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Basics Edit

The country of Bolivia has three network providers, no MVNOs yet:

  • Entel (state-owned)
  • Tigo (by Millicom)
  • Viva (by Nuevatel)

2G and 3G is on 850 and 1900 MHz with variable coverage. 4G/LTE started in 2013/4/5 on all three providers: Entel uses 700 MHz, Tigo 700 and 1700 MHz (AWS) and Viva 1700 (AWS) MHz only. In the meantime LTE is given out by all providers to prepaid customers without surcharges.

Coverage and speeds can be very different according to location. Generally, they are a bit lower than in neighboring countries, but operators invest heavily to catch up.

You are required to register your SIM card in Bolivia. Therefore it's recommended doing the initial purchase and registration of the SIM card in a store of the operator, not forgetting to take along your passport.

Entel Edit


Entel for Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones S.A. is the state-owned incumbent provider in Bolivia. It's still the market leader with a share of 44% of national customers in 2015. It provides the best coverage even in remote areas. It started with 4G/LTE on 700 MHz in 2014 in the cities of La Paz, El Alto, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. Their 4G footprint is expanded gradually to other departmental capital cities and larger cities: 4G coverage map

Availability Edit

Their prepaid SIM card is available for Bs.10 in their shops called Multicentro Entel or other outlets (list of Multicentros). Purchase in a Multicentro is recommended. At other points you need to call *90 and give your personal data before you can top-up and make other calls.

The price of SIM cards has tripled in 2016 due to a shortage in the market and has risen to Bs. 30. According to dealers, the increase reflects the scarcity and the problem is nationwide.

You can also try to activate the card online ( by logging in and selecting the last link in the menu called "Registro". For login select "TELÉFONO", use your new SIM card number and PIN. PIN can be obtained by calling *122# and selecting first option.

You can top-up at every Pago Express outlet from Bs.5 or using top-up cards for Bs.10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 by typing *109*<14-digit PIN code>#. To check balance, type *105#.

Data feature packages Edit

Default and overuse rate is Bs. 0.20 per MB. These packages are offered in up to 4G:

Time Volume Price
until midnight on the day of purchase 60 MB Bs. 2
120 MB Bs. 4
460 MB Bs. 15
30 days 90 MB Bs. 9
250 MB Bs. 20
500 MB Bs. 40
1 GB Bs. 50
3 GB Bs.140
5 GB Bs.198
7 GB Bs.230
10 GB Bs.288

Activation is online through your personal account or by typing *10# <call>.Unused data will roll over to the next month for a max. of 2 months, if you buy the same package again or a more expensive one.

More info Edit

Tigo Edit


Tigo run by internatl. Millicom Group is the 2nd provider in Bolivia with a share of 29%. It was the first to employ 4G/LTE in 2013 which has spread to at least one city covered in each of Bolivia’s eleven departments: list of 3.5G and 4G coverage.

Availability Edit

Their prepaid SIM card is available at their shops (list of oficinas, locator of agencias) and more outlets. It's recommended to buy it a branded store for Bs.10 to do the registration there.

Not having registered your prepaid SIM card in a shop you have to do so within 5 days after activation to avoid suspension. To register, dial *108# and follow instructions in Spanish or go online.

Top-up vouchers are sold almost everywhere at Bs. 10, 30, 50 or 100 and have a validity of at least 60 days. Check balance by *123#.

Data feature packages Edit

These bundles are sold for prepaid in up to 4G speed:

Time Volume Price

until 6am

on the

next day

55 MB Bs. 2
110 MB Bs. 4
220 MB Bs. 5
300 MB Bs. 7
500 MB Bs. 10
1050 MB Bs. 20
7 days 800 MB Bs. 25
1200 MB Bs. 35
2200 MB Bs. 40
2525 MB Bs. 50
30 days 4 GB Bs. 120
6.2 GB Bs. 180
8 GB Bs. 200
14 GB Bs. 250
18 GB Bs. 300

For activation go online and choose package. If you buy the same bundle again or a more expensive package, unused data will roll over to the next month for a max. of 2 months.

Default rate and overuse rate is charged at Bs. 0.15 per MB. Check data consumption by texting 'SALDO' to 174.

More info Edit

Viva Edit


Viva is run by Nuevatel PCS. It's the smallest of the three providers with a 27% share but the only who gained customers by its very low rates. Where it has coverage, it sells data at the lowest prices. It was the last to start 4G/LTE in summer 2015 in the La Paz area: 4G coverage area.

Availability Edit

Their prepaid SIM card is sold for Bs. 10-15 with 10 Bs. credit included in their shops and outlets: list of shops list of outlets. It needs to be activated by calling 100. Better let them do it in the shop.

You can top-up with vouchers of Bs. 10, 20, 50 or 80 sold in many shops. To add credit, type *109*<Voucher PIN code>#. Check balance by typing *105#.

Data feature packages Edit

Default rate is Bs. 0.50 per MB. So better buy one of these packages open to 4G/LTE:




Activation Code

1 hour 400 MB Bs. 4 HORA 400MBx4Bs
until 1am

on the 

next day

11 MB Bs. 1.5 DIARIA 11MBx1.5Bs
55 MB Bs. 2 DIARIA 55MBx2Bs
85 MB Bs. 2.9 DIARIA 85MBx2.9Bs
200 MB Bs. 5 DIARIA 200MBx5Bs
550 MB Bs. 10 DIARIA 500MBx10Bs
30 days 60 MB Bs. 9 MENSUAL 60MBx9Bs
170 MB Bs. 20 MENSUAL 170MBx20Bs
500 MB Bs. 30 MENSUAL 500MBx30Bs
1.02 GB Bs. 60 MENSUAL 1020MBx60Bs
1.55 GB Bs. 90 MENSUAL 1550MBx90Bs
4 GB Bs.120 MENSUAL 4000MBx120Bs
6.2 GB Bs.180 MENSUAL 6200MBx180Bs
18 GB Bs.300 MENSUAL 18000MBx300Bs
Nighttime 600 MB Bs. 3 NOCTURNA 600MBx3Bs

To purchase a package, text code to 9101 or type #511. All packages auto-renew, if there is enough credit on your account. To stop auto-renewal text 'SALIR <activation code>' to 511. Unused data rolls over to the next month for a max. of 2 months, if you buy the same bundle again or a more expensive one.

More info Edit

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