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Basics Edit

The Benin GSM market has experienced quite some volatility in 2017, when from 6 Operators only 4 are remaining after the dissolution of BBCOM and state-owned Libercom. As a result the following operators are competing for the customer with the following ranking based on their market share: 

  • MTN, by Spacetel Benin
  • Moov, by Maroc Telecom
  • Glo Mobile
  • .Be Télécoms (Data-only on 4G LTE) 

Network regulator is ARCEP and currency is CFA Franc (XOF). The country code is +229.

MTN Edit


The largest operator in number of users is the South-African based MTN, present in Benin since 2006 after acquisition of Spacetel Benin (Areeba). 4G is available at no extra cost also for pre-paid users in areas around Cotonou, Ouémé and Abomey.

Availability Edit

200 CFA for SIM at their stores, that are located near the borders, in the malls and in Cotonou Airport as well.

If you intent to keep your SIM for a next visit it is possible to buy extended validity as following:

  • 9 Months extra validity: 300 CFA *201*1#
  • 12 Months extra validity: 400 CFA *201*2#

Data feature packagesEdit

The base rate FORFAIT LIBRE is 10 CFA per MB and can be activated with *130*6#. Without activation of any forfait there is no data active. MTN Benin offers on top social media packages and data packages that in general can be activated via the menu on *130# or via a direct code shown in the descriptions below.  

Social media packages

Forfait MTN XTRA TCHAT gives access to Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook. The two packages auto-renew after activation. To check the status use USSD *130*5*3#. To cancel the packages use *130*5*4#. 

  • The daily package (journalier) costs 250 CFA and gives 40 MB of usage. Activation with *130*5*5*1#
  • The weekly package (hebdomadaire) costs 1200 CFA and gives 250 MB of usage. Activation with *130*5*5*2#

Forfait MTN NET CALL are special packages aimed at calling via WhatsApp, Tango, Skype and Viber. The packages auto-renew after activation. 

  • The daily package (journalier) costs 500 CFA for 80 MB. Activation with *130*5*1*1#
  • The weekly package (hebdomadaire) costs 2000 CFA for 200 MB. Activation with *130*5*1*2# 
  • The monthly package (mensuel) will set you back 6000 CFA for 1 GB. Activation with *130*5*1*3# 

Data only packages

Forfaits VOLUME are data packages for a specific volume valid for a specific time. You can book them via *130*amount# or via the menu of *130*1#. Once used or expired they do not auto-renew and you will have no data.

Volume Validity Price Activation
10 MB 24 h 100 CFA *130*100#
25 MB 24 h 200 CFA *130*200#
50 MB 24 h 300 CFA *130*300#
40 MB 48 h 250 CFA *130*250#
80 MB 48 h 400 CFA *130*400#
100 MB 7 d 500 CFA *130*500#
500 MB 7 d 2000 CFA *130*2000#
500 MB 15 d 2500 CFA *130*2500#
200 MB 30 d 1000 CFA *130*1000#
1 GB 30 d 4000 CFA *130*4000#
2 GB 30 d 6000 CFA *130*6000#
3 GB 30 d 9000 CFA *130*9000#

The Forfaits ILLIMITÉS provide you data in up to 4G speed (where available) until a fair use threshold is reached and then throttled to 256 kbps for the remaining validity. They auto-renew at expiry and thus need to be disactivated manually. To activate and select in the menu *130*0*1# To check remaining data allowance *130*2#. To disactivate *130*3#

  • 15 000 CFA for up to 6 GB per month
  • 25 000 CFA for up to 30 GB per month.
  • 45 000 CFA for up to 60 GB per month

For night owls, MTN offers the forfaits Nuit (0:00 - 06:00) in both a volume as well as an unlimited package with undeclared FUP with speeds up to 2 Mbps:

  • 750 CFA for 1 GB valid for 1 night, activation via *130*750#
  • 999 CFA for unlimited usage valid 1 night, activation via *130*999#
  • 5000 CFA for unlimted usage valid 1 week, activation via *130*5000#

Additional Information Edit


Website in French:

Moov Edit

Moov is owned by Etisalat 

second operator



SIM = 250 CFA

Plans: Epiqnation activation with *106*1# offers 200 MB data for each usage of 200 CFA.


MoovVoyageur+: Extention of SIM validity if you intend to keep your number and SIM with *125#

6 Months for 100 CFA, 9 months for 200 CFA and 12 months for 250 CFA

Forfaits illimités are data packages giving data at 4G/3G speed up to a usage is reached.

Data Roaming offer Edit

Prepaid users can book packages for data roaming on other Moov and Etisalat partner networks in Togo, Niger, Gabon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Egypt and in the United Arab Emirates by *143*1*volume in MB# and check the remaining data allowance with *143*0#. The following packages are available:

  • 5 MB for 3000 CFA valid 15 days
  • 10 MB for 5000 CFA valid 30 days
  • 15 MB for 7500 CFA valid 15 days
  • 25 MB for 10 000 CFA valid 30 days
  • 50 MB for 20 000 CFA valid 15 days
  • 100 MB for 30 000 CFA valid 30 days

APN: moov user: web password: web

Glo MobileEdit

Third operator

APN: glogwap username: wap Password: wap

.Be Télécom Edit

State operator for fixed lines and WiMAX + CDMA. Launched 4G in 2015 with coverage in Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Calavi, Ouidah and in Allada. 

Data only sim card for 500 CFA  Available in their outlets , including one at Cotonou International Airport

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