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• 12/20/2018

Metfone 5G

Sala krau

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• 11/30/2018
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• 10/15/2018
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• 10/7/2018

Fareastone 1 yr data plan

My girlfriend currently resides in Taiwan and we have heard about a 1 yr data plan for 1000by but I am not finding it anywhere. Can someone help me. Where do I purchase this SIM card. She currently pays 600nt for 30gigs of data per month and we use more than that but I'm not even seeing the 30 gig for 600nt please let me know about this 1 yr plan. Thanks

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• 9/28/2018

Oberthur SIM card

Who has reprogrammed a Oberthur SIM card from a Progressive insurance Snap Shot

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• 9/27/2018

Phone number

Just got a Viettel Sim card and I'm trying to find out what's my phone number. Can anyone help?

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• 8/12/2018
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• 7/24/2018

China prices wrong?

Hi, I'm currently visiting China and 200 min + 10GB with China unicom for 300 RMB. unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to photo the whole price table at the airport hence I'm just adding it here as a note
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• 4/18/2018

Unifi Mobile (Malaysia SIM cards)

Got anyone knows about Unifi Mobile SIM cards? Telekom Malaysia currently offers for free until end of this month (April 2018). But I saw the 'Malaysia prepaid SIM card' page didn't update the section 'TMgo' until Webe (Webe is now as Unifi Mobile). Hope you guys edit that page.
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• 4/8/2018

going to angola

i am using angola unitel sim and i need to know how i can transfer balance from my sim to another unitel sim can anyone help me on that please
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• 3/24/2018


going to prague need sim card for iphone 5 for talk & message
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• 2/22/2018

Is there an email-to-SMS gateway for Partner? (formerly Orange)

I need to be able to send SMS messages to my Israel cell phone number for an employer-mandated 2FA authentication code.

I'm running into a problem.
According to this list of email-to-SMS gateways, it should be possible to send an email to (e.g. in order to send an SMS to a Partner subscriber's phone. However it's simply not working for me: no SMS is received, and email delivery eventually fails.

Is there an updated, known-working email-to-SMS gateway for Partner subscribers?
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• 10/18/2017

Plan Mobile

Good morning, I'm going to Belgium which is the best mobile data plan for my cell phone.
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• 7/22/2017


Is there a plan for a nigeria article?
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• 6/7/2017

North Korean sim card

Where to obtain North Korean sim cards please?
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