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There are international SIM cards on the market offering "worldwide" data roaming or at least in major regions. Their offers are collected here in this "all countries" section. Their data rates are often more expensive than on the national level. So always compare with local SIM cards and roaming offers in your country. Although you won't save much using these cards, they may be a good option for frequent travelers and people travelling through multiple countries. Many of these products are still overpriced, but rates are slowly coming down. Currently, the cheapest products come from Russia.

For travel combo packages with a Wi-Fi hotspot rental or purchase combined with a worldwide data plan check this article here.

PART 1: Worldwide Data SIM Cards Edit

The data SIM-only approach has the main advantage, that you can use your own gear. You don't need to buy or rent and learn how to handle another device. But you need to be sure, that your device works on the frequencies employed in this country. So check compartibilty of your mobile with the bands offered in your destination before you start your journey. Compared to offers that include a WiFi router they are harder to share between devices and are priced higher for data than WiFi combo plans, for which you'll have to pay extra for the hardware.


TravelSim is one of the oldest and most established companies to have launched an international prepaid card, using an Estonian (+372) number. It has voice and text service in about 190 countries and proved to be quite reliable.

The only problem has been its very high cost for data. If you travel a lot and always go to different countries it can be much more comfortable to use only one prepaid number which can be used (almost) worldwide. But this has an extra price.

In 2016 they lowered some data prices and scrapped their data card. They now offer only one product for voice, text and data with lower rates, but a higher start-up price.

Start-up price and availabilityEdit

The TravelSim card is only available online on their website with worldwide free shipping. It costs 75 EUR with 50 EUR credit and comes as micro-, mini- or nano-SIM. It can be reloaded by international credit cards on your TravelSim online account and stays vaild for 2 years after the last top-up.

A SIM card replacement costs 10 EUR and starters with the 1 GB Euro pack are for 29 EUR and the 5 GB China pack are for 36 EUR.


Unlike voice and text, data is only available in about 100 countries and 2G and 3G only. The rates range from crazy 10 EUR to 0.19 EUR per MB depending on the country. The price model is split into 2 schemes: a pay-as-you-go rate and package rates.

Pay-as-you-go rateEdit

It's the default rate when no pack is activated and the only rate for some countries. Rates are charged in 1 KB or 10 KB increments and the most important countries are:

  • 0.19 EUR per MB: in the most of Europe, Brazil, China, Australia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, Canada
  • 0.39 EUR per MB: in Serbia, Turkey
  • 0.59 EUR per MB: in South Africa
  • 10 EUR per MB: in many countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • see new price survey (click on data rates)

Data packagesEdit

Furthermore, they now offer these new data roaming packs:

Volume Time Price Activation
10 MB 24 hours 1 EUR 1
50 MB 24 hours 5 EUR 2
150 MB 7 days 12.50 EUR 3
250 MB 14 days 19 EUR 4
500 MB 30 days 35 EUR 5
1 GB 30 days 69 EUR 9
2 GB 30 days 95 EUR 8
10 MB AUTO 24 hours 0.75 EUR 7

To activate a package type *146*941*<activation code>#. To deactivate *146*940*<activation code># and *146*942*<activation code># to check the status of service.

Data packages can only be used in about 80 countries worldwide (check this list). In other countries data roaming may be possible, but only on pay-as-you-go rates (see above).

  • for Bulgaria, Chile, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greenland, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, USA a new 'smart package' is offered with 1 GB for 30 days at 18 EUR with activation code *146*941*11# billed in unfavourable 100 kB increments.
  • for China only they offer 5 GB for 25 EUR, 30 days validity. To activate call *146*941*12#

Only one package can be activated at once. A data package is activated as soon as the order through USSD-command is made (even in the country not listed above). The package cost is taken immediately. The package is completed either when the ordered amount of data is used, or when duration time is reached. It's possible to order a new data packa e, when the data amount has been finished, despite the duration time of this package. If the amount of data hasn’t been used, the client can't order a new package. To order a new package the current one has to be deactivated with USSD-command. In case of deactivation, unused amount of data will expire and money will not be refunded. Daily AUTO package is activated only when data session is initiated in one of the countries from the list. The package cost is taken from user’s balance immediately, when Daily AUTO package is activated. If customer uses data in one of the countries next day, the Daily AUTO package will resume its service automatically and the package cost is taken immediately from user's balance.

More InfoEdit

The rates are surely above the prices of average national data SIM cards. But there is hardly one product comparable on the market. It depends on how much you are willing to pay extra for an almost worldwide solution. Always compare the TravelSIM rates with the roaming rates of other mobile providers.

As calling an Estonian mobile number can be expensive TravelSIM made a deal with the VoIP providers Skype and Viber that can be activated by *146*711# for free. When the feature is activated, Skype and Viber users can call the TravelSIM number for free using special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is a TravelSIM number without the prefix 372. The call is free for the Skype and Viber user, but the TravelSIM user still has to pay for an incoming call.

  • APN:
  • Username: number of your Travelsim: 3725......
  • Website:



On the other side of the Atlantic OneSimCard by Belmont Telecom Inc. offers a very similar product. Its "data & roam" SIM works in 160+ countries, is also based on an Estonian number (+372) which is added by a US or Canadian number and has essentially the same rates like TravelSIM.

The main difference is the underlying currency of US$ instead of Euro. The SIM costs $29.95 with free shipping in the US and the tariff table is identical to TravelSIM: The PAYG rate of 0.19€ is $0.25, 0.39€ is $0.50 going up to 20€ or $25. They also sell totally the same data packages for the equivalent rates in US$. Although data of some countries are not counted twice in the packages like with TravelSIM, they simply cut in half the allowances of the (2x) countries, which is the same in the end. For more info see TravelSIM above or check their website. If you live in America, it might be the closer choice for you to get the same SIM plan.


Like TravelSim XXSim is a reliable international SIM card based on an Estonian (+372) number which has been around for years. In fact, both products use the same platform. Voice is available in about 190 countries and data in a few less. While TravelSim has issued a data card, XXSim has not (yet). XXSim offers the exact same data prices given above at the pay-as-you-go-rate, but they don't offer any packages though.

That's why XXSim can't be recommended. First you pay the premium of an international SIM card, but you don't get the discounts of TravelSim. Charging 0.19 EUR per MB within the EU, you are almost at the price cap for any SIM card sold in the EU with roaming data. So for many users the roaming option of your home carrier is the more convenient choice at the same price, while TravelSim is the cheaper alternative if you want to buy an international card.

airBalticcard mobile Edit

Airbalticcard international sim-card

The airBalticcard Mobile International SIM card of the Baltic airline is another product with an Estonian number (+372). It's based on the same Estonian SIM platform as Travel SIM, XXSim or OneSimCard giving roaming data in 196 countries. They have been around since 2006 and calls are made through call-back procedure.

Availabilty Edit

Their SIM card is sold in all airBaltic flights and online with worldwide free delivery in all three sizes:

  • for € 10 without balance
  • for € 35 with € 30 credit
  • for € 50 with the same credit

They have a good expiry policy: Your credit stays valid forever as long as you use your SIM once every 2 years.

Top-ups can be made online by credit card or by refill cards sold in airBaltic flights and ticket offices. Check balance by *146*099#.

Data rates Edit

They advertise with very low rates between 1.46 and 4.63c per MB. But these are not their standard rate per MB, but a mathematical breakdown of their package rates by MB. Their default rate is not mentioned on their website, but the same as TravelSIM, OneSIM or XXSim (see above).

The only advantage of airBalticcard is a lower starter price and a few data package rates:

  • for 24 countries (list)a 1 GB package for 30 days at € 15 is offered. To activate, enter *146*941*11#. It seems to auto-renew, if there is enough credit. To deactivate dial *146*942*11#.
  • for India, China and Israel a 5 GB package for 30 days at € 25, activation: *146*941*12#
  • for about 80 countries different packages from 1 to 30 days are offer with 10 MB to 2 GB giving a rate of 4.6 to 10 c/MB matching exactly the packages of TravelSIM (see above).

More info Edit

Piranha MobileEdit

Piranha mobile
Piranha is an international SIM card coming with an US (+1) and an UK (+44) mobile number. It offers prices below TravelSIM at the cost of less reliability and comfort.

Start-up price and availabilityEdit

The starter pack is available only online as mini-, micro- or nano-card in three denominations with free international shipping:

  • SIM card with £5, credit: £12
  • SIM card with £30, credit: £35
  • SIM card with £50, credit: £50

Top ups can be made online with credit card or PayPal. Auto top-up can be linked to a credit card.

Generally, they offer good rates on voice, text and data, but the rates are as complicated as the technical settings. Most calls are made through the callback procedure. In tests, the card proved to be very reliable:

Data ratesEdit

For data, they offer roaming in about 140 countries. It is billed in 50 KB increments. Rates differ even in the same country, depending on which local roaming network you are on. Some price examples:

  • 0.06 € - 0.12 €/MB: all available EU/EEA networks
  • 0.07 €/MB: USA (T-Mobile)
  • 0.09 €/MB: USA (AT&T), Turkey (Avea, Vodafone)
  • 0.12 €/MB: Australia (Optus, Telstra), Canada (Rogers), China (Unicom), Israel (Orange), Russia (Megafon, Beeline), Thailand (dtac, True), Singapore (Starhub), S.Korea (olleh), South Africa (Vodacom), Switzerland (Salt., Swisscom)
  • 0.17 €/MB: Brazil (vivo), Mexico (Movistar), UAE (du, Etisalat), India (Aircel)
  • 0.23 €/MB: Indonesia (Indosat), Japan (NTT docomo)
  • 0.35 €/MB: Egypt (Etisalat)
  • 1.73 €/MB: Cuba (Cubacel)

Because of different rates for different providers in the same country, be sure to pick the cheapest first and disable automatic network selection, so your device can't switch the roaming networks. Furthermore, Piranha mobile allows you to make calls through VoIP if you install their VoIP app or have a VoIP-router and Wifi connection.

Clones Edit

Using APN, there are other offers on the market. They all employ the same technicalities as Piranha Mobile and have only slightly modified rates:

Due to increased costs, effective March 2017 the Mobi Passport SIM Service is discontinued.  Existing accounts with an active SIM card have been migrated to Piranha Mobile.

More info Edit

Truphone Edit


Truphone is a British provider offering a multi-SIM card for discounted calls, text and data abroad. Here only their prepaid product is shown. Multi-SIM means that you can buy their SIM card and add some other countries with local numbers on it.

Right now for prepaid, you can buy a UK, Australian and US SIM card or combine these countries as home countries on your multi-SIM. Other countries are planned for 2015. The local number will be shown to the caller. Roaming is possible in "over 200 countries", although the UN lists only 193. They base their roaming largely on a cooperation with different Vodafone networks.

Start-up price and availability Edit

Their SIM card needs to be ordered online here for 19.99 £/€ or 29.99 AU$/US$ coming with 10 £/€ or 15 AU$/US$ credit. Each additional home country can be added for 5 £/€ or 8 AU$/US$. All sizes of SIM cards are available and worldwide shipping is free. Credit can be added of 10, 20, 30 or 50 £/€ or by auto top-up linked to a credit card. The SIM card must be activated and an account created online here.

Data rates Edit

All voice calls per min, texts and data per MB is 0.07 € / £ 0.06 in the "Truphone zone". Roaming is mostly on Vodafone networks where available. These data prices are charged in € to give some examples:

  • 0.07 € per MB: 'Truphone Zone': UK, Australia, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Poland, Spain
  • 0.10 € per MB: in all other EU/EEA countries
  • 1.70 € per MB: Switzerland
  • 2.05 € per MB: South Africa, India, Thailand, China, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand
  • 3.40 € per MB: Canada, Mexico
  • 6.80 € per MB: Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Russia

More prices here. Speed depends on local availability, though 4G/LTE is not supported. They offer more prices and even data packages with postpaid products aimed at business travellers.

Validity Edit

In the event that you don't use the SIM card for any continuous period of 180 days, they reserve the right to invalidate the SIM card and/or call balance components and cancel your account without prior notice and without any refund, repayment or compensation.

More Info Edit

KnowRoaming Edit


KnowRoaming is a Canadian start-up with a new approach: They provide a "SIM sticker" that has to be applied to your home SIM. Thus, all calls, texts and data outside of your home market are diverted through the KnowRoaming SIM addon.

Kr sim

Their sticker intercepts electrical signals before they go to the regular SIM. If you're in your "home" country it passes everything through. Otherwise it "takes over" and functions as a second SIM. They claim that this sticker will fit over regular, micro and nano SIMs.

As this sticker proved to be too complicated for some, from 2017 they now offer regular triple-size SIM cards too with an UK and US number.

Start-up price and availability Edit

The SIM sticker is only available online with worldwide free shipping. It costs $29.99 with $10 credit and comes with an applicator for micro-, mini- or nano-SIM. They also sell a regular SIM card at $9.99 without credit. The SIM card comes with a free US and UK number, some other countries can be added for pay. The SIM card or sticker can only be managed and reloaded by their app available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Validity Edit

The SIM card does not expire. Only prepaid credit expires after the 15 month of inactivity. Data is available in about 80 countries and 2G and 3G only. The data rates range from $0.15-1 per MB depending on the country. Like TravelSIM, the price model is split into two tariff lines: a pay-as-you-go rate and a package rate.

Pay-as-you-go Rate Edit

It's the default rate and the only rate for some countries. Here are some examples:

  • $0.10 per MB: USA
  • $0.15 per MB: all countries of the EU/EEA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey
  • $0.20 per MB: Argentina, Hong Kong, India, Israel
  • $0.25 per MB: Brazil, Mexico, UAE
  • $0.30 per MB: China, Russia, Thailand
  • $0.35 per MB: Japan

see full prices here. Data seems to be proxied/run through French servers.

Data Packages Edit

Furthermore, they offer the following data pack to be activated by app:

  • "Unlimited" data for $7.99 per day. This pack is only valid in about half of their offered countries (for list of countries scroll here).

In their T&Cs they state a FUP, that they can throttle speed to 258 kbps after having reached only 250 MB per day.

Free WhatsApp Edit

In 2016 they've added free WhatsApp use to their products. You're not required to buy credit to be able to use this feature. It works in 142 countries and includes not only sending messages but voice or video calls and send images at no charge as well. It might be the better alternative to ChatSIM (see below) for using only WhatsApp on roaming. Please note as the Google Push Messaging is blocked, you will not get notification on incoming messages. You need to periodically check the app to see if there are incoming messages.

More info Edit

Slimduet Edit

The sticker technique has been copied by mobile value-added service provider Taisys Technologies and European carrier JOIN Experience who issued a pan-European plan for 39 countries. They call their sticker SIM "Slimduet Card" and combine it with an own app to purchase bundles and manage your plan. More info about their product:

Keepgo Edit


Keepgo is an Israeli-based start-up founded in 2009 with offices around the world. For travelers, it's offering a SIM card preloaded with a data bundle for roaming at selected destinations.

Countries and rates Edit


They offer a unified rate in total of 64 countries.

  • AMERICA:, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatamala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, US.
  • EUROPE: all over the EU/EEA, Switzerland und Turkey.
  • OTHER: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, Egypt.

List of countries and the local roaming networks.

SIM card is data-only, no voice or texts, but VoIP is possible. Their "Lifetime Data SIM Card" is available for US$ 59 containing 1 GB roaming data. They also sell a mobile WiFi Hotspot (mifi) including the SIM from above for US$ 129. Package allowance is valid for 1 year. (e.g. if you buy 1 GB package, you can spend it whole year) and data traffic are charged in 1 KB increments. The SIM card is supposed to last a "lifetime".

Availability and refills Edit

You have to order it online on their website in mini, micro or nano size. Shipping is free to 38 countries and payment by credit card. There you can refill the SIM card too. These refills are available:

  • 500 MB for $ 25 (~0.05 per MB)
  • 1 GB for $ 45 (~0.045 per MB)
  • 3 GB for $ 99 (~0.033 per MB)
  • 5 GB for $ 159 (~0.0318 per MB)
  • 10 GB for $ 299 (~0.0299 per MB)

Each refill extends the data validity for 1 year including the unused data on the card at the moment of the refill.

More info Edit

Transatel DataSIMEdit


This SIM card is offered by the Transatel group based in Paris. Their data SIM card can be used in every data device. Recently, they've made a deal with Microsoft to market their product with Windows10. Their SIM covers more than 100 countries so far in 2017.

Availability Edit

You can either choose a SIM card preloaded with initial data credit called "International Data SIM card", which can be used in any of the covered countries, or the international "WiFi hotspot". The international data card comes in different start-up packages:

  • for € 25: with € 25 of credit valid for 30 days (incl. free SIM card)
  • for € 50: with € 50 of credit valid for 90 days (incl. free SIM card)
  • they also sell a 3G MiFi/WiFi hotspot (Huawei E5530) for € 70 including € 25 credit for 1 month or for € 95 with € 50 credit valid for 3 months.
  • all the regional package can be combined to starters too

Recharges Edit

You can top-up online on your personal account using credit cards or PayPal. You can either top-up value that is valid for all countries and can be transformed into packages or a specific pack. Three sizes are offered:

  • 5 € valid for 7 days
  • 25 € valid for 30 days
  • 50 € valid for 90 days

The data SIM will be automatically be deactivated 18 months after your last use.

Countries and PAYG data rates Edit

In 2017 they offer more than 100 countries mostly in Europe (map of countries and list of operators), some in America, Asia and Africa. They offer a reduced per-MB rate now:

  • €0.02/MB: in Poland, Russia, Taiwan
  • €0.024/MB: in Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, UK
  • €0.029/MB: in Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and all Digicel networks in the Caribbean
  • €0.038/MB: in Cambodia, Luxembourg
  • €0.05/MB: in Israel, Ivory Coast, Singapore, Ukraine
  • €0.062/MB: in Germany, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, Thailand
  • €0.083/MB: in Brazil, Macao, Vietnam
  • €0.10/MB: in Egypt
  • €0.192/MB: in Mexico, USA

Data is on 3G primarily, but on 4G/LTE in many European countries and the USA (AT&T) - see

Regional data bundles Edit

For continents or regions they offer these regional bundles with 1 GB data valid in all countries for 30 days:

  • Europe: € 25 (in most of the EU, but Russia and Turkey too)
  • Asia: € 39 (some countries are missing like China)
  • America: € 99 (US, Canada and Mexico, but few Latin American countries so far)
  • Oceania: € 19 (only in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands)
  • Africa: € 49 (only in 6 African countries so far)
  • Carribbean: € 19 (in all Digicel networks all over the Caribbean)

In 2017 all Digicel networks in the Caribbean area were added. This is by far the best roaming deal around for this very high priced area, if you plan to visit different islands that are covered by Digicel.

More info Edit

  • APN name = mobiledata (+ enable data roaming option on your device)
  • SIM cards worldwide delivery (standard shipping is free, for tracked or express refer to the website)
  • Website:

SimplyRoam (rightsim, Fastroam) Edit


SimplyRoam is another international SIM card for data-only, no text nor voice. It is based on KPN's roaming platform and distributed through the UK-based company Rightsim.

Countries and rates Edit

They offer three different packages:

  • Zone 1 includes all EU/EEA countries (see here)
  • Zone 2 includes Zone 1 and major countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and the United States
  • Zone 3 includes Zones 1 and 2 and further countries; 110 countries in total (list)
Data Volume Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
100 MB n.a. n.a. € 29.99
200 MB € 14.99 € 20.99 € 59.49
500 MB € 36.99 € 51.49 € 147.99
1 GB € 59.99 € 98.49 € 280.99
3 GB € 89.99 n.a. n.a.
5 GB € 124.99

All packages are valid for 30 days. Note that the rates above don't include taxes. You need to add the VAT according to your country. Have in mind, that holding a Zone 3 package, you'll surf on this expensive rate in Europe (= Zone 1) too.

Availability Edit

The SIM card can be bought online through their distributing partner in the UK in mini, micro and nano size for £5.99 (or the equivalent in € or $). You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Top-ups can be made likewise on the website of SimplyRoam. The SIM card will expire, if not used for a year.

The same company offers a mobile hotspot (MiFi) under the brand of Fastroam. They simply add a pretty overpriced ZTE MF65 3G/4G mobile hotspot WiFi router for €149.50 to the SIM card from above.

More info Edit

GigSky (and Apple SIM) Edit


GigSky is an US-American company based in California, which runs a world data SIM with data-only services in more than 90 countries so far, but no voice or text available. Data is generally on 4G/LTE, which is a strength compared to other SIM cards, but is 3G still in some countries.

Availability Edit

You can take a SIM card buying it on with worldwide delivery or by their own supplier. Delivery is free to most countries in North America, Europe and some Asian countries, but can be up to $44.95 elsewhere. Expect 1-30 days for delivery depeding on destination country.

The SIM card is sold for USD $20 in mini, micro and nano size with 100 MB data included and it will not expire. Top-ups are by credit card on your personal account.

Data Rates Edit

The data rates depends on the country which you want to travel. The base table is:

Package Price Validity
100 MB US$ 15 3 days
400 MB US$ 25 7 days
800 MB US$ 35 14 days
1 GB US$ 50 30 days

It's recommended to go to their pricelist hidden on their website to check the correct rates for your destination, though. Some countries are cheaper like many EU countries, some exotic countries are more expensive.

Note, that you will need to purchase a separate data bundle for each country visited to have data. It will not roll over to the next country, even within the same rate. This is a huge setback for an "international" solution.

Apple SIM Edit


Apple has teamed up with GigSky and sells their Apple SIM in iStores of 13 countries only or with a certified iPad (see restrictions). It offers data access to 140 countries. Rates and tariffs are the same like GigSky.

More info Edit

  • APN: gigsky

MTX Connect Edit


MTX Connect is based in Luxembourg and offers a data-only SIM card. Calls are possible through VoIP, but no texts. It has coverage in nearly all of Europe, most of the former Soviet Union, Cambodia, Greenland, India, Japan, Honduras, Mongolia, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and the United States (on AT&T) see list.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card is sold online only. It's sold for €5 with free worldwide delivery and containing €7 balance. For EU countries add equivalent taxes. Activation needs to be done online by giving your personal information. Top-ups can be done online by credit card and SIM management through your online account. Paragraph 2 of the terms and conditions states that "All credit expires after 18 months inactivity (measured from the date of last use)", contradicting the FAQ, which states "MTX Connect SIM card balance will expire 365 days from the last successful top-up or the date of last service activation, whichever is later".

Data rates Edit

MTX Connect charges the same prices across all the countries it covers. Prices are quoted without taxes. If the customer selects an EU country of residence in the "Edit personal data" section, then VAT will be added at the rate of the selected country, even if the service is used outside the EU VAT area. Therefore UK residents, who are exempt from UK VAT when roaming outside the EU VAT area by Article 19 of the Value Added Tax (Place of Supply of Services) Order 1992 until 31st July 2017, will be incorrectly charged UK VAT if they select UK as their country of residence.

  • PAYG rate: € 0.029 per megabyte
  • Optimal daily: 150 MB for 24 hours: € 3.49 - overuse throttled to 64 kbps
  • Unlimited daily: "unlimited" for 24 hours: € 9.99 - with an unclear FUP
  • 1 GB for 15 days: € 19.99
  • 2 GB for 30 days: € 39.99

More info Edit

JT Global (ekit, GO-SIM, Telestial) Edit


Jersey-based JT Global is one of the longest-running supplier of international SIM cards. It uses various sale channels and brands for its pretty similar products called GO-SIM, Telestial and ekit all using a UK-based (+44) number. Speed is up to 3G.

JT Global brands Edit


GO-SIM, ekit and Telestial are privately owned sub-companies and all part of JT Group with offices in the UK, USA and Australia. They offer two very similar international SIM cards:

  • international voice and data SIM including 190 countries and 150 cruise ships: €21 or $19 with $10 worth of credit preloaded
  • international data-only SIM with data coverage in 100 countries (list) on 3G, but no voice or text: €31 or $29 with 200 MB and €95 or $89 with 1 GB.

GO-SIM/ekit charges at least $10 or €12 for shipping plus in some countries 8-20% VAT or sales tax. Note that the prices in US$ are generally lower than in EURO or GBP.

Recharges can be made online on your account or using their app by internatl. MasterCard, Visa or AmEx and for Telestial PayPal too. Prepaid credit expiry is 3 months after the last use or recharge on the voice & data SIM and 30 days on the data-only SIM. Tethering and hotspot use are allowed.

Data rates Edit


Their rates for data up tp 3G:

  • Zone 1: $0.25/MB: EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel
    • GO-SIM and Telestial packages: 500 MB: $39, 1 GB: $69, 2 GB: $119
  • Zone 2: $0.59/MB: Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, South America, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, East Asia, SE Asia and Fiji
    • GO-SIM and Telestial packages (incl. Zone 1): 250 MB: $29, 500 GB: $49, 1 GB: $89
  • Zone 3 (on voice & data SIM only): $0.89/MB: China, Taiwan, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Asia, West Asia and more
  • rest of the world (on voice & data SIM only): up to $29.99 per MB in some countries like Cuba or on cruise ships (see rate finder).

Ekit sells different packages for Zones 1 and 2 that are more expensive, as they are based on the their pay-as-you-go rate plus 30-200% discount depending on top-up.


More info Edit

Naka Ltd. (Swiss Mobile, Lufthansa Mobile, etc.) Edit


Swiss Mobile Edit

Swiss-based MVNE Naka Ltd./AG introduced 2014 its international roaming SIM in cooperation with Swiss airlines. They have now lowered prices and offer quite good rates for data. But their SIM card is a mixed bag: you will get a "UK" number (+44) that proved to be registered in Jersey (+447937...) that can lead to substantial surcharges for the caller as it's outside of the EU. Roaming is in 180 countries, all are free now for incoming calls and all calling is now done as call-thru, not call-back anymore.

Reviews are mixed: While some users had no problems and enjoyed quite low rates, others reported issues with their lack of support and calling that is routed through call-back and call-through procedures that you may consider inconvenient. That's why it's only mentioned here for data and with a word of caution.

Availability Edit

The starter can be bought on Swiss airlines flights in the on-board shop at CHF 29 or online on the Swiss website at CHF 40 plus delivery of CHF 1.50-3.00 to anywhere in the world. In both cases it contains a credit of CHF 20. For the first use, it needs to be activated on their website, where you can pick a "UK" number too.

Recharges can only be made on their website of min. CHF 20 by credit card or PayPal. There is no validity period of your top-up. If you don't use your plan for more than 9 months, an unspecified inactivity fee will be charged. When the balance is run to 0, the plan will stay on for another 365 days before it gets terminated.

Data rates Edit

Data prices on their pay-as-you-go rate are quite variable even in the same country. For their cheaper rates you need to enable these operators on their website and choose the cheapest one on your SIM menu at settings and countries sub-menu before roaming. Price quotes are:

  • CHF 0.01-0.10/MB: Poland
  • CHF 0.018-0.10/MB: UK
  • CHF 0.025-0.10/MB: Germany
  • CHF 0.10/MB: Australia, most EU countries, Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Switzerland
  • CHF 0.10-0.43/MB: USA
  • CHF 0.24/MB in China, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, India, Indonesia
  • for more countries check here

For certain regions they have released special data packages valid for 30 days:

  • for the EU: 250 MB: CHF 9, 500 MB: CHF 15, 1 GB: CHF 19
  • for the US: 200 MB: CHF 15, 500 MB: CHF 25, 1 GB: CHF 35

Be sure to pick the cheapest option for your destination first where they offer different options.

Lufthansa Mobile Edit

Similar to Swiss you get Lufthansa Mobile on Lufthansa flights from March 2017. They are sold at € 29 with € 10 credit. It has essentially the same rates as Swiss Mobile in € instead of CHF.

Other products Edit

Naka Ltd. offers more similar products. iVittamobile is geared to seamen. Unfortunately, their pricing is even more obscure and generally higher than Swiss mobile. ChilliSim is another roaming SIM card sold through a UK company aimed mainly for the US market. While it's starter price is lower at $30 with $20 credit, its rates are much higher for instance at $0.19/MB and for a 1 GB pack at $39 within the EU. So these are not mentioned further.

More info Edit

Many aspects of their SIM cards remain unclear like speed, tethering, network policy etc. There is no phone support and requests by email remained unanswered.

  • APN: chili
  • Website in English with discrepancies to other language versions

Drimsim (Дримсим) Edit


Drimsim is distributed from Moscow with coverage in 180 countries. It builds on the same platform as the Naka products (see above) that proved not so reliable. They started in 2016 and do all their operations through their app. Unfortunately, their support is in Russian mostly, only with some English. Recently, they lowered prices and offer the lowest per MB rates in the international SIM card market now.

Availability Edit

Their SIM card is sold through their app available for Android and iOS. To register you need to send a copy of the first page of your passport through the app or by email.

The SIM in triple-size is for free without credit, but shipping is € 5. Top-ups can be made through their app by credit card without any minimal top-up. Inactivitly period is one year. Check balance by *130#.

Data rates Edit

Drimsim follows a solely per-MB rate without any packages offered. Their prices are quite low at € 0.01-20 per MB differing according to country:

  • € 0.01/MB: most EU countries, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Australia
  • € 0.012/MB: USA
  • € 0.02/MB: most EU countries
  • € 0.03/MB: Brazil, China, Mexico
  • € 0.035/MB: Canada
  • € 0.05/MB: India
  • € 2.00/MB: Cuba
  • for more countries check their price list

Roaming is on networks up to 3G, no 4G/LTE roaming so far. Support is given through the app, preferably in Russian.

More info Edit

MySims2Go Edit


MySims2Go is a UK-based start-up selling internatl. SIM cards since 2010. For voice it roams in "97% of the world's 222 countries" (which is astonishing as the UN only counts 193 member states). They started with a call-back scheme instead of IDD. This has been changed to direct call in 2013 employing a UK-based number (+44). In 2015 they added data services to their SIMs in about 100 countries which is very overpriced.

Availability Edit

Their SIM is only sold online through their website:

  • SIM card + 5 € credit: 29.95 €
  • SIM card + 10 € credit: 34.95 €
  • SIM card + 80 € credit: 99.95 €

Depending of destination 5-10 € for shipping needs to be added. Payment is by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. For top-ups of 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 € go to their website using same payment systems. SIM card expires after 12 months of non-use. Check balance by *187#.

Data rates Edit

They have a total of 11 zones for data and only offer one pay-as-you-go rate, no packages:

  • €0.19/MB: USA, UK, Egypt
  • €0.29/MB: China, Russia, Canada
  • €0.39/MB: EU (ex. UK), Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Ukraine
  • €0.69/MB: Brazil, Gibraltar, Indonesia, Kuwait, Moldova, Sri Lanka
  • €0.99/MB: India, Kenya
  • €1.49-2.49/MB: Tunesia, Thailand, Dominican Rep.
  • €3.99-9.99/MB: Bolivia, Morocco, Colombia, Switzerland, Panama, Singapore, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, Bermuda, Nicaragua

More info Edit

PowerRoam Edit


This new Hong Kong based operator distributes SIM cards for 54 countries so far. You need to buy a base SIM card first and through Remote SIM Provisioning certain roaming profiles can be added.

Availability Edit

The base SIM card is available on their website for HK$ 99 and even cheaper through for US$ 1 plus shipping. You can then add one of their regional SIM profiles.

Country rates Edit

  • China: HK$ 59 with unlimited 4G data for a day, no censorship applied
  • Japan: HK$ 120 with 500 MB 4G data for 5 days
  • Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos: HK 199 with different data allowances according to country for 7 days
  • USA, Canada, Mexico: HK$ 39 with unlimited 3G data for a day
  • EU and Turkey (= 28 countries):
    • HK$ 45 with 500 MB 3G/4G data, then throttled to 128 kbps for 1 day
    • HK$ 364 with 5 GB 3G/4G data, then throttled to 128 kbps for 10 days
    • HK$ 545 with 5 GB 3G/4G data, then throttled to 128 kbps for 15 days

They offer more options on their website and on some rates are slashed to the half.

More info Edit


The Russian ComfortWay company has become the first to implement Remote SIM Provisioning specification and advertises its own carrier agnostic SIM in 2016. The main advantage of this so-called CwSim comparing to traditional SIM cards is being associated not only with one network operator, but receiving and using profiles of many different operators depending on the location in 190 countries.

This virtual SIM-card technology allows to select a data plan of a local mobile operator in one click via the ComfortWay mobile app. ComfortWay has developed the technology of secure downloading of mobile profiles "over the air". When you arrive in a country it loads a default profile (seems to be Beeline) that it uses to provision not necessarily with a local profile. Usually it seems to be a profile from a roaming platform (e.g. 3 UK) that has a cheap roaming agreement with one of the local providers. You can activate the default profile by entering the SIM menu and pressing connect.

Availability Edit

The CwSim card is officially available for purchase at the price of 990 RUB. It's possible to buy it from the ComfortWay distributors listed on the official site, but there are hardly any. You can also buy it through their Russian website or at Amazon for €15-20 plus delivery with €5 credit pre-loaded.

Data rates Edit

From 2017 they offer a per MB rate as well as data packages up to 1 GB. Here are some quotes of their prices based in €.

  • EU countries: per MB 0.92c - 5.7c - 1 GB: €7.50 - €47.1
  • HongKong: per MB 0.93 - 1 GB €7.70
  • Australia: per MB 1.32c - 1 GB €10.90
  • USA: per MB 1.85c - 1 GB €15.20
  • China: per MB 2.86c - 1 GB €23.40
  • Brazil: per MB 4.1c - 1 GB €34
  • Canada: per MB 5.3c - 1 GB €43.40
  • India: per MB 7.37c -1 GB €60.40
  • Cuba: per MB €2.31

Prices are quite low, but differ heavily between countries. Compare with Drimsim.

More infoEdit

ChatSIM Edit


ChatSIM, formerly known as WhatSIM, is the first international roaming SIM card aimed at social messenger users only. This Estonian-based SIM by the Italian MVNO Zeromobile roams in 400 networks of around 150 countries. It supports major messengers like Telegram, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, QQi and Kakao, Kik and Hike.

The SIM card needs to be ordered online on their website. They charge 12 € for the SIM and 7.50 € for shipping. All three SIM sizes are available. When you get the SIM, it needs to be activated online. For a 12 € charge included in the starter price, you can chat for one year in all covered countries. But this refers only to text and emoticons, not other types of messages like pictures or videos.

For multimedia contents like photos, video or audio, a price scheme based on credits and zones is in place. To send multimedia messenges or make VoIP calls, you need to top-up at least 12 € as well as for all other internet browsing. The zoning starts at 50 credits (= 0.30 €) per MB in the EU which is even above the EU data cap. It goes up to 750 credits (= 3.75 €) per MB in exotic countries. All multimedia content and surfing other than text messenging are charged accordingly. VoIP or other calls through the messengers are possible, but billed likewise. Voice calls and SMS are not supported.

Reloads are by credit card on their website. It will not expire, as long as you use it once within 12 months and top-up 12 € every year. You need to switch off data traffic on all mobile apps on your device as long as you don't add extra credit because your SIM will blocked, if anything else but text messenging is detected and you don't have credits. So better think twice about this SIM even if you are a chat fanatic.

  • APN (for messenging only): chat
  • APN (for internet use): apn
  • Username: your phone number: 372.........
  • Website:

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