. To top up, type *103*<12-digit PIN>#. To show balance, type *102#.

They have three prepaid products

  • Easi: with talk and data for the general public
  • Easi Tourist: with talk and data for tourists
  • Go!broadband: with data-only

Prepaid SIM: Easi Edit

Their prepaid lines are called Easi. Default data rate is B$ 0.05 per MB. Starter pack is B$ 30 with B$ 5 credit valid for 7 days. Data is charged by default at B$ 0.01 per 200 KB.

To activate an Easi line, dial 159 from your Easi Mobile to listen to welcome prompts and select preferred language (whether Malay or English). After that, your account balance and validity date will be announced.

Tourist SIM: Easi Tourist Edit

2016 a new prepaid SIM card for tourists was added called Easi Tourist. It's sold at B$ 15 with B$ 5 credit included. So you don't have to pay the full yearly license fee. Default data rate is B$ 0.20 per MB.

Data-only SIM: Go!Broadband Edit

Their data-only prepaid product is called Go!Broadband. Starter Packs are sold for B$ 30 and are preloaded with B$ 10 valid for 15 days from date of activation. It has a default rate of B$ 0.01 per 200 kB.

Data featured packages Edit

The data packages are all the same for all prepaid lines. For buying data packages, you first have to register to their Mobile Broadband Self Help Portal called DSBMBB online or in stores. By calling *133# you can pick one of these packages:

Volume Validity Price
200 MB 3 days B$ 3
400 MB 6 days B$ 5
1 GB 30 days B$ 10
3 GB 30 days B$ 20

The days are calculated on exact hours. They will send you a message when 80% and 100% of data are used up. More packages can be added anytime by *133#.

More info Edit

Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd (formerly b-mobile) Edit


Progresif made a relaunch with new logo in 2015. Formerly, it was called Progresif Cellular and was acquired in 2014 after b-mobile ran into financial troubles.

They promise to make everything better giving the fact, that b-mobile was the clear number 2 in Brunei with a limited 3G network on 2100 MHz with no fallback to 2G. It’s still not so recommended for travelling in Brunei. But if have coverage at your place, it has very good rates for data: 3G Coverage Map/

Availability Edit

Their starter packs are available at their outlets: stores list . They offer two prepaid plans: Progresif Prepaid and Progresif Unlimited. All SIM cards are free of charge but require a first top-up.

Top-up vouchers are available in B$5, B$10, B$15 and B$30. Their e-TopUp are available from B$ 1-100 and can be bought at all Progresif Stores. For topping up, type *178*<12-digit-PIN>#. For first time user, insert your SIM card to your phone and activate it by dialling 179. Your line will be active for 365 days.

Progresif Prepaid Edit

This is their standard plan for voice and data. Your line will be active for 365 days. You need to buy a B$10 Top Up card to register for the Progresif Prepaid. All top-ups will have a 10% bonus included.

Data is by default at B$ 0.05 per MB. They offer only two combo packages:

  • B$ 25: 1 GB, 250 dom. SMS, 50 dom. mins - activation: 'addplan25'
  • B$ 50: 2 GB, 500 dom. SMS, 100 dom. mins - activation: 'addplan50'

For activation text code to 39123.

Progresif Unlimited Edit

In 2016 they introduced this "unlimited" plan with unlimited domestic voice and text and a data quota. Your line will be active for 365 days. Buy a B$25 Top Up card to register for the Progresif Prepaid. All top-ups will have a 10% bonus included.

They offer unlimited voice and SMS for one month at B$ 20 plus:

  • 2 GB: B$ 10 - activation: 'addunlimited2gb'
  • 5 GB: B$ 25 - activation: 'addunlimited5gb'
  • 10 GB: B$ 40 - activation: 'addunlimited10gb'
  • 20 GB: B$ 55 - activation: 'addunlimited20gb'
  • 40 GB: B$ 70 - activation: 'addunlimited40gb'
  • 80 GB: B$ 85 - activation: 'addunlimited80gb'

For activation text code to 39123. All packages will be cut off when data is used up. Only the two largest packs will be throttled. For more data they offer these add-on packages:

  • 2 GB: B$ 10 - activation: 'add2gb'
  • 5 GB: B$ 25 - activation: 'add5gb'
  • 10 GB: B$ 40 - activation: 'add10gb'

Regular packages auto-renew after one month, add-on packages don't.

More info Edit

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