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There are three Austrian mobile operators:

Orange and "3" merged in 2013 to one network while the brand Orange was dropped. In addition there are resellers or MVNOs operating on A1, T-mobile and 3 (Drei) networks.

2G GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz like most of Europe. 3G UMTS is on 2100 MHz. 4G/LTE has been started on 2600 MHz in cities and 800 MHz on the countryside on A1 and 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz on 3 and T-mobile.

Mobile coverage is excellent for a country with difficult topography. In the mountains and in rural areas, A1 offers at rural locations the best 3G coverage, followed by T-Mobile and 3. In 4G/LTE A1 and 3 (not on prepaid yet ) cover >95%, T-Mobile is at 75% of the population.

A prepaid SIM card is locally called "Wertkarte".


A1 Logo

A1 is the biggest network operator in Austria giving the best coverage and speed in the country A1 coverage map 4G/LTE has been started on 800 MHz in the countryside and 2600 MHz in the cities and is now available for Prepaid too.

  • Default prefix: 0664

Start up costsEdit

The starter pack is called Welcome package and sold in their stores and lot of agencies like post offices. Metro, Saturn, Media Markt, Niedermeyer Libro, Lidl, Hartlauer etc. Top up vouchers can be found everywhere in the county.

The Welcome packages come in varieties with a monthly mandatory top-up and two without:

  • text and data has a credit of 5 EUR preloaded for 9.90 EUR, discounted in promotions
  • Internet: with data-only has 5 GB internet valid for 30 days preloaded for 10 EUR

Data feature packs

You can add these packages:

  • for 1 GB in 30 days for 6.90 €, activation: text JA to 2941, deactivation: text AUS to 2941. This pack can be added several times per month. Default data and overuse is expensive 0.40 € per MB.
  • For the internet:
    • Internet 30 Tage: 5 GB /30 days 10 EUR
    • Internet 12 Monate: 5 GB /12 months 20 EUR
  • You can add more traffic whenever you reach your data limit, Maximum speed is 4 Mbps.

SIM sizesEdit

Standard, micro and nano SIM


  • APN:
  • Username:
  • Password: ppp

bob Edit

Bob logo

Bob is a brand of A1 and operates on the A1 network in 2G and 3G, no 4G/LTE yet.

  • Default prefix: 0680

Bob starterpacks are available for 14.90 € at post offices, Media Markt, Saturn, Libro or Lidl ond online with the same credit. Be sure to get a starter for "wertkarte" = prepaid, as only these can be topped up by vouchers, not their "gigabob" line which requires a Austrian bank account.

To activate the starter pack for data you need at least 5 EUR in your account. For activation of the data package text "ein" to 691 or type USSD code *111*1#

  • only available package: € 5 / 1 GB / 30 days called "bob datenpaket wertkarte"

This data package renews itself every month, if it is not cancelled on time. For deactivation text "aus" to 691 or type USSD code *111*2#  If you have used up data volume ahead of time, you can buy a new pack or pay 0.068 EUR per MB. To check credit or data credit type *101#

Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM are available.

Technical informationEdit

  • Your mobile device will receive a RFC 1918 IP address so your mobile device will not easily be reachable from the internet.
  • Tethering is possible
  • APN:  
  • Password: pop  
  • Server:

Yesss! Edit


Yesss! is a brand of A1 and operates on the A1 network on 2G and 3G only, no 4G/LTE yet

  • Default prefix: 069981, 069982 and 0681

Default data rateEdit

  • 0.9c per MB

Starter packsEdit

  • yesss! classic Starter-Set for €4.99 with 5 € credit but no preloaded data, but no monthly base fee
  • yesss! complete Starter-Set for €14.90 including 1500 domestic minutes, 1500 domestic texts and 3 GB preloaded. Voice, text and data is included every month for a fee of €14.90.

Yesss! SIMs can be purchase online at to be sent to an Austrian address. Starting 2015 yesss! starter packs will be available in all supermarkets of the Rewe chain called Billa, Merkur and Bipa, Libro stores and from August in postal offices too. Note that yesss! has discontinued its cooperation with Hofer at the end of 2014.

Data packsEdit

Two monthly packages are available:

  • 1 GB in a month for €4. Speed up to 7.2 Mbps, activation: text "paket 1GB ein" to 810 820. Speed can be accelerated to 21 Mbps by a monthly add-on for €2 extra, activation: "speed ein" to 810 820.
  • 5 GB in a month for €9. Speed up to 21 Mbps, Activation: text "paket 5GB ein" to 810 820. Package can be upsized with another 1 GB for €3.90. You will get an SMS when you have only 350 MB left and need to answer "1GB" for the add-on. This can be done as often as you like.

The 1 GB package doesn't renew itself. The 5 GB package does renew itself after one month if you have sufficient credit. Overuse is the default rate. You can also use online account management (yesss! Kontomanager) or the mobile app called "yesss! App" to activate the data options.

Top upEdit

Minimum online top-up amount is € 20; larger amounts are in € 20 increments only. This applies to both and Top-up vouchers are available with €10 and €20 amounts.

SIM sizesEdit

Standard SIM, micro SIM come together as a most frequent package; nano SIM is separate for yesss! classic starter pack.

More infoEdit

  • tethering is allowed
  • APN:

Lycamobile Edit


The UK-based MVNO started in 2013 in the Austrian market. It uses the network of A1 in 2G and 3G only, no 4G/LTE so far.

Availability Edit

Lycamobile's prepaid SIM card can be purchased in their own outlets (locator: check 'SIM') or online to be sent to an Austrian postal address for free. They are given out in all three sizes but don't have credit on it and you need to make a top up.

You can top up online by using internatl. Visa or Mastercard with a secure code or in many shops (locator: check 'top up') by vouchers or direct top up.

Data feature packs Edit

Default rate for data outside of packages is 9 ct per MB. Better buy these bundles, that are all valid for 30 days:

Data Volume Price Activation
100 MB 1.90 € *139*30100#
300 MB 2.90 € *139*30300#
500 MB 3.90 € *139*30500#
1 GB 4.90 € *139*301024#
3 GB 9.90 € *139*303072#

Note that these packages can't be upsized as long as they are running. All packages auto-renew after one month, if you have enough credit. To stop, call customer service on 322 from your Lycamobile for free.

Roaming bundles Edit

Lycamobile offers cheap roaming bundles to be used in certain countries only. All packages are valid for 30 days and can't be renewed ahead of time. For more info see Euro5.

Tethering Edit

Lycamobile sniffs and blocks tethering connections.

Settings Edit

  • APN:
  • Username: lmat (that's small L, not capital i)
  • Password: plus


T-Mobile Austria has a good coverage within the country on GSM and UMTS. 4G/LTE has been rolled out and is available on prepaid without surcharges from 2015 covering 75% of the population: t-mobile coverage map
  • Default prefix: 0676.

Their prepaid lines are called "Klax" and are sold online and in a lot of shops: t-mobile shop finder Top up vouchers are widely available.

Starter packsEdit

Klax starter packs are available in 4 varieties:

  • Megaklax: 1500 domestic minutes, 1500 domestic texts and 3000 MB included for 15 €. Overuse is charged by 0.30 € per 50 KB. Included volume is valid 30 days and renews every month for 15€.
  • Smartklax: 2000 domestic minutes, 2000 domestic texts and 4000 MB included for 20 €. Overuse, validity and renewal see Megaklax.
  • Klax Total: 9 € credit included, sold for 15 €: domestic calls are charged by 0.09 € per minute, domestic texts are charged by 0.20 €, data by 0.30 € per 50 KB.
  • Surfklax with 10 GB preloaded for 15 € valid for 30 days. Overuse: 0.02 €/MB.

Data feature packsEdit

  • Surfklax 5 GB for 30 days for 10 €. Activation: SURFKLAX 5GB
  • Surfklax 10 GB in 30 days for 15 €: Activation SURFKLAX 10GB
  • Default rate called Klax Internet for 0.02 € per MB.

The Sufklax packages will renew every month if not deactivated. For activation text SMS to 0676 2222. Change to default rate by texting "KLAXINTERNET" or stop packs by texting stop <package name>.

Important Note: Once you use up the datavolume for the Surfklax packages, you will not be able to "top-up" and buy more data for the same month. Your options are:

  • Add more credit, and keep using data at the pricey rate of 0.02€ per MB, OR
  • Add credits just before the expiry of the original 30-day period, so that it will renew, OR
  • Buy an entirely new Surfklax starter kit for 5GB or 10GB.

If you add credits before the 30-day period, they will be used up at the expensive rate mentioned above.

The Megaklax, Smartklax and Klax Starterpaket SIMs have smaller data packages. The product lines can be switched anytime to Surfklax:

  • Klax Tagespass: day pass (= 24 hours) with 50 MB for 1€
  • Klax Data 100: 100 MB for 3€ per month, activation text data
  • Klax Data 500: 500 MB for 5€ per month, activation text: data500

Overuse is charged with 0.30 € per 50 KB. Activation SMS to 0676 2222

Check credit by USSD code *101# and data credit by *114#


T-Mobile SIMs can be purchased in their own shops, online, on or from some high street stores.

SIM sizesEdit

Standard SIM, although depending on the retailer Nano SIM packs also available




  • APN: gprsinternet
  • Username: t-mobile
  • Password: rt

tele.ring Edit


Telering is a brand of T-Mobile using the T-Mobile network (details see above).

  • Default prefix: 0650

Their prepaid data SIM is called "Mücke" and sold online to be sent to an Austrian address or at shops. Top up vouchers can be bought online, at post offices, Libro, Penny stores and many kiosks. You may need to register your number here.

The starter pack is sold in 3 lines:

  • "Mücke": for 9.90 € with no credit
  • "Mücke SMS": same price as "Mücke", but higher voice and lower text rates
  • "Volle Mücke" for 12 € with 1000 domestic minutes, 1000 domestic SMS and 1 GB data valid for 1 month. This pack renews itself every month for a fee of 12 €.

Maximum download rate is 7.2 Mbps, max. upload 2 Mbps. Standard data tariff is 0.49 EUR per MB.

You can add this data pack to all starter packs:

  • 500 MB in a month for 5 €. Activation: text "surfen" to 20605. Pack renews itself every month. To stop text "stop surfen" to 20605.

There is an inactivity fee of 0.50 EUR per month after 4 months of inactivity.

  • APN: web   
  • Username:   
  • Password: web

HoT (Hofer Telekom) Edit


Hofer (as the Austrian branch of Aldi discounter stores is called) started its own brand in 2015. It's called HoT (for Hofer Telekom) and uses the network of T-Mobile in 2G and 3G as a MVNO.

Starter packs Edit

They can be purchased online at to be sent to an Austrian address or at all Hofer supermarkets Hofer Store Locator for 1.99 €.

Top ups can be done by purchasing "Ladebons" (vouchers) of 10 € or 20 € at Hofer stores. Your phone number (like 0677....) needs to be entered twice followed by the PIN code of the voucher online here for a recharge. Alternatively, you can use a credit card (Master, Visa, Diners or AmEx) or even a PayPal account to top up directly online here: click on "mit Kreditkarte, Online Banking, PayPal".

You can get your actual balance of your account if you send a SMS to 6700 with the text "GUTHABEN".

Default data rate Edit

  • 0.9c per MB, billing is in 102.4 kB incements (= 0.1 MB).

Data packs Edit

They offer two monthly packages with data:

  • HoT fix: 1000 domestic minutes or domestic texts (can be mixed) and 3 GB data for 9.90 €
  • HoT data: 3 GB of data for 6.90 €

Max. speed on HoT Data is 21 Mbit/s and HoT Fix is 7.2 Mbit/s. When the included data of the pack is used up, you will be charged the default data rate or can buy a "refill package" with 1 GB for 3.90 €. All packages must be subscribed online on your personal account.

SIM sizes Edit

They sell hybrid SIM cards with mini SIM, micro SiM and nano SIM

Settings Edit

  • for some devices you must enable data roaming as this MVNO may be recognized as a roaming network. Be careful when enabled in Swiss border area as a MB is charged at 15.36 € (!!!) on Swiss roaming networks, better make a manual network selection and lock it on Hot/T-Mobile.
  • on some older devices "tele.ring" not HoT or T-Mobile is shown as network ID
  • APN: webaut
  • Apple iOS users may have to download a profile for tethering from here:

Vectone Mobile Edit


Vectone Mobile is a MVNO and operates on the T-Mobile Austria network (find details above).

Availability Edit

SIM cards are free of charge and can be ordered online sent to an Austrian postal address only or at certain agencies which show their logo. The SIM will be activated once popped into the phone. Top-up is possible online or in selected stores as SIM cards come without pre-loaded credit.

The standard data rate outside of packages is 10 Cents per MB.

Data feature packs Edit

All IN ONE Pocket Saver: 9.90 € including 500 mins national and international calls to certain countries, 3 GB of data, 3000 domestic texts, 5000 mins from Vectone Austria to Vectone Austria calls.

Data Pocket Saver are the data packs available valid for 30 days:

  • 3.90 € - 1 GB data, activation: *3003#
  • 9.90 € - 5 GB data, activation: *3004#
  • 19.90 € - 10 GB data, activation: *3005#

To activate type code. It will not be automatically renewed.

Sim sizes Edit

Standard and micro SIM

Tethering Edit

Forbidden by the Terms & Conditions; enforcement of this is a question.

Technical Info Edit

  • Data is not compatible with Blackberrys (below OS10)
  • APN:
  • There are lot of complaints about Vecton's poor customer service on the internet

Drei Austria ("3")Edit

3logo 2008-236x300

Drei Austria is the smallest network in the country 3 coverage map. LTE has started on 1800 and 2600 MHz and covers already 98% of population, but is only available for the most expensive Nimm3 Internet package.

Some of the old tariffs before the merger haven been discontinued or raised.

  • Default prefix: 0660


Nimm3 is the name of their prepaid line (= Wertkarte). These starter packs are offered:

  • Nimm3 Telefonie: calls, texts and data with 1000 domestic minutes, 1000 domestic texts and 1 GB data preloaded valid for 15 days: 9.90 €
  • Nimm3 Internet: data only with 1 GB preloaded valid for 15 days: 9.90 €
  • Nimm3 Internet Klassik: data only with 1 GB preloaded for 4 months: 14.90 €

The SIM card can be found at Drei shops (shop list) or at Libro (store locator). Top up cards can be found at many stores, kiosks, petrol stations and supermarkets. Online reloads by many international credit cards are accepted.

Data feature packsEdit

  • for Nimm3 Telefonie: SIM for calls, texts and data
Volume max. Speed     Cost Domest. minutes Domest. texts
1.5 GB 8 Mbps 15 € 1500 1500
3 GB 20 Mbps 20 € 2000 2000

Data rate outside of package is 0.35 €/MB.

  • for Nimm3 Internet: data only SIM (no calls or texts)
Data option Volume max. DL Speed Cost p. month
Nimm3 Internet 1 GB 4 Mbit/s 6 €
Nimm3 Internet 6 GB 4 Mbit/s 12 €
Nimm3 Internet 20 GB 10 Mbit/s 20 €
Nimm3 Internet Flat unlimited 10 Mbit/s 26 €
Nimm3 Internet LTE unlimited 30 Mbit/s 35 €

Note that there are now two unlimited packages. The first offers speeds of up to 10Mbit/4Mbit while the second offers speeds of 30Mbit/10Mbit and, as the name implies, offers LTE, but is classified as "stationary", resulting in lower network priority in times of network congestion.

Package will not be renewed automatically after 30 days. This is done, when you go online for the first time thereafter and have enough credit on your account. The same happens when your data volume is used up ahead of time and you have enough credit for another bundle. Otherwise rate will be 0.35 € per MB.

  • for Nimm3 Internet Klassik: by volume at 0.02 € per MB, max. speed 4 Mbit/s; or only top-up package of 1 GB valid for another 4 months for 20 €.

SIM sizesEdit

Standard sim, micro SIM and nano SIMs are available





Roaming option Edit

  • Unfortunately the old roaming options have been discontinued and are only valid for cards bought until August 2013. They allowed roaming in all 3 networks free of extra charges for data too.
  • The new option called 3Europa gives you an add-on of 1 GB data roaming in 3 networks of Italy, UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark for 7.50 €.

eety Edit


Eety was taken over by Drei (3) in 2015. In July it is has been relaunched on the Drei nework in 2G/3G only, though 4G/LTE is announched for later this year. Max. data speed is at 7 Mbit/s download and 2 Mbit/s upload.

Starter packsEdit

Eety SIM cards are available in many stores and supermarkets like Lidl (store locator). It comes as hybrid in all three sizes either for € 1.99 without credit or for € 2.99 with € 1 credit preloaded.

Data rates Edit

All starter packs are on the

  • eety Basis tariff: 5 ct for a MB, domestic SMS or domestic minute.

This can be changed to the:

  • eety Top tariff: € 9.99 for 3 GB data, 1000 domestic minutes and 500 domestic SMS valid for 30 days. Activation is by *151*1113#. Package will auto-renew if there is enough credit. Having used up all volume, you can add a
    • eety Extra add-on: € 5 for another 1 GB data, valid for the rest of the base package. Activation: *151*1116#, All add-ons are vaild for 12 months and data is used after the top package has been depleted.

All data outside packages or add-ons will be charged at the default rate of 5 ct per MB.

Top upEdit

Top-ups are available online at or by vouchers offline sold for €10 and €20 in many supermarkets, kiosks ('Trafiken'), stores and service stations (list). To top up by voucher type *147*<voucher code># <call>. To check balance type *149#

More info Edit

  • Tethering is allowed
  • Tariffs are effective 15/7/2015 and new APN still unknown


Flink Logo copy

FINK offers rentable mobile WiFi hotspots for travellers in Vienna to be delivered to any location in town. Enjoy a fast, reliable and unlimited (without fair-use policy) internet connection throughout Austria. 

FLINK Hotspot Edit

FLINK is currently using a Huawei E5756 with HSDPA+ connection, 3000 mAh battery, Dimensions: 101.8 x 65.8 x 14.5 mm, Weight: 150 g, TFT-LCD display, 802.11 b/g/n support. You can connect up to 10 devices to this hotspot. However, connection speed will be shared among the all of these devices, which may result in slower speeds.

  • Maximum working time (according to manufacturer): 10 hours
  • Maximum standby time (according to manufacturer): 60 hours (while WiFi is on)

The hotspot is set to not turn off automatically, to ensure that your connection is not interrupted.

Rental Edit

Book a hotspot and have it delivered to your hotel or private address in Vienna (by 8am on your arrival day). Take it with you wherever you go in Austria. Or pickup at one of these locations.

At the end of your rental period, return the hotspot in the prepaid envelope included in your order and place it into any postbox in Austria (or ask your reception to do so for you).

The hotspot can be rented from 24 hours up to 14 days. Hotspot's that are collected from a pickup location must be returned to the same pickup location.

Prices Edit

rental days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
online price 13€ 21€ 29€ 37€ 45€ 53€ 61€ 69€
pickup price 8€ 16€ 24€ 32€ 40€ 48€ 56€ 64€
rental days 9 10 11 12 13 14 >14
online price 77€ 85€ 93€ 101€ 109€ 117€ contact
pickup price 72€ 80€ 88€ 96€ 104€ 112€ Flink

The rates include:

  • mobile internet connection throughout Austria without data limits
  • delivery of hotspot to any hotel or address in Vienna (not for pickup)
  • prepaid return envelope that can be handed to your hotel reception or placed in any public mailbox in Austria (not for pickup)
  • support via phone, email and Skype

More info Edit

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